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Batman comics are amazing! Fans around the world enjoy reading about the caped crusader. What’s amazing is that all of the digital media adaptation is based off of Batman comics so you can get a sneak peak of The Dark Knight’s story if you read comics. Let’s check out the best Batman comics you can read online.


10. The Dark Knight Returns

Regardless of what you may think of writer and illustrator Frank Miller's politics — or his clear scorn for Superman — there is no doubting the cultural impact of "The Dark Knight Returns." The iconic comic book responsible for launching a million newspaper pieces with headings like "Biff! Pow! The Comic Grows Up," "The Dark Knight Returns" both redefined and rejuvenated the Caped Crusader.


9. Son of the Demon

"Son of the Demon" is a strange narrative. It was classified as non-canonical for the longest time, but then Grant Morrison's Batman run, notably his work on "Batman & Son," brought it into official continuity.

Batman is forced into an uneasy alliance with his old adversary, Ra's al Ghul, in order to fight Qayin, a renegade assassin and terrorist. As they spend more time in each other's company, Batman renews his relationship with Ra's daughter, Talia. She gets pregnant with Bruce's kid but sensing a change in his manner — he's becoming quite over-protective — lies and tells him that she has miscarried.


8. A Death in the Family

Fearing that Robin, alias Jason Todd, is becoming hot-headed and irresponsible, Batman suspends him from active service. However, Robin leaves Gotham on a mission of his own, and the two crimefighters end up reconnecting in Bosnia to stop the Joker from acquiring enough uranium to construct a dirty bomb. Robin is caught and viciously abused, and Batman tries to locate him before it's too late. He arrives at the warehouse where Robin is being kept just before it explodes.


7. Batman Black and White

There is no overarching narrative to "Batman Black and White." Rather than that, it's a collection of comics that accomplish precisely what the title implies: tell single Batman stories with crisp, exquisite black and white graphics. It's a showcase for some of the best literary and visual talents ever to contribute to a comic book, yet some of the contributors had never worked on Batman — or, in some instances, in comics at all.


6. The Long Halloween

Mr. Camera, Crazy Quilt, and Kite Man are just a few of the silly Batman villains from the 1950s and 1960s (we'll pardon Polka-Dot Man, who has since redeemed himself). Few, though, are more absurd than 1958's Calendar Man, whose only purpose is to commit crimes based around holidays.


5. JLA: Tower of Babel

"Tower of Babel" was writer Mark Waid's debut tale for "JLA," after Grant Morrison's outstanding run. What a way to get off to a flying start. The narrative opens with the Justice League of America members being eliminated one by one, their flaws masterfully exploited in order to prevent them from foiling Ra's al Ghul's newest scheme. Batman fears the worst, and his suspicions are quickly confirmed: the tactics employed against the heroes were taken from Batman's own archives. Yes, the Dark Knight meticulously constructed protections in the event that he ever needed to eliminate his teammates.


4. Hush

Several of the comics included on this list were selected because they sparked a paradigm change in the continuing Batman narrative. Others have been chosen for their innovative approach to storytelling. "Hush" is here — and has always had to be here — for a much more straightforward reason: It features Jim Lee, one of the industry's most renowned and beloved artists, portraying Batman vs a who's-who of his famed rogue's gallery. If "The Dark Knight Returns" is the "White Album," "Hush" is the "Best of" compilation.


3. Batman R.I.P.

Some may say that Batman is one of the most powerful comic book characters and that, with proper preparation time, he is capable of defeating anybody. "Batman R.I.P." is Grant Morrison's amazing sum total, plus that prep. Morrison sowed the seeds of this narrative for years while working for DC; "R.I.P." is their stunning, exciting conclusion.

The Black Glove, an ancient and powerful criminal organization, has set its eyes on Batman. They want to ruin him, to demolish all he stands for, to get him to question his fundamental convictions, and to shatter his head. However, they, like many others before them — and many more to come — misjudge the Caped Crusader, a man with a game plan for everything. As "R.I.P." demonstrates, he even has a backup personality that takes over in the event that his primary one is disrupted.


2. The Return of Bruce Wayne

Batman is forced to do something he has always battled against: shoot a pistol in the last moments of "Final Crisis" However, this is not a standard firearm, and Batman is not aiming at a standard target: this is a bullet intended to kill a deity. The villain unleashes his Omega rays as the shot hits home, killing Darkseid. Batman gets struck and is knocked out of time.


1. The Court of Owls

Psychotic criminals, art-deco gargoyles, and hidden criminal organizations are all things that Gotham City possesses in plenty. The Court of Owls has set their eyes on Bruce Wayne in this tale from writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo, and has sent their zombie assassins, the Talons, to assassinate him. Batman unearths a great conspiracy that extends all the way back to the founding of Gotham and discovers that the Court of Owls may have been involved in his parents' murder.



Batman comics are a class apart. We really have to give it to DC for introducing us to the amazing world of Batman comics. I hope that this list will help you find out the best Batman comics out there that you can read online.


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