[Top 15] Best Horror Games on Steam Right Now

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Some horror games made a lasting impression, did these make your list?

15. Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight Gameplay

This game features both the element of being the hunter and the prey. You and four friends can either take the role of a famous killer or one of the four victims. With interesting hide and seek, team effort based gameplay- you’ll feel like the mouse being stalked by the cat more often than not.

If you have the health for it, you might be able to fight for your life to continue on.


14. Outlast

From start to finish this game paralyzes you with fear that around every corner is going to be a new or returning threat. Between insane preachers, patients, wardens, and death personified- you’re not sure whether this all is real or if you’re losing your mind just like them. Mount Massive holds many cruel crimes inside her walls and exploring it can tell her story.

Behind every locked door is always something that might surprise you.


13. The Forest

After surviving a terrifying fall to your death- you and your son’s plane crash lands. Soon as you wake, you see your son taken from you and horrors that you think must be only brain trauma. Not long after you are stalked, then hunted by the locals who have taken your son; deeming you next.

The longer you live, the harder they hunt you. Deeming you worthy of their soldiers...


12. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

This forever classic horror game is still a popular favorite on steam. With thousands of mods with even more storylines and plots- this game should always be in a collection. This 2010 release covers the experience of living through a nightmare with unique puzzles and horrible realities.

Inside all of us is a tour of a void, and it is of the darkest of descents.


11. Doki Doki Literature Club!

This seemingly innocent game puts a cute spin on demonic infiltration into a high school literature club! If that doesn’t scare you, this game takes some sudden and terrifying turns that make you shocked at the brutality of suicide, gore, and mutilation. With interesting choices and unknown outcomes, this horror game is more than ribbons and lace.

Some girls just want to have fun, others thrive on murder and sacrifice. 


10. Resident Evil 2

This most anticipated game of the year sent people into hysterics when released with heart-stopping moments and never-ending danger. Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield near death at all times, fight to save what remains of Raccoon City. Uncovering a horrible plot beneath the surface of their city, they found a corporation has released hell on Earth purely from bruised ego alone.

Oh- Uh, sorry, we didn’t realize this room was occupied...


9. Half-Life: Alyx

This game isn’t just a game, its an amazing experience. Every moment and texture feels real and you’ll have the time of your life playing through the story of Alyx. Move like you would as a member of the resistance and fight the good fight.

This VR experience will put fear into your soul, turning around and seeing this horrible thing.


8. Pacify

Pacify is an indie game that is partially fun, partially unnerving. With both a single and multiplayer mode, this game had a sad plot that leads you to a house filled with horrors of a haunting. Hunt for the truth and burn her until she is pacified permanently.

She knows the horrors of what happened in this house, and she won’t let you forget them.



This thought-provoking game makes you wonder really what makes up a soul. Following a story of a man out of time in many different ways; who wakes up at the bottom of the ocean in a body that isn’t his. He struggles to survive, and save the last hope of humanity.

Some fates are worse than others, and yet you wouldn’t volunteer to swap...


6. Layers of Fear

You follow the story of a man who loses his mind the moment his wife’s health declines after a horrible fire. As she dies, so does he- and his soul remains to scream in both agony and anger over the lives that were ruined in his insanity. Layers of Fear goes deep into a man who was once a gifted painter, a loving father, and dutiful husband turned psychopath.

The painting reflects both the horrors and the madness within one’s mind.


5. Five Nights at Freddy’s

This classic game on both mobile and PC gives us all strange Chuckie Cheese flashbacks with a terrible twist. These once cute machines have now turned into bodyguards, murdering all who don’t obey the rules. Cursed by children raped and murdered by a former employee, this place will not rest until all those who dare stay late are destroyed.

They look cute until they shove you into a suit filled with parts until you’re nothing but meat.


4. Dead Space 2

While the series as a whole is fantastic, Steam still puts this in the top tier of horror. Dead Space follows the story of the haunted engineer Isaac Clark still recovering from the alien invasion of his fiance’s ship. Now they’re back, and he has to once again fight to survive the impossible.  

New enemies, old friends, and a dash of heavy breathing- you won’t have an easy fight.


3. Alien: Isolation

Following the story of Amanda Ripley, you track down clues to discover the fate of your mother. Boarding a station soon to be shut down, you discover the world inside is in chaos. Those left alive will do anything to remain that way, and the alien actively hunts you with the more noise you make. 

The alien is a specialized AI that will track you from the beginning of the game, every step, and gunshot.


2. Among the Sleep

There is nothing more innocent and defenseless than a child. Explore the world from a child’s perspective, sorting the painful realities of divorce, loneliness, and anger. Among the Sleep is a stylistic, beautifully done game that rides the line of terror and love.

Keep your teddy close and your enemies- actually, they can stay over there.


1. Slender: The Arrival

The game that shut down schools across the nation, and the story of the demon and saint- the Slender Man. The saint who would protect children in the forest from their abusers and eat those who dare chase them. Only, he would keep the children forever and leave their drawings behind in his wake in an eternal attempt of protection. Some hunt him though, wanting to know the true demeanor of the Slender.

The drawings lead the way but don’t look at him...

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