The 5 Superheroes In "Justice League" And Their Superpowers

The new Justice League film coming out this December is likely to be a huge financial success. But which superheroes are going to appear in the film? And what are their powers? Well, let’s take a look.

First, there’s Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman. He’s appeared so far in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which got a mixed reception from critics and audiences. He’s yet to have his own movie. So what are his superpowers? Well, he says it himself in one of the Justice League trailers. He’s rich.  He's also a strong guy with a lot of cool gadgets. He’s also great at martial arts and has brilliant detective skills, according to DC Entertainment.

Then there’s Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. She had a beloved movie back in June. It just won a few Teen Choice Awards. But anyway, she’s a bit like a female Superman. She can fly. She’s fast. And she has super strength. She has her own magic weapons like the Lasso of Truth, indestructible magical bracelets, boomerang tiara, sword, and shield and has superhuman agility. She even has healing powers, according to DC Entertainment.

Then there are a few lesser-known superheroes. First, there’s Arthur Curry/Aquaman who’ll be portrayed by Jason Momoa. He’s been a bit of joke over the past few years, mocked on comedy shows like Family Guy and Saturday Night Live. This portrayal seems to be taking him more seriously, though. He’ll even be getting his own movie next December directed by horror director James Wan.

Aquaman is the king of the undersea city of Atlantis. His powers include super strength, great swimming abilities, the ability to communicate with sea creatures and the ability to breathe underwater.

We’ll also be getting Ezra Miller playing Barry Allen/The Flash. He’s already appeared as this role in both Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. Flash is pretty simple. He has super speed and superhuman agility. He’s also intangible which means he can’t be touched, according to DC Entertainment

And finally, we have Cyborg, who is the least well-known of the bunch. He’s half human and half robot. In the comics, he has super strength, super intelligence, advanced technology, computer hacking abilities and the ability to teleport.

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