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Danganronpa Best Characters
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Warning! Spoilers for the Danganronpa series!

Danganronpa is a series that holds no bounds and is known for the eccentric characters that come from the games. From insane twists to watching all your classmates murder each other, Danganronpa is a gem that a lot of people loved since the game released in 2010 for the Playstation Portable. And everyone knows that a great series comes with great characters. Let’s just hope Monokuma doesn’t start another game before we’re done.

10.) Rantaro Amami

Rantaro's original artwork

Rantaro Amami is a participant in the Killing Game Semester. He doesn’t remember his Ultimate Talent, but he remembers his family, and life before the killing game. He also doesn’t trust anyone and wants to solve the mystery by himself. Despite being the first person to die in Danganronpa V3, his actions carry through the entire game.

Rantaro Amami was portrayed to belong to a very rich family, and while traveling the world lost all twelve of his sisters. With the permission of his family, he decided to take a boat and look for his twelve sisters. This gave him the title of Ultimate Adventurer. Also, he was a participant of the last Killing Game and was given the title the Ultimate Survivor.

Why Rantaro Amami is Awesome:

  • Survived the 52nd Killing Game and sacrifices himself to end it
  • Determined to end the 53rd Killing Game before it even starts
  •  Determined to reunite his family
  •  Leads the main characters to the MasterMinds hideout.
  • His actions lead to Shuichi finding the truth about the Killing Game

9.) Kaito Momota

Official artwork of Kaito Momota

Kaito Momota is easily a fan-favorite. Kaito is believed to be the Ultimate Astronaut, being the youngest person to pass the entry exam to become an Astronaut. He’s also the most positive character in the entire series, wanting nothing more than to escape with his classmates. However, he hides an illness from his friends and doesn’t want them to worry more than they have to.

What makes Kaito Momota amazing is that he never gives up on his friends. He works hard to better himself and to make sure that everyone is okay. Also, his writing and voice acting really brings out his passion.

Why Kaito Momota is Awesome:

  • Kaito actually listens to his friends and helps them
  • He works hard to help Shuichi every trial after the 1st chapter
  • Kaito tries to maintain the peace
  • Kaito works with his biggest rival to take down the MasterMind
  • He lets his illness kill him, so Monokuma can't 

8.) Junko Enoshima

Official artwork of Junko

 Junko Enoshima is introduced as the Ultimate Fashionista, and at first, you think she is a normal character in Danganronpa. However, at the end of the game, you find out she was the true MasterMind behind the Killing Game and welcomes any form of despair. She even executes herself with pure excitement.

Junko Enoshima is the most iconic character in the entire series. She is the main villain in the game, and she does her job well. The reason she hurts people kills people, and all the awful things she does is because of her obsession with despair. She loves giving people despair, she loves feeling it and is willing to do anything to have it.

Why Junko Enoshima is Awesome:

  • She is the smartest person in the series
  • She had a sister and a love interest but killed them for the thrill of despair
  • She turned class 77-B into the Ultimate Despairs and made them her pawns
  • She changes her personality just because she's bored
  • She is a power-house and does what she wants

7.) Gundham Tanaka

Official artwork of Gundam Tanaka

Gundham Tanaka is the Ultimate Breeder, but from looking at him you wouldn't be able to tell. He is known as “Tanaka the Forbidden One”, and dabbles in dark magic and ethereal entities. He calls his hamsters the Four Dark Devas of Destruction, and he has trained them to do simple tasks such as pressing a button for him or chewing a cord.

Gundham Tanaka isn’t someone easily seen as a top character, however, he is one of the most admirable characters in his convictions and philosophy. During chapter 4 in Danganronpa 2, he kills another student so everyone else doesn't starve to death. And even though he acts like a classic Disney villain, he has a heart of gold for his animals and friends.

Why Gundham Tanaka is Awesome:

  • He loves his animals
  • He sacrifices himself for everyone else
  • He has the best dialogue
  • Has a heart of gold
  • He believes in magic

6.) Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu

Official artwork of Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu is the Ultimate Yakuza and was born into one of the biggest families in the Yakuza. He makes up for his baby-like features with an aggressive demeanor and even states that he will kill if he had to. He's very combative and avoids relationships.

Fuyuhiko underwent an amazing character arch in Danganronpa 2, Chapter 2 during the trial. When Fuyuhiko was faced with losing Peko, he broke down and showed his true colors for the first time. This trial was pivotal for him to make any progress as a character, and he became one of the most pro-active members of the class. 

Why Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu is Awesome:

  • He has an amazing character arch
  • He changes into a good person
  • He cares about other students
  • Fuyuhiko always saw Peko as a friend
  • Despite his upbringing, he just wants to be a normal kid

5.) Kyoko Kirigiri

Official artwork of Kyoko

Kyoko Kirigiri started out in Danganronpa as just a background character that the player never thought much of. However, it is quickly realized that Kyoko is meant to guide the investigations for the main character. She doesn't let the other students in on what she knows and even hides things from the main character.

It's quickly discovered that her talent is Ultimate Detective, and she proves to be determined to stop the Killing Game. Because of her talent and how close she gets to exposing the truth, Junko does her best to make it seem as if Kyoko was the killer in Chapter 4. However, she takes advantage of Makoto's talent (Ultimate Lucky Student) and helps Makoto get voted as the killer. Makoto survives the execution, and it gives Kyoko and Makoto the set up needed to take down Junko.

Why Kyoko Kirigiri is Awesome:

  • She's determined to find the truth
  • She guides Makoto throughout each trial
  • She is very calm and doesn’t stand out
  • The player never knows where she is
  • She is willing to risk it all to save everyone

4.)Chiaki Nanami

Official artwork of Chiaki

Chiaki Nanami is known as the Ultimate Gamer, and on the island, she quickly becomes Hajime’s best friend. She is a positive person, and she fills in the role that Kyoko plays in the first game. She guides Hajime through each trial and helps everyone reach an answer.

Chiaki is number four because, from the very moment you meet her, she is already dead. Chiaki was a classmate with the other members of 77-B but was killed by Junko to brainwash the others. On the island, she is actually a program designed to keep the other students safe. Despite being framed as a traitor and set up to leave the island, she exposes herself as the traitor so all the other students can survive and beat the Killing Game.

Why Chiaki Nanami is Awesome:

  • She is an average nerd
  • She inspires her classmates
  • Sacrifices herself to save her classmates
  • Guides everyone to the truth
  • She is a kind, generous person

3.)Toko Fukawa

Official artwork of Toko

Toko Fukawa started in the first Danganronpa game as the Ultimate Writing Prodigy. She is very intelligent but lacks any social skills whatsoever. At first, she was just annoying, yelling at other students and constantly saying negative things about herself and about others around her. She also falls in love with Byakuya, and starts stalking him throughout the school.

Most would stop at this, thinking that was all to Toko. But, in Chapter 2 she is revealed to have a second personality. Throughout this chapter, Toko was seen to be hiding, trying not to let something out. Turns out, Toko’s other personality is a serial killer. Going by Genocider Sho in Japan, and Genocide Jack in English, Jack kills any man she deemed as cute or beautiful. Because of their shared love of Byakuya, Jack decided to give up killing, and do whatever she can to become Byakuya’s partner.

Why Toko Fukawa is Awesome:

  • She has a split personality with a serial killer
  • Even as a killer, she still has standards
  • She is a well-respected writer
  • She saves Komaru’s life and becomes best friends with her
  • She learns how to socialize more, and grows as a character

2.) Kokichi Ouma

Official artwork of Kokichi

Kokichi Ouma is perceived to be the Ultimate Supreme Leader in Danganronpa V3 and seems to be a comedian at first. He loves playing pranks on people, and generally gives students a hard time. He has an obsession with lies and loves to mislead people in the wrong direction. Throughout the entire game, he misleads trials to dead ends and treats the entire scenario as a game itself.

However, this isn’t what makes Kokichi an amazing character. What makes him truly amazing, is that he plays into people's expectations, and uses it against the MasterMind. Unable to trust anyone, he makes himself out to be a criminal, a murderer, anything to make sure the MasterMind would not find out his true intentions. Kokichi then, along with Kaito, devises a murder that not even Monokuma could figure out, making the Killing Game boring for the audience and shutting the game down.

Why Kokichi Ouma is Amazing:

  • He tells the truth through lies
  • He guides Shuichi by giving him false leads
  • He actually despises murder, and is willing to do anything to stop it
  • He has the creepiest facial expressions
  • He confronts an assassin to end the Killing Game

1.) Nagito Komaeda

Official artwork of Nagito

Nagito Komaeda comes in at Danganronpa 2 as if he was any normal student. Throughout the first chapter, he seems to be interested in being a good friend to Hajime, and getting along with the other students. He explains he is the Ultimate Lucky Student (separate from Makoto), and wants nothing more than to have fun with his friends.

Until the first trial. In the first trial, all the other students start pinning Nagito as the culprit, and he begins to just laugh. It’s revealed that Nagito has a Junko sized obsession with hope. Danganronpa is a game based off of Hope and Despair, and Nagito was created to show how far hope can go. He derails trials, threatens other students, blows up a building, and many other crazy things all in the name of Hope.

Why Nagito Komaeda is Awesome:

  • He creates a crime that saves only the traitors life
  • He switches from being a ‘good guy’ to being insane in a second
  • He is willing to kill everyone to let hope win
  • He has the greatest lines
  • His luck is tangible, and he uses it all the time.

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