[Top 5] Albion Online Best Solo Builds That Are Excellent

Albion Online Best Solo Builds
How is he so damn powerful...it must be the build!

Albion Online Action MMORPG Role-Playing Game Ganking PVP Leveling Crafting Looting GatheringSomeone is going to die on this battlefield and someone is going to live. Who do you want to be?

Do you ever browse the marketplace in your main city and just feel like you are drowning in the overwhelming and intimidating selection of choices? Albion Online has many weapons and pieces of gear that can all be mixed and matched in a vast array of “builds”. Some are more viable than others, however, and it is not very intuitive to learn the ins and outs of what makes a certain combination of gear a “good build”. Don’t waste your silver testing your theories out, learn some of the best builds here and get to killing immediately! All you need to do is read below and follow the directions and you will be on the path to riches in no time.


5. The War of Attrition MaceAlbion Online Fight Build PVP Mobs and Zerg Warfare

Fight me like a man!

The build: 1 Hand Mace (main hand), Mistcaller (Offhand), Mage Cowl (Head), Assassin’s Jacket (Body), Hunter Shoes (Feet), and Caerleon Cape (Back). Pork Omelette (Food), Poison Potion

The 1-Hand Mace is an all-around solid weapon that can be incorporated into several viable builds. To highlight one which is particularly good in 1v1 PvP (Player vs. Player) situations let’s look at what I have dubbed the “War of Attrition” Mace build. In a war of attrition, one side tries to win the battle by slowly wearing down their enemy to the point of collapse. With this build, you will be doing just that. Engage, damage, disengage, repeat. It can take several engages and disengages to finish an opponent, but it is a highly effective tactic. 

You will need to choose all the cool down reduction passives, which combined with the Mistcaller and Pork Omelette’s cooldown reduction bonus, your abilities should refresh very quickly. This will allow you to engage and disengage efficiently and essentially wear your opponent down until they are dead. No one can trade blow for blow with a mace. 

Why is this a good build?

  • Cheap and easy to play
  • Good overall against most opponents

4. The Stationary Turret Bow

Albion Online PVP Ganking BuildCan’t stop, won’t stop… shooting you.

The build: Bow (Main-hand/Offhand), Hellion Helmet (Head), Mercenary Jacket (Body), Soldier Boots (Feet). Thetford Cape (Back) Beef Stew (Food), Health Potion or Poison Potion

With this build, you are turning yourself into a stationary turret that will shoot rapid-fire arrows at your enemies until they die, all while hiding in a cloud of smoke that turns you invisible. This is one of the most annoying builds to play against, so if you like pissing off your opponents, this is the right build for it! 

The general strategy is to pop your cooldowns which will give you attack speed and explosive arrows, attack the enemy and then engage “Smokescreen” (Hellion Helmet). This is the position where you will be doing the bulk of your damage. The enemy cannot target you to fight back and if they don’t run fast enough your arrows will tear them to shreds. Once smokescreen wears off, the enemy may start attacking and it is at this point when your health is starting to get low that you will want to use “Bloodlust” (Mercenary Jacket). This ability will restore HP based on the damage you are doing. By the time all of your abilities have been used, the enemy should be dead. If not, engage your boots’ speed ability and try to run until all your cooldowns have reset.

Why is this a good build?

  •  Cheapest build for a new player, easiest build to play
  •  Very strong despite its low cost and ease of use

3. The Invisible Deathgivers

Albion Online PVP Ganking BuildI lurk in the shadows, you lurk in the grave.

The build: Deathgivers (Main-hand/Offhand), Stalker Hood (Head), Assassin’s Jacket (Body), Hellion Shoes (Feet), Thetford Cape (Back), Beef Stew (Food), Poison Potion

With this build you will need to use your weapon’s first ability, “Assassin Spirit'' to get stacks on yourself. Each stack of Assassin Spirit will give you increased Defense and Damage, so it is necessary to have this ability stacked before an engagement. Once you have your enemy in your sights and you're stacked fully with Assassin Spirit charges, you can dash in and use your weapon’s E ability, “Ghost Strike”, this will consume all of your Assassin Spirit charges and deal big magical damage. You then have the option to go invisible with your boots and/or your chest piece, let your abilities refresh their cool downs, and attack again. This is pretty close to a one-shot build. If you can land the combo with full stacks of Assassin Spirit, you will probably kill your opponent in 1 or 2 goes. It is a fun build to play but takes some skill to master.

Why is this a good build?

  • Fun to play, big burst damage potential
  • Skill level is a step up from other builds which can be good for players crossing over from beginner status

2. Cursed Double Merc Jacket

Albion Online PVP Ganker Fighter Health DrainerFeed me more of your HP, please.

The build: Cursed Skull (Main hand/Offhand), Specter Cowl (Head), Mercenary Jacket (Body), Royal Boots (Feet), Martlock Cape (Back), Beef Stew (Food), Resistance Potion

The main idea o this build is very similar to that of the bow previously covered. With the Cursed Skull or any Cursed Staff, you want to apply as much DoT (Damage over Time) on the enemy as possible. In combination with your DoT, you have the HP Regen from the Mercenary Jacket and something that makes this build even more powerful than the bow is the addition of the Specter Cowl. The Specter Cowl has a very powerful, but somewhat overlooked ability. In short, the Specter Cowl resets your Chest piece’s active ability. Many times this would be pretty useless, but with this build which uses the Mercenary Jacket, it becomes God-like. You will be able to siphon all of your opponent’s HP easily, as you stand there, continuously healed by the very same damage that is killing your opponent!

Why is this a good build?

  • Insanely powerful if used correctly
  • Very easy playstyle as long as you time all of your abilities

1. Cloth + Claymore

Albion Online PVP Ganking Damage-Dealer BuildThe Mythical Warrior Priest

The build: Claymore (Main-hand/Offhand), Fiend Cowl (Head), Cleric’s Robe (Body), Royal Boots (Feet), Thetford Cape (Back), Beef Stew (Food), Poison Potion

It might look and sound a little funny. A priest wielding a massive 2-handed sword? Well, yes it kind of is and it is awesome. The build is an absolute blast and it is very strong against most opponents. Similar to the Deathgivers build, with this build you want to try to get stacks of your Q ability, “Heroic Strike”, if possible. Each Heroic Strike will give you one Heroic Charge stack which increases your damage and movement speed for a short duration. This can be stacked up to 3 times. The easiest way is to use your Heroic Strike on a mob nearby your opponent. It will also even work on breakable objects like barrels, wood boxes, and crystals. Once you have your stacks, engage the enemy with your Claymore’s 3rd ability “Charge”. This will send you sliding directly into your target causing big damage and a short stun. After engaging with charge, just start wailing on them with your giant sword. Use your Cleric Robe’s ability to create a shield that will grant immunity and bonus damage if the enemy attacks you while it is up. If you see the enemy use an ability that buffs them, you can use your Fiend Cowl to purge the buff. Finally, in the event the enemy starts fleeing, just use the Royal Boots “Royal March'' ability to catch up to them in no time. Piece of cake.

Why is this a good build?

  • Strong in PvP and PvE
  • Big damage melts foes quickly

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