Top 30 Mai Shiranui Cosplay We've Ever Seen

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Get Ready To Lose

We have seen Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury 2 when it came out in 1992. Over time the game went through many changes but kept the characters. Throughout the changes, we get to see more of Mai a confident and beautiful woman. Trust in her skills and abilities to win the battle whomever the opponent. So here are the top 30 Mai Shiranui cosplay that need to be seen.

1. Look at me now I am on fire! Oops, sorry about the room catching on fire.


Cosplay by Aoandou


2. Wanna take a dip with me? Don't be shy now, its just for fun.


Cosplay by Seven Baby


3. I sometimes perform a little dance. Something to bring me luck before a battle.


Cosplay by Pion Kim


4. Be honest with me. Is my rear getting bigger or am I seeing things?


Cosplay by Elle


5. I love these new fans. And this umbrella is just as lovely. Such wonderful gifts.


Cosplay by JIN


6. Oh, I see one of my fans over there. Let me do some poses for you.


Cosplay by amenokitarou


7. Another fan to add in my collection. Got anymore?


Cosplay by Fabibi World Cosplay


8. The cherry blossoms are beautiful. Just like me.


Cosplay by Cynthia Cos


9. I can’t find my favorite red umbrella. Oh! Never mind I found it.


Cosplay by YOHAN


10. I don't know what I am doing here. Mostly doing funny poses to warm me up.


Cosplay by Himorta


11. Its very windy today. Got to keep my lady parts cover.


Cosplay by Anaye Stark Cosplay


12. One of the perks of being a fighter. Is the sweet hotel rooms you get to stay in.


Cosplay by Beke Cosplay


13. Need to stay fit for the battle tonight. And one and two and three and push.


Cosplay by Saber Creative


14. I love it when the sun shines on my skin. Hmm, feel so warm.


Cosplay by luxieneko​


15. Nice place! Might have to come here more often.


Cosplay by Multipack223


16. What! The outfit isn’t that revealing, is it?


Cosplay by Denkakeke

17. Need to find a cool shade. Its way to hot to be walking.


Cosplay by Absolutequeen


18. So tired from traveling. I going to rest at this inn for a while.


Cosplay by DalinCosplay


19. Not many know this. But I secretly love fans, any kind of fans.


Cosplay by TENinania


20. I might want to change my clothes. They look alittle big on me.


Cosplay by RinaMx


21. Such a hot day today. Good thing I brought this umbrella with me.


Cosplay by Giorgiacosplay


22. Can't take a quick dip in the river. Without some perverts creeping up behind me.


Cosplay by PamelaColnaghi


23. This place looks so fancy. Feel like royalty here.


 Cosplay by Nadyasonika


24. Do you like my fan, pretty is it. Now, watch as I add flames to it. Pretty cool, right!




25. Such a wonderful day to train. Now what move should I work on first?


Cosplay by Kelly Jean


26. When things get rough after the battlefield. I go to a nice spot where I can relax alittle bit.


Cosplay by RainbowMissy


27. Sometimes when I do my fighting moves. My hair gets in the way so I have to tie it up.


Cosplay by JubyHeadshot


28. Me and Kasumi are planning to sneak up on our opponents. They never suspect a thing.


Cosplay by Shamblesofhearts


29. Wow, it's such a nice day for training. Might just want to skip training for today.


Cosplay by Nuna-aka-Chris


30. Woo! After a long day of fighting, I need a drink. Bartender give me the strongest beer you have.


Cosplay by Plu-moon

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