The 37 Best Cammy Cosplays We've Ever Seen (HOT!)

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Cammy ready to high five before battle

Looking for the best Cammy cosplays? 

The beautiful, British, Cammy from Street Fighter is never far from fan’s minds. From her blue eyes to her athletic build and immersive backstory, we are in awe of this fighter. She brings a unique aura to Street Fighter as she fights levelly against some of the toughest opponents in the game. We often even see her make her way pretty far in the Street Fighter V tournaments. Let’s see our admiration come to life:

37 - Queen El Cosplay

Cosplay by Queen El

Queen El has come far. From a doll to a street fighter. Let’s hope she stays on the right path to protect us.

36 - Oniksiya Sofinikum

Cosplay by Oniksiya Sofinikum

Oniksiya looks like she is captivated by something. Perhaps she’s still under the influence of Bison. Either way, she looks great!

35 - Vertvixen

Cosplay by Vertvixen

Looks like Vertvixen is getting ready to do something bad to whoever crossed her path. Doesn’t look like being under control of Bison has any perks except looking like a boss.

34 - Tali xoxo

Cosplay by Tali xoxo

Tali shows us both sides as she, in doll form, teams up with Vertvixen who is dressed as a Bison clone. I wonder what they are up to…

33 - Lara Lunardi

Cosplay by Lara Lunardi

This infiltration gear looks state of the art. What enemy is she after now? Maybe it’s someone new!

32 - Shine Spark Cosplay

Cosplay by Shine Spark Cosplay

Look at this battle stage! Who is she up against next? Nevertheless, Cammy will be able to handle them with ease.

31 - Maru

Cosplay by Maru

If you’ve ever wondered if Cammy takes a break, Maru proves that this fighter can relax every now and then.

30 - Alicia Marie Live

Cosplay by Alicia Marie Live

Teaming up with Chun-Li must be a great experience. These two powerful ladies are ready for any opponent who wishes to challenge them.

29 - Nuna Cosplay

Cosplay by Nuna Cosplay

As long as Nuna doesn’t hit us with her spiral arrow, I think we’re safe. She brings sexy and sophisticated together on the same stage.

28 - Danny Cozplay

Cosplay by Danny Cozplay

Now that her memory is back, she knows her purpose. Danny is looking good as she sets herself to protect the marina.

27 - Nadyasonika

Cosplay by Nadyasonika

We all knew that Cammy was sexy from the moment that we saw her but Nadvasonika brings it to the screen. Let’s not forget that her strategy is tricking us into thinking she’s on one side when she’s not.

26 - Rose L. Cosplay

Cosplay by Rose L.

Christmas came early! Seems like Cammy needs help stringing some lights. Even the most powerful fighters can use a little backup every now and then.

25 - MJ Cosplay

Cosplay by MJ Cosplay

If you doubted that Cammy ever was a female clone of Bison at one time, this picture proves it. MJ gives us what we’ve all been waiting for, the perfect picture of an evil Cammy.

24 - Ms. Rae Cosplay

Cosplay by Ms. Rae Cosplay

Everyone needs a moment to ponder their existence. Cammy deserves it after all she’s been through. Take your time Ms. Rae, we’ll send in backup if you need it.

23 - Anya Ichios Cosplay

Cosplay by Anya Ichios

If you want to see a real-life Street Fighter doll, Anya is the closest you’ll probably get. I don’t know what order Bison gave her but she’s too stunning to ignore.

22 - Thalyta Yohane

Cosplay by Thalyta Yohane

What are we on lookout for? I guess Thalyta is making sure the coast is clear before she starts her infiltration. Good luck fighter!

21 - TinyBat Cosplay

Cosplay by TinyBat Cosplay

Beauty and power go hand-in-hand and TinyBat shows us that with these two different poses. Eat your heart out but I wouldn’t mess with this girl.

20 - Feistyvee

Cosplay by Feistyvee

Put your gloves on, it’s time to fight. Feistyvee is ready, are you? 3.2.1. FIGHT!

19 - Commissions by Amazonmandy

Cosplay by Commissions by Amazonmandy

Alma maters don’t matter when you’re a street fighter. The University of Central Florida is pleased to have this fighter on their side though. Make us proud Cammy!

18 - Vintage Vandalizm

Cosplay by Vintage Vandalizm

No need to wonder how Cammy got into this military base. With Bison in control, anything is possible. Let’s just hope their plan isn’t too bad.

17 - VivSai Cosplay

Cosplay by VivSai Cosplay

VivSai brings elements from Cammy’s Bison costume and her default outfit together and boy does it look amazing!

16 - Gunpla Lady

Cosplay by Gunpla Lady

That cape makes her seem like a super hero. Now that she has her memory back she basically is one. If only she’d adopt a cape to one of her new outfits, then we could call her super Cammy.

15 - xflutterbugx

Cosplay by xflutterbugx

Who knew that Cammy liked to read? The more you know. I guess all Street Fighters need a pastime.

14 - Ashlynne Dae

Cosplay by Ashlynne Dae

This former member of the Shadaloo is ready to fight crime. Ashlynne doesn’t seem to be afraid of any challenger that may come her way.

13 - Kyuu Vixen

Cosplay by Kyuu Vixen

I wonder if Street Fighter will adapt this unique version of Cammy’s costume. We think Kyuu Vixen is on to something with this.

12 - Kim Kine

Cosplay by Kim Kine

Who got on the wrong side of Kim Kine? I’m guessing Vega but I’m sure Kim shut that down with no issues.

11 - Dorcas Good Cosplay

Cosplay by Dorcas Good Cosplay

Dorcas does a great job at bringing Cammy to life and that salute just makes us realize even more how awesome she is.

10 - Lexi Farron Strife Cosplay

Cosplay by Lexi Farron Strife Cosplay

We need some time to process just how well Lexi pulled off this Cammy cosplay. She deserves more than just a round of applause.

9 - Kristen Hughey

Cosplay by Kristen Hughey

Models really seem to have a thing for Cammy. Must be the beret. Either way, Kristen puts a dark spin on the character that would make anyone melt.

8 - Freia Raven

Cosplay by Freia-Raven

Looks like Cammy just got out of a battle. If we had to guess, she came out on top. Keep up the good work!

7 - Fabibi World Cosplay

Cosplay by Fabibi World Cosplay

This formerly named Killer Bee has decided to let us show the world just how much she’s overcome. We are certainly glad she’s on our side.

6 - KendelB

Cosplay by KendelB

If she wasn’t under the control of Bison, she would know that evil never wins. Hopefully KendelB will realize that soon.

5 - Fantastic Leo Cosplay

Cosplay by Fantastic Leo Cosplay

Finally, we get a feel what it’s like to follow Cammy on one of her infiltrations. Let’s see what information we can learn.

4 - Hayley Elise

Cosplay by Hayley Elise

Sometimes you need to let your hair down and relax according to Hayley. Even Cammy deserves to recoup after an infiltration.

3 - Oh Pauline Cosplay

Cosplay by Oh Pauline Cosplay

Looks like there’s someone in her way. You’ve got this Cammy! Throw and axel spin knuckle. That should get ‘em.

2 - Misa Lynn CLP

Cosplay by Misa Lynn CLP

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Looks like Misa is taking that dish to someone. Probably Bison for all he’s done to her and those she cared about.

1 - Holly Wolf

Cosplay by Holly Wolf

Even Playboy models need to have a little fun. Holly Wolf looks like a goddess as she rocks the Cammy Bison look. Wonder if she’s as bad on the stage as she is in these pictures.

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