Top 15 Ultimate Best FPS Games to Play in 2019

Best FPS Games
The best fps games to play right now.

The first person shooter has been a staple of gaming since the early days of Doom and Duke Nukem.

What are the best games of the genre? Well, fortunately there is a definitive list available right here.

15. Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown gameplay

A treasure of an early access title, Hunt: Showdown pits players against each other to test who is the better hunter and who can survive being hunted. The makers of Crisis have crafted a spectacular, fresh experience for fans to dive into. Drop in and hunt your monsterous bounties before becoming a bounty yourself.

What makes Hunt: Showdown great:

  • Epic ten player games pit either five teams of two or ten solo players against a monstrous targets and each other.
  • Tight controls keeps combat exciting and responsive for hours of play.
  • Progression system allows players to continue climbing the ranks through your hunter’s bloodline.

Track down man and monster alike.

Build your hunter to be a proper killing machine.

14. Fallout 4

Fallout 4 modding gameplay

The latest installation in the main Fallout series drops the player into the shoes of the Sole Survivor to explore the wasteland. You’ll get to build up your own settlements and strongholds as you fight off the struggles of the wild and track down the man who stole your baby. Whether you’re fighting raiders, super mutants, or synthetic humans, you’ll understand the meaning of the phrase: War never changes.

What makes Fallout 4 great:

  • V.A.T.S. system adds a whole new mechanic to combat.
  • Huge selection of guns and modifications levels with players while also offering endless options for customization.
  • The “perks” skill tree perfectly combines FPS with RPG elements.

Struggle for survival against this hostile world.

Employ powerful weapons as you travel through the wasteland.

13. Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 gameplay

Drop into Europe to contain a viral outbreak, and by “contain” we of course mean kill endless waves of zombies, or zeds. Form up into teams of up to six players or run solo as you mow down terrifying variants of zeds with a massive variety of weaponry. Or if you’re so inclined, mutate into a horrifying monster yourself and slaughter the remaining humans.

What makes Killing Floor 2 great:

  • Weapons from all eras along with “Mad Scientist” creations give enough options every type of player to find their favorite way to play.
  • New and old types of zeds keep combat fresh by adding complexity on top of the tired old zombie enemy type.
  • Six versus six multiplayer lets you play as the zeds in order to kill the opposing players in a thrilling PVP mode.

Fight terrifying variations of the Zeds.

Survive against the endless horde.

12. Titanfall 2  

Titanfall 2 gameplay

Fight as a highly skilled “pilot” trooper until you’ve earned  the right to drop a giant mech into battle and crush anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves under your massive, metal boots. Combat is a smooth combination of mobility and power, keeping the Titans powerful, but still allowing Pilots to never feel powerless.

What makes Titanfall 2 great:

  • A selection of Titans as vast as the mechs themselves allows for limitless customization ranging from quick melee builds to hulking monstrosities that can eat and spit out tons of bullets.
  • High mobility as the Pilot makes combat incredibly fast paced, and allows gives them a fighting chance against the Titans.
  • Dozens of weapons to choose from means that every player can have a different loadout and play experience than any other player.

Mobility is your ally against the hulking brutes.

Overpower your enemies with the Titan’s brutish strength.

11. Rainbow 6 Siege  

Rainbow 6 Siege gameplay

One of the most tactical shooters available, Siege requires players to make use of more than just guns if they want to take the win. Reshape the environment with barricades and explosives, scout out locals with drones, or simply run in and shoot your way to victory, anything goes here.

What makes Rainbow 6 Siege great:

  • Gadgets like mobile barricades and armed drones add a tactical component like no other game in the genre.
  • Destructible environments allow players to find their own way through situations, as well as walls.
  • Operators and their specified classes give each player unique abilities and roles to fulfil in a match.

If you can’t open a door, break it.

Choose your operator wisely.

10. SCP: Secret Laboratory  

SCP: Secret Laboratory gameplay

Based on the wildly popular SCP: Containment Breach, Secret Laboratory creates a unique multiplayer experience within the dark corridors of the SCP facility. Players must either escape the facility as a staff member, or anomalous entity, or retake control as a re-containment agent.

What makes SCP: Secret Laboratory great:

  • For the first time, you can become the entities and escape confinement from the SCP foundation.
  • Playing as a re-containment agent finally gives players the ability to fight back against the anomalous entities.
  • The procedurally generated facility and randomly assigned roles makes every game a unique, suspenseful experience.

Hunt the humans, escape the monsters.

Stand up against the horrors.

9. SCUM  

SCUM gameplay

Explore a huge open world with endless possibilities and players lurking around every corner. Survival is the name of the game and players will have to find their way in a world that can hold up to 64 individual players. However, the real challenge comes from the epic PVP matches known as the Network Events.

What makes SCUM great:

  • A massive open world environment filled with dangers items and players makes for a thrilling survival experience.
  • The Network Events give an extra challenge for players that are more focused on the PVP aspects than survival.
  • In-depth weapon designs makes every weapon feel special and real.

Survive with or against other players.

Gather, build, survive.

8. Destiny 2  

Destiny 2 gameplay

A notorious looter shooter with an updated story, huge six player raids, and a gripping PVP mode that rewards skill as opposed to who has the better gun or who’s level is higher. Bungie, the original developers for the legendary Halo franchise, have taken a stab at creating an MMO RPG and with smooth gameplay combining enhanced mobility and epic special abilities, they’ve certainly made a game worth playing.

What makes Destiny 2 great:

  • Between the Crucible and Gambit, there’s never a shortage of ways to test your skills against other players.
  • Class specific skills, including grenades, melees, and supers, adds a whole new level to combat.
  • Massive raids task groups of six players to take on intense challenges, solve complex puzzles, and go up against the most powerful bosses in the game.

Use your skills to fight against the darkness.

Equip your best gear if you wish to fight for the light.

7. PUBG  

PUBG gameplay

The legend itself, one of the first big names in the battle royale genre, PUBG is an impressively huge entry to modern gaming. Join the fight against ninety-nine other players to become the last man standing and earn that elusive chicken dinner.

What makes PUBG great:

  • Dynamically spawning weapons means that you never know what you’ll find around every corner.
  • 100 player combat means everybody is out for themselves and every interaction is a nail-biting fight for survival.
  • The shrinking map makes sure games continue at a well-balanced pace where players are encouraged to walk into each other.

Only you have your back.

Drop in cold and alone, just like everyone else.

6. Apex Legends  

Apex Legends gameplay

The latest game to throw its hat in the ring to compete for the title of top battle royale game, brings a new twist along with it. Teamwork and communication are the key to victory. Play in teams of three players who will have to work together to become the last trio standing.

What makes Apex Legends great:

  • Pinging system allows players to communicate with each other with or without headsets or mics.
  • Teammates can now heal and even revive fallen players, adding a whole new element to royale encounters.
  • Character classes give players an extra level of customization to take into battle, giving you at least some control on how you play from the very start.

Gather weapons if you want to make it through the fight.

Fight with what you find and emerge as the top team.

5. Insurgency: Sandstorm  

Insurgency: Sandstorm gameplay

An indie darling with the quality of a proper AAA shooter, Sandstorm is a worthy addition to the Insurgency series. With all the grit and control you expect from games like Call of Duty and Medal of Honor, the Insurgency series has proved time and again that big budget isn’t the only way to achieve a thrilling tactical experience.

What makes Insurgency: Sandstorm great:

  • An immersive atmosphere provides the most realistic experience available.
  • Tactical controls allow for lifelike action such as peeking around corners, as well as higher power maneuvers like breaching doorways.
  • Character customization lets you look and fight the way you want by swapping around both your clothes and your guns.

Form up with your team to take on enemy combatants.

Peek around corners and take your enemies by surprise.

4. CSGO  

CSGO gameplay

Expanding on the genre rocking experience that has dominated PC shooters and continued to headline tournaments for twenty years, CSGO breathes new life into the Counter Strike community. With tons of new features, weapons, and maps, CSGO is Counter Strike like you have never played it before.

What makes CSGO great:

  • Updated versions of the classic content streamlines veterans into the new system.
  • Intense action makes combat a thrilling, one of a kind experience.
  • Tons of different game modes, amplified by thousands of mods, offer endless gameplay options.

Grab a gun and fight for your life.

Not every fight can be won with only bullets.

3. Escape from Tarkov  

Escape from Tarkov gameplay

Escape from Tarkov offers a much more story driven experience that tasks the player to survive in a world full of dangers, including soldiers, mercenaries, and the local Scavs. In addition to an intense story, Tarkov also provides some of the most immersive gameplay available with stats like health, hydration, and even tremors, to make players really understand the life of a soldier.

What makes Escape from Tarkov great:

  • Realistic weaponry and ballistics makes for intense, true to life combat.
  • NPC enemies known as Scavs bring an aspect of suspense to gameplay, making the player have to tread carefully around every corner.
  • An immersive story that draws the player in for hours of adventure and conflict.

Proper planning and strategy is the key to victory.

Equip yourself and take down enemies from a safe distance.

2. Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus gameplay

With the largest world in the Metro series, Exodus opens up to an expansive adventure across ruins and a post-apocalyptic Russian wilderness. Fight crazed survivors, mutated monsters, and the very elements themselves as you travel across Russia in a salvaged locomotive. You’ll need your best hand-crafted guns if you want to make it out there.

What makes Metro Exodus great:

  • Explore a beautiful, hostile world in any direction you want with non-linear levels that let you create your own personal adventure.
  • Customize your own arsenal with salvaged and handmade weapons as you fight off the terrors of the new world.
  • Player choices will determine the fate of their comrades, so choose wisely or they might not survive.

Face off against terrifying beasts.

Explore the decaying ruins of the Russian wasteland.



RUST gameplay

Build your home and scavenge for supplies in one of the best survival games in recent history. Beginning with nothing, not even the shirt on your back, you must build weapons, find armor, and eventually shoot, slash, and run your way to safety. But don’t forget the others running around trying to survive, either alongside you, or against you.

What makes RUST great:

  • An intricate crafting menu allows players to build weapons, armor, and even shelters.
  • Find other players and either form alliances or fight for dominance.
  • Immerse yourself into a world that requires the player to kill animals for food, build shelters to keep out the elements, and find clean water to keep hydrated if you want to survive.

Always keep yourself armed if you wish to stay alive.

Start small and grow.


As a bonus, there are a number of games coming in the near future that are going to rock the FPS genre to the core. From looter shooters to endless onslaughts of monsters and demons, the future of gaming looks great. So here are some of the best upcoming games, just to name a few.

Cyberpunk 2077  

Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay

A new game coming soon by CD Project Red, the company that brought the enchanting Witcher series to life, Cyberpunk 2077 promises to replace the magic with Deus Ex-style cybernetic enhancements. As the company’s debut into the FPS genre, fans and critiques alike are curious to see how they handle the all new combat system.

What makes Cyberpunk 2077 great:

  • The unique leveling and weapon systems that CD Project Red is so familiar with will make for a complex blend of FPS and RPG elements.
  • Cybernetic enhancements allow for endless customization.
  • High tech weapons give a wide variety of combat options with stylized options for customization.

Take to the road and drive through the city.

Steady you nerves, and servos, as you fight to survive in this city.

Doom Eternal  

Doom Eternal gameplay

The sequel to 2016’s Doom plans to offer the same high speed, intense combat delivered by its predecessor. Fight like hell, in hell, against the demon hordes of hell. Did we mention hell? Although, if you’re looking for story to drive you, go elsewhere, because in Doom things are all about running and gunning enjoyment.

What makes Doom Eternal great:

  • High speed combat keeps the player on his toes, providing one of the most intense combat experiences available.
  • A large selection of weaponry powers the endless barrage of bullets that you’ll lay onto your enemies.
  • Beautiful, if not terrifying, locations bring spacefaring, interdimensional travel gruesomely to life.

Defend yourself from the demons of hell.

Don the old helmet, you’ll need a thick skull.

The Outer Worlds  

The Outer Worlds gameplay

An upcoming game by Obsidian Games, the company that developed the critically acclaimed Fallout: New Vegas, promises to continue delivering on their high quality, choice heavy games. Explore worlds in the far stretches of space as you have to make moral choices that will have lasting effects on the people and places around you. It’s a wild world out there, and with even more worlds things get much wilder.

What makes The Outer Worlds great:

  • Your choices matter and you’ll see it shape the world around you as you play.
  • The open world, while smaller than New Vegas, gives a colorful coat of paint to the game while still delivering that New Vegas feel players loved.
  • A huge selection of weapons gives players dozens of creative ways to fight for survival and destroy their enemies in the distant worlds.

Meet terrifying monsters out in the untamed regions of space.

Equip yourself with fantastic weapons as you explore far off planets.


Ready or Not gameplay

Following in the footsteps of Rainbow 6 Siege, Ready or Not focuses on the tactical side of FPS combat. Equip riot shields and bust down doors and walls with focused explosives in order to locate, infiltrate, and decimate your targets in this upcoming test of skill and strategy.

What makes Ready or Not great:

  • Tactical focused combat means that your skills have to be so much more than simply shooting the other guy first.
  • Now you can study floorplans and create a strategy before beginning your assault, thanks to the in-depth planning system.
  • Command an AI team with precision as you storm through hostile situations.

Team up and remember that tactics reign supreme.

Breach, then conquer your enemies by storm.

Borderlands 3  

Borderlands 3 gameplay

The long awaited sequel to the king of all looter shooters arrives in September to remind us all why Borderlands is one of the best FPS franchises around. With a whole new roster of characters to play as along with more guns than in any other game, Borderlands 3 offers one of the most customizable RPG experiences around.

What makes Borderlands 3 great:

  • Four characters with three separate skill trees to descend each allows for players to build their own personal play experience.
  • An almost uncountable number of guns with fantastical abilities give unlimited loadout options.
  • Super abilities and special skills give players more ways out of a conflict than simply shooting your way through your enemies.

Use your unique weapons to stampede through your enemies.

Use your special abilities to fight off bandits or call in support.

Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart gameplay

Travel through the unknown, foreign landscape that was previously the Soviet Union. In Atomic Heart, you’ll explore a twisted adventure through a mutated wasteland in this upcoming shooter as you fight monsters of technology and abominations of biology. Grab one-of-a-kind weapons and survive the effects of when science goes so wrong.

What makes Atomic Heart great:

  • Unique weapons enhance combat into the sci-fi realm.
  • The thrilling horror setting creates a suspenseful atmosphere that will give you a twitchy trigger finger from start to finish.
  • Monsters and abominations add a complexity to combat by throwing curve balls at the player with each new enemy.

Fight off powerful, mechanical monstrosities.

Explore the remains of the old world in search of safety as well as answers.

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