Top 50 Best Horror Movie Villains of All Time

Best Horror Movie Villains
Who is your favorite horror movie villain?

Is Your Favorite Horror Movie Villain On This List?

If you are the type that always roots for the bad guy, these guys and gals will make you stand up and cheer.

50. Jerry Dandridge Fright Night

fright night jerry dadridge chris sarandan

Chris Sarandon’s suave portrayal of Jerry Dandridge was a break from the stereotypical sinister cape clad ghoul with a thick Romanian accent popularized by Bela Lugosi. This unassuming “every man” figure sets you at ease which makes the transition to the terrifying fanged monster all the more frightening. Dandridge moves into town and seems quite normal except for the coffin only seen by Charley the young next door neighbor, therefore no one believes Charley’s claims, that Dandridge is a vampire. Jerry Dandridge is a monster for sure, but not without a measure of humanity. Instead of just killing him, he offers Charley the choice to simply forget what he knows He even empathises with Charley’s outcast friend. Jerry Dandridge is the vampire with a heart.

Villain Rating : 70/100

See Jerry Dandridge in action.

49. Jennifer's Body

Jennifers body villain horror

Megan Fox is much easier on the eyes than most of the villains in the countdown, that is, when she isn’t vomiting black goo or sprouting raptor mouth. The girl you wish lived next door is a high school cheerleader that has developed a real taste for the boys. When Needy finds her best friend Jennifer bloodied and bruised in her kitchen scavenging for food she has no idea that Jennifer has been cursed to become a blood thirsty succubus. But it was really just a metamorphosis from her old self. Jennifer has been feeding off of Needy’s insecurities since they were children. She is so self involved that the fact that she has become a homicidal murderer barely seems to phase her.

Villain Rating : 65/100

See Jennifer in action:

48. Nurse 3-D

nurse 3d horror villain

Abbey Russell is no vampire, she isn’t undead, and she definitely isn’t a hideous monster but she is far more dangerous to the cheating men she ensnares because they run straight into her arms. The medical profession says, “First, do no harm”, but this knockout nurse with the sultry voice never got the message. On her night off Abbey picks up a married guy at a bar, but just when he thinks his night is starting to shine, Abbey slashes his femoral artery and sends him over the edge of a high rise. It turns out, Abbey is mentally unstable and even killed her father for cheating on her mother when she was just a girl. Now she is into obsession and ridding the streets of adulterous men.

Villain Rating : 70/100

See the Nurse in action.

47. Standartenführer (Oberst) Herzog - Dead Snow

dead snow herzog

As if being the leader of a horde of zombies didn’t villifie him enough, Herzog is a Nazi Standartenführer (colonel) to boot. He will do anything to protect his stolen spoils. Much more dangerous than the run of the mill undead, this guy has a regiment of trained killer zombies that he need only grunt, to send into a frenzied all out brain chomping free for all. Kill off as many as you like, Herzog has more troops beneath the snow only waiting for his howl to join in the blitzkrieg.

Villain Rating : 80/100

See Herzog in action.

46. The Wailing - Japanese Man Demon

wailing japanese man demon

With no shortage of horrifying moments, the most dreadful aspect of this movie was still the old japanese stanger. The viewer is left wondering, Is there any humanity left in the old man or has he actually become the demon that possessed him? As a series of ghastly incidents grips a small Korean town, the old man is first seen in the woods in his skivvies feasting on a slaughtered animal corpse. With his glowing red eyes and ability to possess ordinary people and turn them into brutal murderers, this stranger gives the Boogie man a run for his money.

Villain Rating : 80/100

See the Japanese Man Demon in action.

45. Brett - Eden Lake

brett eden lake

For some reason a child villain is all the more terrifying, perhaps because Brett’s violence is such a strong contrast to the innocents of youth or perhaps because he reminds us of that bully lurking in our own past. This out of control teen shows no mercy, no remorse, and no sign of stopping. When a couple vacationing on a beach is interrupted by Brett and his juvenile compatriots, they couldn’t imagine that they were coming face to face with evil. Whether they are strangers or friends, if they cross Brett he reacts with mindless anger. Everyone seems to be an ant under a magnifying glass to this teenage psychopath.

Villain Rating : 75/100

See Brett in action.

44. Dr. William Weir - Event Horizon

event horizon dr weir

Sam Neil always presents such a reasoned and reassuring character, when we see the evil side of Dr. William Weir it feels a bit like our favorite uncle is coming at us with a butcher knife. Weir’s smile communicates that he has something in store for us, and it is anything but reassuring. When Dr. Weir encounters a space shuttle that has been to hell, he becomes haunted by his sins of the past and becomes the embodiment of the evil that the ship has brought back with it. He becomes more than mortal and even possesses superhuman strength, throwing the captain played by Laurence Fishburne around the ship like a rag doll

Villain Rating : 90/100

See Dr. Weir in action.

43. Clown 2014

clown 2014

Andy Powers and the Clown are one and the same through most of the film. Though the suit is transforming Andy, he takes some pretty desperate measures to free himself and fights the urge to kill with all of his being. When Andy finds a clown suit in a remodeled home he is working in, he believes it is the perfect solution to give his son the perfect birthday party. Unfortunately the suit turns out to be a demon’s skin and he plays dress up as a monster who feeds off of the flesh of children.

Villain Rating : 55/100

See the Clown in action.

42. Howard - 10 Cloverfield Lane

howard 10 cloverfield lane

Howard is that annoyingly good natured person you try at all costs to avoid in social situations. But imagine if you were stuck in an underground bunker with the guy and he was one of the few humans left alive on Earth. When Michelle awakes from a car accident she believes that Howard is her savior, but as cabin fever starts to set in, Howard seems to be wound a little too tightly. If Annie Wilkes from Misery had a little brother, it would be Howard.

Villain Rating : 87/100

See Howard in action.

41. Jacob Goodnight See No Evil 2

jacob goodnight

There ain’t nothing good about Jacob Goodnight. This guy was so warped by his mother’s fanatically religious views on sexuality and punishment that he brutally murders anyone he perceives to be a sinner. After being transported to the morgue following his initial killing spree, Goodnight is somehow resurrected to do it all again. Goodnight is brutal, sadistic, and HUGE.

Villain Rating: 89/100

See Jacob Goodnight in action.

40. Diana Walter - Lights Out

diana lights out

Remember how the shadows would come to life and turn into strange objects or people when the lights went out at night when you were a kid, or maybe even just last night. Maybe it was Diana, a shadowy figure that only appears when the lights go out, she is the reason I will be keeping my nitelite on tonight. Diane’s shadow is first revealed when a factory worker notices a woman standing in a doorway every time she flicks off the light switch. Institutionalized after her father’s suicide when Diana Walters was a little girl, a skin condition and bright surgical lights lead to her agonizing death. Now she gives new meaning to the phrase, afraid of your own shadow.

Villain Rating : 60/100

See Diana in action.

39. Room - 1408

room 1408

The Room in 1408 is a worthy villain, thanks to the smug disbelief of Cusack as Mike Enslin. Cusack may be one of the greatest actors of our day, but we will never know because he always plays the same guy. But he does it so well, and that is why it is so satisfying to see what this room will conjure up next to show the cocky seen it all author, that he ain’t seen nothin yet.

Villain Rating : 55/100

See the Room in action

38. Devil (2010)

devil  2010

SPOILER ALERT Skip this one until you have seen the movie, believe me, it is worth it.

The Devil is a pretty bad guy as you might imagine, or in this case a pretty bad old lady. But the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was making the world think he doesn’t exist. True to form, his true identity is hidden until the end of the movie when we find out the threatening old woman has been pulling the strings the whole time and making these sinners account for their wicked ways.

Villain Rating : 100/100

See the Devil in action.


frank zito maniac

Another mama’s boy that developed serious issues because of childhood abuse. Growing up with the scars inflicted on him by his prostitute mother turns Frank into a cold blooded killer. Frank dreams about killing and then wakes up and decides to makes his dreams reality by killing a prostitute. Based on a mixture of real life serial killers David Berkowitz and Ed Gein, Zito scalps the women he murders and nails his trophies onto the heads of mannequins back at his apartment.

Villain Rating : 75/100

See Frank Zito in action.

36. Rose Armitage - Get Out

rose armitage get out keye and peele

Rose Armitage is a two faced @#$%&. As the warm and loving girlfriend she ensnares her unwitting prey like a black widow. The true identity of this villain isn’t revealed until her boyfriend discovers a keepsake box full of photos, (Villain fail), chronicling the long line of lovers she has lead to their unfortunate fate. Even as she lies wounded she switches between evil and good without skipping a beat. You don’t know if you want to save or smother her.

Villain Rating : 90/100

See Rose Armitage in action.

35. Dead Silence-  Mary Shaw

mary shaw dead silence

Nothing is more frightening than a freaky little dummy, except for the freaky ventriloquist that plays with them. Mary Shaw compounds this with the overbearing demeanor of a staunch school marm and the sheer terror of a resurrected corpse doll. When the world’s smallest heckler berates Mary, and Billy, one of her precious dolls, during their stage act, she cannot stand the insult and seeks revenge on the child, an act which costs her both her voice and life. But Mary has her revenge in death by becoming what she loved the most in life.

Villain Rating : 70/100

See Mary Shaw in action.

34. The Mirror - Oculus

the mirror oculus

Everyone has hated a mirror at some point in time, but rarely does it hate you back like the one in this film. The Mirror known as the Lasser Glass has been killing since the 18th Century, but for the last 10 years it has set its sights on the Russell family, and those sights will either kill or drive them insane. Alan Russell, the father, first brings home the audacious mirror to decorate his office, but the story takes place 10 years later when the children are adults as well as through reflections of the past. Siblings Kaylie and Tim try to destroy the Mirror and come to terms with the role it played in the death of their parents, but the mirror has other plans.

Villain Rating : 77/100

See the Mirror in action.

33. Krampus


This yuletide nightmare doesn’t care if you are naughty or nice, if you have lost your Christmas spirit you might just lose your soul. Straight out of Bavarian folklore and onto the big screen, Krampus does not tolerate any Grinch or Scrooges lousing up the holiday merriment. When the last Santa believer in the Engel family tears up his letter to Santa, Krampus is summoned down Granny’s chimney. You can say there’s no such thing as Krampus, but as for me and Granny we believe.

Villain Rating : 75/100

See Krampus in action.

32. Candyman


Much like the urban legend of Bloody Mary, Candyman can be summoned by reciting his name in a mirror 5 times, although I can’t see why anyone would attempt this, because he doesn’t just appear but kills you with a metal hook. When a well off black man is mutilated and tortured to death by a lynch mom for fathering a child with a white woman, the legend of Candyman is born. But as graduate student Helen Lyle soon learns, this legend is true. Driven by the fear his legend instills and the belief that Helen is the reincarnation of his lost love, Candyman spares her life while slaughtering those close to her and pleading with her to join him of her own volition in immortality.

Villain Rating : 65/100

See Candyman in action.

31. Lawrence Talbot- The Wolfman

wolfman lawrence talbot

Lawrence Talbot is a tortured villain and victim of his own deeply troubled past. The lone werewolf in the list, Talbot is a recreation of one of Hollywood’s original monsters and undergoes one of the foremost special effects transformations in film history. After returning to his ancestral home and finding his brother murdered, Talbot is himself bitten and transformed into a werewolf. Helpless to control his bloodlust as a lycanthrope, Talbot is constantly at odds with his villainy.

Villain Rating : 77/100

See Lawrence Talbot in action.

30. Mick Taylor from Wolf Creek

mick taylor wolf creek crockodile dundee rip off Ivan Milat and Bradley Murdoch

Mick Taylor’s fear factor arises from his similarity to serial killers Ivan Milat and Bradley Murdoch, around whom the film is loosely based. Well, that and the fact that he seems like such a cheerful Crocodile Dundee type in the beginning. It’s like good ole Mick delivers his famous, “That’s not a knife line”, and then proceeds to gut everyone in sight with his Bowie. When a group of backpackers’ car breaks down in the middle of the West Australian desert, Taylor shows up to lend a hand. But Mick is less AAA than XXX as the ill fated group is soon to discover.

Villain Rating : 95/100

See Mick Taylor in action.

29. Sam (Trick ‘r Treat)

sam trick r treat or

The cutest villain in the countdown, Sam embodies all that is Halloween. This miniature Pumpkin Jack is a referee of sorts, assuring that no one breaks any Halloween rules, e.g. not wearing a costume or not handing out candy. When a woman makes the mistake of tearing down the Halloween decorations during the middle of All Hallows Eve, Sam stabs her to death with his jagged lollipop. Though fatal tricks befall those not in the spirit of the season, Sam can be appeased easily enough with an obliging candy treat.

Villain Rating : 40/100

See Sam in action.

28. Leslie Vernon Behind the Mask : The Rise of Leslie Vernon

leslie vernon behind the mask rise of

Though hilarious in this mockumentary of slasher movie villains, Vernon turns out to be quite sinister in his own right. The fact that he is able to acknowledge and point out the ridiculous narratives inherent in the horror movie genre is what elevates this particular bad guy to true villainy. Leslie is interviewed through the entirety of the film regarding his choice to become the next Krueger or Voorhees but he doesn’t make the transition to psycho killer until he says his goodbyes to the film crew and sets his plans in motion.

Villain Rating : 60/100

See Leslie Vernon in action.

27. Captain Spaulding House of 1000 Corpses / Devil’s Rejects

captain spaulding house 1000 corpses devils rejects

Captain Spaulding the proprietor of a middle of nowhere gas station turned fried chicken joint turned roadside oddities museum, is the psychotic patriarch of a family of killers. Known to friends as Cutter, this madman has taken his clown persona to heart and is rarely seen without his makeup. In H1KC Spaulding is first seen doing away with a couple of would be gunmen who decided to rob the wrong gas station. In DR, in which he plays a larger role, he makes his entrance in the world’s most horrifying sex dream, clad only in disgusting stained tighty whiteys.

Villain Rating : 40/100

See Captain Spaulding in action.

26. The Moonlight Man (Gerald’s Game)

moonlight man geralds game stephen king

In most movies the Boogie Man turns out to be a spook, the Moonlight Man is a real person who has only been pretending to be a spook, which turns out to be even worse, as he haunts the films heroine while she lies handcuffed to a bed. She doesn’t find out till later that he wasn’t part of her imagination but an actual intruder watching her from the shadows, while taking a break from his other hobbies of necrophilia, corpse mutilation, and cannibalism.

Villain Rating : 62/100

See the Moonlight Man in action.

25. The Blind Man (Don’t Breathe)

the blind man dont breathe

The Blind Man gets a solid 50 points based solely on the turkey baster scene. Otherwise, he is still a pretty skilled killer even for a person with sight. When a group of teens break into this war veterans house in search of his ample stash, they expect to find the Blind Man an easy target. Instead they become the prey of a madman who has already imprisoned one woman who did him wrong.

Villain Rating : 85/100

See The Blind Man in action.

24. Red-Faced Demon - Insidious

red faced demon insidious

The Red-Faced Demon is kind of laughable if you get too close a glimpse, but because of the brief flashes we are exposed to in Insidious, he manages to retain this basic creepiness that crawls under your skin. The Demon appears to a family and their son Dalton who falls into a coma like state. The Red-Faced demon is able to use Dalton as a medium to enter the real world and terrorize the family. Therefore this crimson dark angel with a receding hairline keeps they boy chained up in his lair while he does his nails and rocks out to scratchy old Tiny Tim records on the phonograph.

Villain Rating : 45/100

See The Red-Faced Demon in action.

23. The Thing

the thing john carpenter

The Thing is the earliest villain so far in the countdown, and has been terrifying viewers since 1982. This alien organism invades and replicates its host, so you don’t know who the imposter is until it is too late. The alien is initially discovered when a rescued sled dog devours all of his kennel mates. Besides perfect camouflage and the ability to behave like a lethal virus, the paranoia the Thing spawns becomes a potent weapon in itself.

Villain Rating : 88/100

See The Thing in action.

22. Jigsaw (Saw)


One of my least favorite villains on the list, (not a big fan of torture horror), but with 8 films in the Saw Universe, several video games, and even a rollercoaster, Jigsaw deserves his cut of the action. Because of loss and his affliction with terminal cancer John Kramer transforms into Jigsaw and develops a maniacal philosophy that those who don’t appreciate life don’t deserve to live. By constructing elaborate torture devices for them to either escape or die trying, he will somehow restore their zest for life. At the end of the first film when two characters have played out the demented games he has set for them, Jigsaw reveals that he was hiding in plain sight  along with them the entire time disguised as a corpse. Jigsaw’s brutality is manifested in the horrific traps he uses on his victims.

Villain Rating : 70/100

See Jigsaw in action.

21. Entity (It Follows)

entity it follows

Definitely one of my favorite horror villains, the Entity is frightening and unlike any bad guy you have ever seen before. Like most teenagers in horror movies the Entity is driven by sex and it will never stop until it gets what it wants. Jay’s new boyfriend Hugh begins to behave strangely after seeing a girl in yellow in a theater, only after Jay sleeps with Hugh does he reveals that this girl was the Entity and that now it will be coming for her. This character is not only frightening because of its strange appearance, but it can pretend to be anyone, and no one else can see it.

Villain Rating : 95/100

See Entity in action.

20. Linda Blair Exorcist

linda blair

Linda Blair the poor little girl possessed by an evil spirit, that frightened us so badly so many years ago and proving that nothing beats a classic. Whether she was rotating her head 360 degrees or vomiting pea soup, she had audiences on the edge of their seats. Linda set the standard for possession in films for decades to come. Her porformance is more frightening than any of the special effects or cheap scare tactics directors have been using to emulate the terror of the Exorcist for over 40 years.

Villain Rating : 70/100

See Linda Blair in action.

19. Victor Crowley

victor crawley hatchet

For those horror movie fans who think that Jason Voorhees is just too subtle, the Hatchet series presents Victor Crowley, the disfigured madman in overalls. These films have a simple yet provocative formula, to fit as much violence and gore as possible into 90 minutes. Victor doesn’t just kill but mutilates his victims in the most disgusting manner possible with as much gore as you can handle, and he dares you not to puke.

Villain Rating : 50/100

See Victor Crowley in action.

18. Annie Wilkes - Misery

misery annie wilkes

Annie can be a bright and sunny little small town woman. She seems to be the most normal person you’ve ever met, until you cross her. Better watch those dirty words Mr. Man. There isn’t a person who saw this film that didn’t cringe when she hobbled James Caan’s character. Annie takes obsession to the next level and given the chance will kill with kindness.

Villain Rating : 80/100

See Annie Wilkes in action.

17. Samara

samara the ring

Samara Morgan is the double jointed staticy spectre that haunts viewers of the video in the Ring. Born with psychic powers after her mother was raped by a perverted priest. Samara destroys all those who get too close to her. Eventually drowned by her step mother, Samara’s evil lives on through a video tape of her made by a psychiatrist.

Villain Rating : 85/100

See Samara in action.

16. Pinhead

pinhead hellraiser

Once a soldier in search of enlightenment through the occult, Pinhead is the brainchild of horror legend and one of my own mentors Clive Barker. Barker’s home and studios are filled with the tenebrous sculptures and paintings from which his malevolent characters draw breath, and sojourning there was like walking through a very scary silver screen. The soldier becomes one of those malevolent creatures when he opens an ancient cube puzzle. Enlightenment is not all he finds and the evil he unleashes transforms him into a nail studded agent of Leviathan. He and his cenobites wait for others to open the puzzle and free them to slaughter anyone who crosses their path. Pinhead promises you legendary suffering in the penultimate S&M game whose payoff is an eternity of perverse torture in Hell. Fortunately I was no good at puzzles.

Villain Rating : 95/100

See Pinhead in action.

15. Annabelle

annabelle theconjuring

Annabelle is the Conjurings version of Chucky. Once an ordinary porcelain doll, Anabelle becomes possessed by a Demon, the doll brings anyone who owns her in contact with evil spirits. Even touching her can be all it takes to bring a person under demonic influence.

Villain Rating : 89/100

See Annabelle in action.

14. Chucky

chucky childs play

Having Chuck as your best friend is no child’s play. When a deranged serial killer is mortally wounded by a detective, he uses a voodoo incantation to implant his soul into the form of a Good Guy doll. Chucky uses his innocent doll facade to lure people to their unexpected deaths. And no one ever believes the doll did it, at least not until it is too late.

Villain Rating : 80/100

See Chucky in action.

13. Leatherface

leatherface texas chainsaw massacre

Another personal favorite, I still turn on the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre when I need a good scare. To the mindless hulking Leatherface his victims are just so much unprocessed meat. The low budget film is much more realistic than all the new big budget remakes because you believe the actors who portray the deranged family are just too strange to be actors. Plus, what the older film lacks in production value actually contributes a found footage realism, years before that genre was ever conceived.

Villain Rating : 88/100

See Leatherface in action.

12. Jack Torrance - The Shining

jack nicholson torrance the shining stephen king

Jack Torrance is such a frightening villain, one- because Jack Nicholson is one of the greatest actors alive, and two- because his intended victims are his own wife and son. After Jack is possessed by the evil ghosts that haunt the Overlook hotel, Jack becomes more and more impatient with his family. As Jack communicates with those who perished in the hotel and begins to lose his mind he becomes convinced that his family must die. All work and no play...

Villain Rating : 97/100

See Jack Torrance in action.

11. The Beast - Split

the beast split

All of James Mcavoy’s personalities are disturbing in Split, even the little boy. But even they seem to fear the arrival of the Beast. However it seems that although the most extreme of the multiple personalities, the Beast is still only a man. So when he finally arrives and begins to climb the walls, shake off shotgun blasts, and bend metal, it becomes evident that the true nature of the Beast is actually superhuman. What a twist?

Villain Rating : 65/100

See The Beast in action.

10. Three Finger - Wrong Turn

three finger wrong turn

Three Finger is a deformed, presumably inbred hillbilly. Somehow despite his deformities he possesses heightened skills, tactical knowledge, and superhuman strength. Time and again Three Finger and his kinfolk wipe out groups of teens who made the deadly mistake of getting lost in this neck of the woods. This guy should be a lesson to us all about overcoming adversity, but not so much the killing and cannibalism.

Villain Rating : 30 /100

See Three Finger in action.

9. Mr. Babadook (The Babadook)

mr babadook the

Mr. Babadook is worse than the Boogeyman, because he comes after us adults too. This guy can cause hallucinations, possess you, or just scare you to death. He would be even higher on the list, if he wasn’t so easily tamed and turned into a house pet.

Villain Rating : 50/100

See The Babadook in action.

8. Bughuul / "Mr. Boogie" (Sinister)

bughuul mr boogie sinister

A pied piper of sorts, Bughuul possesses the mind of children to do his dirty work. Bughuul seems to have been on quite the successful killing spree since the 1960s. Bughuul chooses families who show a lack of appreciation for the aesthetic appeal of good, haunted, family-murder real estate. Takes one of the kids from his target family and has them kill their parents and siblings then disappear into the spirit realm with him.

Villain Rating : 73/100

See Bughuul in action.

7. The Creeper (Jeepers Creepers)

jeepers creepers the creeper

The Creeper has is own monthly cycle when he awakens every 23 years for 23 days and embarks on a frenzy of human feasting, with plenty of gag slayings thrown in for good measure. The Creeper is one of the funnier villains, although I am not sure if he was meant to be.

Villain Rating : 64/100

See The Creeper in action.

6. Michael Myers

michael myers halloween

Michael Myers has been killing since he was 6 years old. With no reason and no way to stop him Myers has become one of the most recognizable and celebrated cinema horror villains of our day. Almost always donning his Captain Kirk mask, Michael Myers is a symbol representing the cold unyielding hands of death… and perhaps too, the ineptitude of the doctors and Haddonfield PD for always prematurely signing Myers death certificate.

Villain Rating : 90/100

See Michael Myers in action.

5. The Nun from Annabelle/Conjuring

the nun anabelle conjuring

Another frightening spirit from the Conjuring franchise. This religious figure represents all things unholy. Guaranteed to appear when you least expect it, this divorced, “Bride of Christ”, has the bad habit of punking unsuspecting clergy and laity from mirrors, pictures, and shadows. She seems quite proud of her horrible dental hygiene, and I’m just glad none of the films in this series were released in Smell-O-Vision.

Villain Rating : 40/100

See The Nun in action.

4. Black Phillip - The Witch

black phillip the witch

Believe it or not, Black Phillip is the only goat on the list of best horror movie villains. All sorts of trouble arises when the children of a banished 17th Century Puritan family begin to make accusations involving one another talking to the farm animal. As the paranoia over witchcraft grows, it seems the family is truly cursed. Finally Black Phillip reveals that he is in fact the devil. I never have trusted those weird slanted goat eyes.

Villain Rating : 30/100

See Black Phillip in action.

3. Jason Voorhees

jason voorhees friday the 13th

Possibly the most prolific killer in film, Jason Voorhees has grown up before our eyes.Wearing a burlap sack or a hockey mask, in Manhattan or in space, no one wields a machete like Jason and no one is more deserving of his own day of the week. Taking up where his mother left off, Jason has been tormenting the teens at Camp Crystal lake for more than 40 years. I just have one question, Why in god’s name would anyone join that camp?! And then to go there on Friday the 13th!! It’s like someone with narcolepsy moving to Elm Street.

Villain Rating : 97/100

See Jason Voorhees in action.

2. Pennywise

pennywise it stephen king

Most clowns are satisfied with just frightening children with their creepy costumes and awful antics, Pennywise will bite your arm off. In most cases I like the original the best, and all due respect to Tim Curry, but the clown in the remake of “It” is much more frightening than the original. Actor Bill Skarsgård has a childlike appearance that is alluringly menacing, more Patrick Bateman and less Krusty the Clown

Villain Rating : 88/100

See Pennywise in action.

Honorable Mention: Patrick Bateman - American Psycho

patrick bateman christopher bale american psycho

Christian Bale has been my favorite actor since my parents took me to see, “Empire of the Sun”, when I was a wee lad. Since then he has played an extensive assortment of fascinating characters and even been caught on tape expressing a little real life villainy. The self-centered, Wall Street Yuppie serial killer from the 1980’s was one of Bale’s most memorable roles. He nails the “Hip to be Square” scene, delivering a passionate analysis of the Huey Lewis pop song that builds up to his frenzied dancing, and finally the uncontrolled axe murder of a colleague. Alas, the movie was much less ambiguous about his psychosis than the book, and in my interpretation Bateman only imagined his murders. Therefore, I didn’t include this villain in the top 50.

Watch Patrick Bateman in action.

1. Freddy Krueger

freddy krueger robert englund nightmare on elm street

freddy krueger jackie earle haley nightmare on elm street

I have to include both Robert Englund and Jackie Earle Haley in our top spot. Of course everyone knows and loves Englund’s original dream slayer, but Haley presented a more ominous less comic version. Regardless of which Freddy Krueger you prefer the dream master reigns supreme as the Best Horror Movie Villain of All Time.

Villain Rating : Old   99/100

                         New 90/100

See Freddy Krueger in action.

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