Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (2013)

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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow begins in the year 1047, during "the end of days". A dark spell has stopped the souls of the deceased from leaving, and the world has become a place where evil creatures wreak chaos and death on the living.

In these dark times, Gabriel Belmont, a holy knight from the Brotherhood of Light serves to defend innocent people by destroying these evil creatures. Unfortunately, Gabriel's wife, Marie, is killed by the evil creatures, and her soul is trapped in limbo. As her soul lingers, she realizes what is at stake and guides Gabriel to battle the Lords of Shadow. Gabriel's quest is to defeat the Lords of Shadow and obtain the "God Mask", a relic he believes can bring back his wife. Will Gabriel succeed in his quest and bring salvation to the world?

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Sageman's picture

Sageman 4 years 11 months ago

The Castlevania series is, not to make a pun, a cult followed series. Its predecessors, notably Symphony of the Night, are still some of the greatest games ever published. Lords of Shadow is a surprise in every aspect of its design, from the smoothness of its combat engine, the eye-popping plot twists, and its successful attempt to not just be another Devil May Cry spin. It gives a moderate amount of replay value in the flexibility of its difficulty system and returning to previous zones for increased character value. Its puzzle points are fairly engaging. Its boss fights are reminiscent of God of War's elements in terms of size scaling, without the un-interactive button mashing chains, and are unique from all other encounters.

mirg's picture

mirg 8 years 1 week ago

The game was released in 2010. for PS3 and Xbox 360,while PC gamers had to wait 3 years to get their hands on it,and it was worth the wait! Castlevania: Lords of Shadow starts really slow,so some people may drop it after first chapters,but,eventually with time,it progresses into an amazing and immersive game.The combat in the game is fluid and requires a great deal of dodging , as you can not simply press the attack over and over again.That being said,enemies are not that hard to beat,except bosses ,who do require some strategy and tactics.The music and ambient is perfect,dark-medieval atmosphere certainly appeals to the gamers.Only flaw is that voice acting could have been better,but other than that,the game is a must for every Action lovers out there; afterall it is Hideo Kojima that created the game.

MrMonkydad's picture

MrMonkydad 8 years 1 month ago

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is definitely the game that break the seal of the curse of this saga on three dimensional games. Since its appearance on Nintendo 64, the series proven to be best suited for 2D. But Mercury Steam gave just the perfect gameplay and mechanics that would be the perfect match. Controls are responsive and even though you require certain experience points to unlock all your attacks the gamer doesn’t feel defenseless and had many ways to advance. The voice acting is superb and the story is very complex and gives the fans some answers to questions that had been made since the apecs of Castlevania. Now we learn the importance of Belmont family and its tragedy that gave birth to the Lord of Darkness. Don’t forget the music, composed by Oscar Araujo that bring just the perfect atmosphere for each situation. Putting it simple, this game is a delight for the fan and a good choice for those who doesn’t know the series.

Jake's picture

Jake 8 years 2 months ago

Castlevania tends to be one of the underated games. The secret people haven't realised is that after the first two chapters it becomes interesting. I love a game which brings out some thrill. Castlevania is one of the best hack and slash games I have played.

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