Apex Legends: How To Play Loba Effectively

Apex Legends: How To Play Loba Effectively

The support class got a huge rework recently and made Loba even more valuable to her team than she already was. Loba is one of the best legends in the game for a few reasons, but recently she gained even more value. If you are looking for a main, Loba might just be for you.

Loba is extremely effective already as a legend, but there are some ways to make her even better than she already is.

Her passive is up first, as it's extremely important to her playstyle. Loba has the ability to see higher tier loot through walls. She can see purple, gold and mythic items through walls from 112.5 meters away. This includes looking into care packages and vaults on specific maps.

Her support legend passive also plays really well into her playstyle and her role on the team. With this passive, not only can Loba open compartments on blue loot bins to get more medical supplies for her team, she also allows her team to respawn banners from the crafter. As the one who provides loot and support to her team, this is fantastic.

Her tactical is also fantastic and one of the main reasons she gets a lot of solo play. Unlike a lot of legends in the game, Loba has a movement ability. This tactical allows Loba to throw out her bangle, letting her teleport to wherever it lands. 

You can either throw the bangle and let it fall, or press the button again to bring it to the floor. This is fantastic for moving around the map, getting to a better position or getting out of fights.

Next is Loba’s ultimate ability, and the main reason people love her so much. We all love loot in Apex right? I mean, it's the biggest part of the game in terms of getting stronger mid match. Sometimes it's hard to find the loot we want or it's too slow to loot an entire area, which is where Loba comes in. 

With her ultimate ability, Loba can place down her Black Market Boutique. With this ability, Loba picks up all the loot in a 112.5 meter radius and allows her team to pick and choose what they want. Anyone who accesses the Boutique can pick two items and that's it. 

These items can be anything though, items, guns, medical supplies or even care package guns. This ability is fantastic and allows Loba to be played in any rank of play thanks to how powerful getting loot is.

Despite Loba having a phenomenal set of abilities and a movement based tactical, she does have some issues. Every legend needs a team behind them, and Loba is no different. Her tactical might be great for movement, but it's not going to get her around the map super quick.

This is where legends like Octane, Pathfinder or Valkyrie come in as they can move her from POI to POI with ease.

Now that you know how amazing Loba is, let's discuss how to play her even better and as effectively as possible.


How To Play Loba Effectively:


15. Play Aggressive

Loba has the power to play as aggressively as she wants, as long as her tactical is up. You should be pushing fights when you see fit as you can always fall back by throwing her tactical into a safer spot or with your team.


14. Use your tactical to escape not push

Speaking of her tactical, you should mainly be using it to escape rather than push. There are situations where her tactical can be used to push enemies, but mainly it should be used to fall back after a fight or to get into a better position.


13. Always have an escape route in mind

Sometimes fights go wrong, or you just need to move back to your team. This means you need to have an escape route in mind to get the most out of Loba. You have your tactical ability, but you also need to find a way back to a secure position. Know where you are moving towards and plan out a way back.


12. Push into cover with the tactical

If you do end up pushing an enemy with your tactical ability, make sure to throw the bracelet into cover. This is because it takes a second or so for Loba to be able to shoot again after landing. Throw the tactical into cover so you have that safety before you peek out to kill that enemy in your sights.


11. Only push with your tactical if enemies are low

The tactical is great at pushing fights, but only do so when an enemy is low. If an enemy has been cracked and starts to run away, then use that information to push up with your tactical. Just remember to throw it into cover and not right into their face.


10. Use your tactical instantly after getting cracked

If you are playing aggressively or taking a shot at the enemy, make sure to back up as soon as you get cracked. The tactical is there for those purposes, to get you out of danger and into a much better position. Don't hesitate on throwing that tactical, do it as soon as you get cracked, otherwise you might just go down.


9. Take off angles

Because Loba can get to safety and back to her team pretty easily, taking off angles will allow you to get the most out of her kit. This means taking a different angle away from your team to get a different shot on your enemies. Just remember to get back to your team if they need you or you get heavily damaged.


8. Stay Alive

This one sounds like a joke, but it's something to remember. Because of how important Loba can be to her team, it's important to stay alive as much as you can. Loba allows players to play pretty aggressively and dangerously, but you need to stay alive. Use all the techniques so far to play her as effectively as possible whilst being safe. Stay safe kids.


7. Loadout Options

Just like any other Legend, I recommend using an assault rifle like the R-301 or even the Volt SMG for medium to long range, then having an R-99 or Peacekeeper for those close-range engagements. It's better to be prepared for every situation.


6. Put your ultimate in cover

Loba’s ultimate is kind of a beacon, so remember to place it in  cover so it doesn't get shot out. Enemies will try and take it out at a distance to stop you from getting loot, so cover is a girl's best friend in those situations.


5. Isolate fights into 1v1’s

Thanks to her tactical, Loba has some of the best 1v1 potentials in the game, so try and isolate fights with your team for that to happen. This can either come from taking off angles, pushing off on your own or using your team’s abilities to separate enemies.


4. Always Take High Ground

Whenever you have the chance, get into high ground. You should use your tactical to do so if you need to as getting that high ground is well worth it. You will be able to see more of your surroundings and get better angles on your enemies.


3. Infinite Ammo 

One thing people often forget about with the Black Market Boutique is that you have access to as much ammo as you want, as long as supplies last. Unlike normal items, you can take as much ammo as you want from this ultimate, so stock up if you need it.


2. Get comfortable playing solo

I've said time and time again that Loba can play on her own. Whether it's pushing fights, running away or taking off angles, you need to get used to playing solo. Loba is a legend who backs up her team, rather than playing with them. Get comfortable playing on your own and you will be able to get the most out of Loba.


1. Movement Techniques

Movement Techniques are a huge part of Apex Legends, no matter how much movement you can access on your legend. Make sure to get good at tap strafing, super glides and wall bounces as they will take your gameplay to the next level and allow you to play your legend as effectively as possible.

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