[Top 10] Apex Legends Best Drop Locations For Storm Point

Apex Legends Best Drop Locations For Storm Point

10. Fish Farms

Fish Farms is the first location to talk about on this list, and god damn is it a great location to land. When compared to other locations, Fish Farms doesn't seem that great, but honestly, it's got some cool aspects to it. The last time we could play Storm Point, it had the Mirage à trois above it, meaning the place had some insane loot. Remember those loot ticks in the ceiling?

Even without that ship, it's got some fantastic loot with what feels like a million loot pills. Crafting can also pop up here for even better attachments for your guns. Finally, the rotational capabilities of this area are great as you have access to a nearby boost pad and even the smart loot bunker that will launch you after completion. Its honestly just such a nice location to land.

What Makes Fish Farms So Great:

  • Fantastic loot, even better with the Mirage à trois nearby
  • Has some good rotations out of the POI as you can move into other areas like Launch Pad with ease
  • Land here for a slower start as not many people land here, but you can get into a fight quite quickly.


9. Cenote Cave

Next up is another location pretty far back on the map, but it's got some insane loot here. Cenote Cave is just your average POI on Storm Point, but it's got a little secret. Landing here will give you access to many buildings to loot and or hide in, a wide variety of loot pills to choose from, and even access to a car for easy rotations. 

The thing is though, Cenote Cave has a special location just a bit further up the map towards The Mill. In this small cave marked on the map, you can find guaranteed purple shields and even a possible gold set of loot! It's quite insane and caused the location to go viral a few months ago. It was literally all over Tiktok.

What Makes Cenote Cave So Great:

  • Has fantastic rotational capabilities thanks to the car nearby and easy access to The Mill
  • You can move upwards on the map to find a secret cave with some insane loot for fights.
  • Cenote is wide open enough for you to get away from a battle whilst still having some good cover.


8. Downed Beast

One of the most recent additions to Storm Point was of course the Downed Beast. This location was meant to change up Storm Point for good, and I think it did that well enough. Though it's of course not the best location on the map, it provides some fantastic tools for players who venture out here. Inside the beast sits a guaranteed high-tier loot item, from a backpack to a shield and sometimes even a golden gun. 

The rest of the loot around here is fantastic as well as you have access to loads of pills and buildings. Crafting can also land here, so that's great for tidying up your gun attachments or getting some medical supplies. Finally, fighting here is pretty nice, but sometimes can get out of control due to third parties shooting you whilst on the beast.

What Makes Downed Beast So Great:

  • The guaranteed high-tier loot item in the middle is fantastic for getting geared up quickly.
  • The layered fighting areas in and outside of the Beast, make for some fun and engaging fights.
  • Rotations out of here are pretty decent, with two cars nearby for easy rotations into other areas. 


7. Command Center

Wooooooh, now we’re onto one of the fan favourites. Command Center is easily one of the most popular locations in all of Storm Point, but honestly, it's not as good as people make it out to be. Don't get me wrong, this place is nuts. 

The loot here is so great, the quick early game fights are so much fun and god damn is it a great place to rotate out from, but other places are better. Land here for some great loot and fun early-game fights, but it's pretty overrated in my opinion.

What Makes Command Center So Great:

  • The loot here is phenomenal, it has a wide variety of shields, guns and attachments. There's also more than enough for all if loads of people land here.
  • Rotating out of here is great thanks to the upper level. You can move out through the launch pad or leave through the back sides, it's so great.
  • Finally, you are all but guaranteed to get some early-game fights here because of the mass amount of players landing here.


6. Storm Catcher

This one might be a controversial pick, but stay with me. Many would say Storm Catcher should be at the top of the list, but in reality, it's great, not perfect. Storm Catcher is where the vast majority of the lobby lands, so if you want early-game fights this place is for you. The problem here though is that there isn't as much loot to go around. 

It's got a more central location which makes it better than other areas of the map, but if you land here a little late, you aint getting a gun that's for sure. I mean, how many times have you landed here only to die without even a block of ammo in your bag?

What Makes Storm Catcher So Great:

  • Most of the lobby lands in this central location, so it's perfect for early-game fights or rotating into them.
  • Has some pretty great loot, but not enough for the mass amount of people who land here.
  • Storm Catcher has some of the best rotations on Storm Point, from the boost pads on either side to the car around the corner and even going into the Command Center.


5. Barometer

Barometer is one of my favourite locations on the map, and damn that's for good reason. Barometer is separated into two, loot and fight-filled locations. This place is so damn fun to play around in and has the loot to match its player base. 

So many people land here if the drop ship is nearby, so prepare for some early-game fights. Rotating out of here is a breeze as well, thanks to the launch pads nearby and a few cars scattered around its outskirts.

What Makes Barometer So Great:

  • Has some of the best loot on the map, so land here for some early purple and gold gear.
  • Fighting here is super fun and there's so much space to move around in. You can move from the central area up to the sky tower.
  • Finally, Barometer is a great place to land, loot up, and move into other areas as the loot is fantastic for early fights.


4. The Mill

The Mill, is one of the best fighting areas on the map, and where many streamer clips have been hit. The Mill has it all, from insane loot to some of the most fun areas to fight in the entire game. If you're a defensive legend such as Wattson or Rampart, then this area is for you. 

Lock down the many doors in each Mill to have some fun and engaging battles with your opponents. Looting here is also easy. Rotations out of The Mill are fantastic also as you have access to Downed Beast, Cenote Cave and Checkpoint with a quick car ride.

What Makes The Mill So Great:

  • If you want to hit some fun Wattson clips, then land here as its a door trick haven
  • Loot here is fantastic also, so landing here, winning, and rotating is a blast.
  • The Mill sometimes has few people landing here because it's so far out, so sometimes it's great for a chill game.


3. Checkpoint

Checkpoint is where all the streamers tend to land, and it's for good reason. This location is literally perfect. It has some phenomenal loot for everyone who lands here, you have so much cover thanks to the myriad of buildings and how they are designed, and finally, you can drop down underneath for more coverage. It's hard to find a better location than this, but sometimes it gets a little too hectic. If you're someone who loves early fights then land here, but if not, check out the final few locations.

What Makes Checkpoint So Great:

  • Fighting here might be the most fun you can have on Storm Point
  • The loot here is phenomenal, and don't forget to loot the spiders nearby for better attachments and more ammo.
  • Finally, rotation out of here is so great. Go underneath to head down towards North Pad, or rotate into the bunker for easy access to Cascade Falls.


2. Thunder Watch

Oh Thunder Watch, aren't you perfect? Thunder Watch is easily the most underrated landing location in the entire game. Many people rotate here from Storm Catcher, but landing here is way better in my opinion. Not as many people come here so you won't have to deal with on-drop fights, the loot here is so much better than Storm Catcher it's unreal, and you can rotate to other areas if you need to. 

One of the most fun things to do here is land, get some loot and then move down to Storm Catcher for some fun early fights. On the other hand, you could also move towards Lightning Rod or even Command Center. The versatility here is nutty.

What Makes Thunder Watch So Great:

  • The loot here is phenomenal, it has a wide variety of shields, guns and attachments. There's also more than enough for all if loads of people land here.
  • Rotating out of here is great thanks to the variety of exits.
  • Finally, you are all but guaranteed to get some early-game fights here because of the mass amount of players landing nearby at Storm Catcher.


1. The Wall

And finally, the best location to land on Storm Point, and it's probably not what you expected. The Wall, in my opinion, is the best place on the map, for a variety of reasons. Even if most of the lobby lands here, it feels like there’s infinite loot. Each building has more than enough loot for you and your team, but the pills outside of each of them can give you more. When you land here, pick a building, then rotate towards each one looking for a fight.

It's so well designed for fighting, but even if you want to escape it's got you covered. Head towards the bottom of the POI to rotate into the bunker, you can also go another way and move towards Command Center or go up to the top of the map with a zipline towards Lighting Rod. 

What Makes The Wall So Great:

  • The loot here is phenomenal, it has a wide variety of shields, guns and attachments. There's also more than enough for all if loads of people land here.
  • The rotations out here are literally perfect, as it feels designed perfectly for either early-game fights or great escape routes.
  • Finally, you are all but guaranteed to get some early-game fights here because of the mass amount of players landing here.

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