'DarKnot' Psychological Horror Game Will Make Your Skin Crawl

'DarKnot' Psychological Horror Game Will Make Your Skin Crawl
Be careful that your heart doesn't jump out of your chest with the jump scares!

‘DarKnot’ is a third-person psychological horror game that is set in a dark world filled with a host of horrifying creatures.

A character covered in cuts and bruises in the deadly labyrinth. Image by 'DarKnot.' 

In ‘DarKnot,’ you find yourself in an endless labyrinth. The sky is dark and gloomy, and there is cold mist drifting through the air. The labyrinth is built along the streets of a city. Dangerous creatures lurk in the darkness, so watch your back…

To add to the confusion and horror, you have no idea how you ended up in the labyrinth. You can’t even remember your own name and identity. As you explore the labyrinth, you will need to solve complex puzzles and pick your fights and tactics wisely.

You can play the game as one of 4 different classes. These are:

  • Warrior
  • Explorer
  • Survivor
  • Fugitive

A terrifying creature with a human body and an insect's head. Image by 'DarKnot.' 

Warriors are focused on combat. You will need to find weapons and loot and then fight the enemies head-on.

As an Explorer, you need to search for “hidden objects,” and focus on exploring as much of ‘DarKnot,’ as you can while avoiding combat as far as possible.

‘Survivors’ gather resources and are able to craft weapons and explosives for a pretty hefty price.

Fugitives spend all their time running, hiding, and evading enemies. You can use tarot cards to help you escape enemies, but they will harm your health and diminish your sanity!

Every choice, every death, and every action will have an impact on the outcome of your story. Make your decisions carefully!

‘DarKnot,’ is developed by the ‘DarKnot Team,’ and is coming to Steam in November 2022.

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