[Top 15] Dating Sims That Are Romantic And Fun

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Kiss kiss fall in love! You can always depend on dating simulators to make you feel loved and wanted by these beautifully drawn characters. After this world pandemic, the feeling of being socially starved is quite strong, so maybe check out a few titles from this list that could help you connect with these fictional characters. 

15. Hustle Cat (Windows, Mac OS)

Hustle Cat Gameplay (PC HD)

As many Steam reviews say: If you’re in your twenties, like coffee and cats, this is the purr-fect game for you. You play as Avery Grey, who becomes an employee at A Cat’s Paw, the famous cat cafe where your charming coworkers whisker you away. Some neat aspects of the game are the freedom to choose the gender of your character, the punny sense of humor, and how likable the main character is. This is a lighthearted game that’d easy to get into. It’s perfect for a cozy day where you want to relax with a cup of coffee.


14. Our Life (Windows, Linux, Mac OS)

Our Life: Beginnings & Always Release Trailer

This is another wholesome dating simulator that spans three different life stages. The story follows the friendship between Jamie Last (changeable name) and Cove Holden. Compared to other visual novels that I have played, this game gives you so much freedom of choice. You can choose the dynamic between your character and Holden, you can choose how romantic interactions can be and you can choose to even stay friends. Other than that, you can choose through the stages of life the way your character expresses their gender, personality, and preferences. This is the sort of game where you shouldn’t be inhibited by the idea of making the “wrong” choice, but be as authentic as possible. 


13. When The Night Comes (Windows, Linux, Mac OS)

When The Night Comes - The ReVamp

I think the perfect demographic for this game is Dungeons and Dragons players that keep turning the tabletop game into a dating simulator. The fantasy setting and characters were very reminiscent of Dungeons and Dragons to me, where you play as a Hunter that joins the local Enforcers and investigate the strange murders in the town of Lunaris. The fantasy suitors vary from lycans to vampires, so whatever you are into you will most probably find it here. An option that I haven’t seen in a dating simulator that often is being in a polyamorous couple, which is great for the diversity and also great when you want to share the love with more than one character. And the voice acting adds to the charm of the characters and the game in general.


12. Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp (Windows, Linux, Mac OS)

Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp - Release Trailer (OUT NOW ON STEAM)

Sequel to Monster Prom, Monster Camp features new chaotic love interests (besides Damien whose character became more fleshed out compared to the first game). Just like in the first game, the events are out of pocket, the characters are odd and charming, and the humor is just as crude. This is a game that I recommend you play with friends that you want to break the ice with and let loose and do stupid voices. Playing this game was one of me and my friends’ favorite activity during the pandemic as we attempted to romance our favorite suitor before the summer camp ended.


11. Obey Me! (iOS, Android)

Obey Me! -One master to rule them all!-

After you are transported to the realm of Devildom as an exchange student, you meet the seven deadly hot demon brothers. While the premise of the story sounds cliche, there are some unexpected twists that come with this game that shows that it can be deeper than what it portrays itself to be at first. Other than the devilishly handsome characters with lots of stories to unravel, the major feature of the game is the bonus event stories. There’s so much content given by the event story feature you can’t get tired of playing this highly addictive game.


10. Mystic Messenger (iOS, Android)

Mystic Messenger Opening Movie English Version

If you were there in 2016 for its release, then you know how this game was the principal contributor to the demise of a normal sleeping schedule of the dating sim fans as they woke up at 3 am to answer calls and messages of fictional characters. After you get a message from a stranger, you find out you can log into the Mystic Messenger app where you chat with some intriguing strangers. The key feature of the game is the interface where you can chat with the characters in the chatroom which was pretty revolutionary for the mobile Otome community at the time. Even though Mystic Messenger is way past its prime, I consider this the getaway Otome game that got people into the genre.


9. Dandelion - Wishes Brought to You - (Windows, Mac OS)

Dandelion ~Wishes Brought to You~ OP

Cheritz, the same publisher behind Mystic Messenger released this feline good slice of life visual novel. After Heejung Kim moves into her new apartment, she discovers a basket of bunnies and cats, and soon she finds out that said animals turn into bunny boys and cat boys. While the game appears silly, this is a sincere game about the fears of growing up and choosing to be on your path to authenticity. Come for the cat boys and stay for the vulnerable talks with your suitors. I’m done with animal puns, they’re not that bunny anyway. 


8. Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator (Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Mac OS, PS4)

Dream Daddy (A Game From Game Grumps) - Trailer - Available Now!

For my dilf lovers out there, I got you. While this game is past its prime, and it shows in the dialogue with has lots of 2017 references, it is still a charming game with an aesthetically pleasing art style and it also has an amazing amount of dad puns. You play as a self-insert dad that moves in with his daughter to a new neighborhood that is full of hot and mostly single dads! What were the odds? Could it be because of a secret occult? That’s such a silly assumption. 


7. Collar X Malice (Nintendo Switch, PS Vita, Android)

Collar x Malice - Official Nintendo Switch™ Trailer

After several terrorist attacks, the district of Shinjuku is put under quarantine, and people grow paranoid as they receive weapons to defend themselves from the anonymous terrorist group. Ichika Hoshino, who is a police officer in the Shinjuku district is hunted down by the terrorist group and kidnapped. After a private detective group saves her, she finds herself forced to collaborate with them to unravel the mystery of the terrorist group. Discover what justice means to you alongside your charming suitors and solve the case of the mysterious murders that happen in Tokyo. 


6. Cafe Enchante (Nintendo Switch)

Café Enchanté - Official Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

After Kotone’s grandfather sells her a cafe called Cafe Enchante, she soon realizes that the cafe is a meeting point between mystical worlds. Kotone’s life gets more complicated as the Government of Paranormal Measures has to monitor the activity of Cafe Enchante. You can choose to romance mythical creatures from a good-natured Dullahan, an Otome obsessed angel to even coffee connoisseur demon king. The banter between the lovable characters, the independent protagonist, and the easy-going romance adds to the charm of the game.


5. Taisho x Alice (Windows)

TAISHO x ALICE episode 1 - Game Trailer

This is a fairy tale visual novel where you are the heroine that romances the gender-swapped version of female fairy tale protagonists. This series of games is separated into four chapters, and in each chapter, you can pursue two characters inspired from a diverse array of fairy tale stories. The main character, Alice, is one of the best protagonists I’ve ever seen in an Otome game so far, as she is smart, witty, and funny. The love interests are also sympathetic and likable.


4. Bustafellows (Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Windows)

BUSTAFELLOWS - Announcement Trailer

This game is quite new, but I can confirm after a few hours of gameplay that this game has an immersive plot with just as interesting characters. As you arrive in the fictional town of New Sieg, you use your power to travel back in time in other people’s bodies for a short period to help other people. With this power, you try to help prevent the death of a crooked lawyer. The chemistry between the main character and the other characters is very endearing and the whole group feels like a family. I appreciate that aspect of the game because dating simulators tend to just focus on one route and ignore the other characters. This game is also extremely beautiful, with its jaw-dropping graphics.


3. Hakuoki Kyoto Winds (Windows, Android)

Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds - Announcement Teaser Trailer | PS Vita

Hakuoki is a popular series within the Otome game community and there have been many renditions of this game to fit different platforms. Kyoto Winds is one of the best remakes of the series that feels very polished and overall well rounded. This is an Otome game enthusiast favorite especially for the people who enjoy history dramas.


2. Code: Realize (PS Vita, PS4, Nintendo Switch)

Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ Trailer

This is a steampunk-themed game that takes place in the 19th Century Victorian era where the suitors are based on fictional personas of the period. Who would’ve thought that romancing Victor Frankenstein would be so thrilling! What I liked about Code: Realize and a few other titles on this list is that the characters are friends with each other, and watching the characters’ banter feels wholesome and endearing. Once you choose a route for the main character, you don’t stop interacting with the other characters. Other than that, the art style is amazing and the characters are complex and well written. 


1. Amnesia (PS Vita, Windows, Android, iOS)

Amnesia: Memories - Announcement Trailer

After you wake up in a space between dimensions, this strange boy entangles himself in your mind and wipes off your memories. With your memories now lost, you are forced to regain your memories to not completely lose your sense of self. What’s the best thing about this game is that the routes can’t repeat themselves since every route takes place in a different world. The characters have heartbreaking backstories, so prepare yourself for some angsty romance  


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