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Batman is known for his kickass moves, his kickass villains and the way he kicks their asses! We all have to agree, Batman fights are pretty legendary. Each of his fights are amazing but some are extremely outstanding and stand out from other fights.

In this post I will highlight some of the most amazing dark knight fights to ever land on television. Keep reading to see which ones are the best!


10. Batman Vs Guy Gardner

This one isn't very cruel in the conventional sense, but it is one of Batman's most savage takedowns of an opponent. In Justice League #5, Batman was nearing the end of his tolerance with the noisy and somewhat obnoxious Green Lantern, Guy Gardner. When Gardner took the initiative and challenged Batman to a battle, the Dark Knight demonstrated to everyone why he is not someone to mess with. A single blow to Guy Gardner's unattractive face put the Green Lantern unconscious, and gave Blue Beetle the first great line in the very humorous series, "One punch!"


9. The Bat & the Cat

As we all know, the Dark Knight and the Princess of Plunder have a tumultuous relationship, and this face-off provides an opportunity to see one of their more heated lovers' quarrels. Following a spectacular introduction, Batman pursues Catwoman over Gotham's rooftops, where she immediately resorts to using everything at her disposal to get the upper hand. It's a very cruel first step toward their future damaged relationship, feigning helplessness, striking out with her whip, and even leaving one heck of a cat scratch as a remembrance. Additionally, we discover that not all cats fall on their feet.


8. Going Out on a Laugh

While the episode's central tension is on Harley Quinn and her sick, abusive connection with the Joker, we can't deny that the Clown Prince of Crime's last brawl with the Bat is still top-notch. After emancipating himself from Harley's death trap, Batman taunts the Joker about how much closer she got to murdering him than he ever came - a fact that almost throws the murderous clown over the brink. Although it is brief, seeing these two adversaries exchange some really vicious strikes on top of a speeding train is quite amazing.


7. Red Hood Revealed

This one will shatter your heart. After the mysterious Red Hood is revealed to be the revived Jason Todd, Batman is pitted against his former sidekick in a confrontation that is both savage and heartbreaking. After a vicious beating, the former Robin turns the tables on Batman by holding him at gunpoint and forcing him to choose between himself and the man who killed him: the Joker. Tense, twisting, and certain to tug at your emotions, this is a scene in which Batman once again finds a way to save the day – but it's a hollow triumph.


6. Batman Vs Luthor's Thugs

This is another instance when the savagery is not directed at Batman so much as it is directed towards the Caped Crusader. The warehouse battle in Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman is without a doubt the finest live-action depiction of what Batman might be like in combat. He is making rapid progress. He is reversing direction. He's kicking and fighting his way through Lex Luthor's thugs. That is not to suggest Batman does not deliver some effective shots throughout the battle; these men certainly left Bruce with some welts, but the scene's true ferocity comes from Batman himself.


5. Batman Vs SWAT

Batman: Year One, by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli, is packed with some very trying times for Batman as he begins his crime-fighting career. Bruce comes very close to death after being stabbed by a pimp, even before he comes up with the outfit. Then, on his first night out in costume, Batman confronts three thieves on a fire escape and comes perilously close to death when one of them dumps a television on his head. This is one of those old tube televisions, not the modern, bright ones.

However, Batman's most terrible encounter in this narrative occurs when Gotham's SWAT unit comes after him. Batman is trapped in a rundown building without any of his regular gear and is pursued by a whole army of police. When the cops begin dropping bombs, things quickly deteriorate.


4. Battle Building

This confrontation occurred in the 2008 film The Dark Knight. Throughout the film, Batman, portrayed by Christian Bale, learns that The Joker is a cunning criminal who does not take anything lightly. The Joker has taken control of the city of Gotham, and Batman is forced to solve yet another strange game devised by his adversary. On the one hand, The Joker is holding hostages, yet the building is surrounded by police. Batman fought not just the evil guys, but also the police in this episode. It's unsurprising that he's dubbed the world's finest investigator.


3. I’m Batman

When Christopher Nolan introduced Christian Bale as Batman for the first time, he introduced the world to an original tale. There were several battles in Batman Begins, but the finest one was when Christian Bale took on Carmine Falcone's men one by one in stealth mode before facing Falcone himself. He introduces himself here by declaring, "I'm Batman." That sequence transported me back to my youth, and it remains one of my favorite scenes to this day.

2. Batman Vs Superman

The whole of this list might have included bouts from The Dark Knight Reruns, but that would have been unjust, so we limited ourselves to two. While the battle with the Mutant Leader came dangerously close to ending Batman's life, it is his last fight in the four-issue series that ends him... kind of.

The US government has determined that Batman must be eliminated, and they have sent Superman to put a stop to his former adversary's recent reappearance. Batman, being Batman, is prepared for the struggle ahead and has constructed a power suit to assist him in taking on Superman. It also helps if Superman almost escaped a nuclear blast just before the battle, or that Green Arrow strikes the Man of Steel with a Kryptonite-filled explosive arrow. Nevertheless, this is Superman, and Batman is no match for him. Finally, Batman's heart fails and he perishes on the streets of Gotham.


1. Amusement Park Massacre

When an older Bruce Wayne reclaims the cowl to deliver justice to Gotham, he paves the path for his greatest adversary to return as well. As joyfully maniacal as ever, the Joker leads Batman on a murderous pursuit through a fair, where he amasses quite a death count. All of this culminates in the strangely fitting tunnel of love, where the two immediately attempt to murder one another. Despite being disabled, the Joker gets the last laugh by causing Batman to lose control just before he breaks his own neck. It's unpleasant in every way, yet it's the ideal finale for these two deadly foes.


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