Apex Legends: How To Play Bloodhound Effectively

Apex Legends: How To Play Bloodhound Effectively

Bloodhound is one of the best Legends in the game for good reason. They fall into the Recon class in-game, meaning that they have access to scanning beacons around each map to see the location of enemies. This is super powerful and makes this character even better than they already are.

At a basic level, Bloodhound’s playstyle and role are to find where people are for their team. You press scan where you think people might be and your entire team can see them, even through walls. With their new rework, Bloodhound can also follow their White Raven to figure out where enemies are and track them down across an entire map. 

Being the scanner for the team means that Bloodhound needs to get up close and personal sometimes as they might accidentally scan a nearby team and get pushed. This is where their insane abilities come into play.

Bloodhound’s tactical ability, as I have already spoken about, allows them to scan an area in front of them and mark people for themselves and their team. Their passive creates a White Raven when people aren't around. Scanning this raven gives Bloodhound their tactical ability back and then it will move in the direction of the nearest enemy. 

This ability won't land on the enemy but will point you in their general direction. Finally, Bloodhound’s ultimate ability, Beast of the Hunt, allows Bloodhound to run insanely fast and have infrared vision. Here they can chase enemies down quicker and see exactly where they are. 

These abilities make Bloodhound one of the best Legends in the game, but that doesn't mean they are easy to play. Pairing Bloodhound with characters like Bangalore makes for an insane combo as Bangalore can smoke an area, Bloodhound can scan and then the entire team can see the enemies but they can't see them.

They also pair super well with other rush-down Legends like Wraith and Octane as you can let them know the nearest enemy location for an easy kill.

Now you know how great Bloodhound is, let’s discuss how to play them better.


How to Play Bloodhound Effectively:


15. Scan at the right time


Making sure you scan so your team can get the full benefits from it is key. You want to be scanning as much as possible, just make sure your team are close by so they can attack the enemies you find.


14. Bangalore Smoke


Bloodhound pairs perfectly with Bangalore as the smoke tactical she has allows Bloodhound to see through it and have protection. Use this in competitive play to get the jump on your opponents. They won't be able to see you, but you can still beam them through the smoke.

Just remember, if you play on a controller, you won't have any aim assists through the smoke.


13. Run Away


Bloodhound’s ultimate allows them to run much faster than they usually can. This is great for pushing fights, but equally as good for running away in a pinch.


12. Initiate with a scan


Make sure you are starting a fight with a scan, rather than throwing it in during a battle. You already know where the enemies are at that point, so figuring out where they are before you turn the corner is a much better option.


11. Do Not Overextend


You might feel like a god when popping off as Bloodhound in Apex but remember to not overextend. You do have speed and information, but you can still be third partied or just destroyed by your enemies. Stick with your team and play safely.


10. Pick the correct Weapon


Bloodhound goes from being a passive Legend to a touchdown with a button press, so have a loadout that compliments that.

I recommend using an assault rifle like the R-301 or even the Volt SMG for medium to long range, then having an R-99 or Peacekeeper for those close-range engagements. It's better to be prepared for every situation.


9. Track enemies with their passive


Bloodhound’s passive gives them track markers along the floor and walls where enemies have been. Use these to follow enemies and hunt them down. Just remember what we have already said so far and stick with your team whilst giving out information so they can capitalize on it.


8. Ult before the fight


Similarly to their tactical ability, make sure you use your ultimate to engage in a fight rather than during it. It's fine to use the ultimate as you run away, but if you are committing to a battle, then press the button man.


7. Communicate with your team


Bloodhound is constantly finding out information. From where enemies have been, to where they actually are. Therefore, talking to your team is the best way to get the most out of their abilities, so talk to them. Even if it's a little message in chat or toggling on your mic, let them know what's going on.


6. Scan constantly


When you have your scan, press it. If you think someone might be nearby, press it. If you see your raven close by, press it. The cooldown on this ability is so short so just pressing it when you think you can find someone is the best option to get the most out of Bloodhound.


5. Follow the Raven


Now that you have scanned your Raven, make sure to follow it. The Raven will leave a marker on the map where it's heading, so follow it to find out where enemies are. This can lead you to a massive fight or someone hiding in a corner, it's great.


4. Use the ultimate to find campers


Speaking of people hiding in a corner, their ultimate is perfect for finding out where rats and camping players are. The ultimate gives you infrared vision, so you can see enemies in red. This means that if someone is hiding in a corner with a camo skin, you can just see them lol.


3. Enemies will know you have scanned


Your scan is insanely powerful, but just remember that they will know they've been scanned. Enemies can see the wave of scan near them and are also notified when they get revealed. Know this, as enemies will know you’re coming.


2. Don't scan enemies you know are there


I know I've already said that you should scan whenever you can, but do it smartly for god’s sake. If you already know where enemies are and you aren't going to fight them, then scan in a different location. If you are holding down an area and have a sightline on one side but not the other, scan the side you can't see. It's best to get the information you don't already have rather than just learning what you already know.


1. Lead the Fight


Finally, Bloodhound is a character who should lead the fight. It's the most important thing to make sure the character is as effective as possible. If you scan and point enemies out, tell your team to push up and fight them. You are the instigator when you have that information, push up and hope for the best.


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