Devil May Cry DMC

Devil May Cry DMC
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Devil May Cry DMC (2013)

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Travel back into the past to meet Dante, before he began hunting devils – before the time of white hair and red long coats. Devil May Cry DMC is the story of a brash young hero who is rebellious by nature. The Demon King, Mundus, has sent out powerful demons to hunt Dante, knowing that he is a Nephilim - a hybrid of angel and demon who is capable of slaying a demon king. Facing the horde of demons who want his life, Dante must take the fight to Mundus, by making full use of his sword, Rebellion, and his twin guns, Ebony and Ivory.

Experience epic combat moves combined with great graphics as Dante travels between Limbo City and the Demon World. Get to know Dante up close in this action packed slasher which boasts of Angel and Demon weapons and non-stop hack n slash combos.

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bedsavvy's picture

bedsavvy 2 years 11 months ago

This game definitely had some controversy surrounding it's release. It is starkly different from previous games in the series, although that allows it to exist in it's own little pocket universe. Because of that, it does well to establish itself as a standalone Devil May Cry game. The gameplay was very fun and enjoyable. The combat operates differently from other games in the series, but overall is more beginner friendly and versatile for veterans. It's a great way to kill time - and some demons too.

eleflowers22's picture

eleflowers22 2 years 11 months ago

I tried it in-spite of what people said because I'm a huge fan of the series. The story and characters could have been better done, but the gameplay was definitely fun.

RKChauhan's picture

RKChauhan 6 years 9 months ago

Not as difficult as some like there games, but for me it was a one of a kind God of War-ish experience with a story that had me going till the end and a gameplay that enabled me to thoroughly enjoy slaying demons.

AndreiCostea's picture

AndreiCostea 8 years 1 month ago

With the latest installment in the series, Capcom managed to embody the saying "looks can be deceiving". What I mean with this is the fact that most of the fandom of the series was quite upset with how the game presented itself. We got a young, achievement-less Dante and cocky, to boot. Most gamers were used to the old, mature Dante being cocky due to his unparalleled demon-killing shenanigans. But boy, oh boy, did Capcom pull a fost one there. They caught everyone off-guard when alongside a brand new story line, they introduced a brand new combat system, which swept everyone off their feet. It did not matter one bit that the old plot line was abandoned - the combat system was delivering an epiphany. "This is what hack&slash games should be all about" roared gamers everywhere. Alas, they had finally received what they wanted: a game in which you can freely switch between weapons to unleash some of the most bloodthirsty combos ever seen. DMC offered us the possiblity of chaining together hacking scythe attacks with axe-dunking, sword slashing and gun-toting. With this latest creation, Capcom wished to offer its customers the real deal - a game with combat like in the movies....or better said, like in the anime series.

MrMonkydad's picture

MrMonkydad 8 years 1 month ago

A very good game that was unfairly judged when it was released, because game designers made the cool looking Dante a emo-like demon hunter. People didn’t considered the great job on the new plot that looked a lot like John Carpenter’s classic ‘They Live’. Neither they consider the combo system that made easier to connect Dante’s several attacks on one huge dazzling combo. Definitely a good option if you like hack and slash tittles.

NicoChii's picture

NicoChii 8 years 1 month ago

While the Devil May Cry series was completely out of the order, they still managed to follow a story line when the games were replaced and matched up. With the new DMC, becoming the fifth game in the series, it puts itself up as the very beginning; the start to who Dante is and what he becomes. While the teaser for the game shows the beloved main character smoking and being a total, well, ass, the game itself doesn't reveal the first part. The teaser basically let out false claims of Dante, which threw many people off and away from the game. Although in the beginning, he isn't exactly what you'd call dashing and polite. But, people who gave the game a chance were overall generally impressed. The story line draws you in and keeps you closely in line with the main character, following through his journey and watching how his overall character changes. He starts off as a person that most people wouldn't exactly enjoy, going into this admirable heroine that goes against his own brother. All through the game, there is emotion, conflict, and even comedy! In the game itself, the work was very creative, even including some artwork and concepts that you are able to unlock as you played through the game. The music and cinematics bring each other out and create great upbeat scenes where you're ready to slay some demon ass! To help out the game, they gave variety to your choices. Not only do you have the famous sword, Rebellion, and his unforgettable babies, Ebony and Ivory, but you have four other weapons you unlock in the story line, plus more! So, if you dislike one weapon, well, you have more. On the down side, the game itself is a little sluggish compared to the others, not quite showing as much action and adventure as the others. Sure, you have demons to kill along with amazing music, but you get a badmouthing, rude, sarcastic demon slayer every time. In the other games, he isn't necessarily badmouthing, but he always throws out a witty, sarcastic remark that'll make you chuckle or 'ooh' in comedic delight. That's the Dante we love. Even if this is basically the rebellion years for Dante. Overall, the game was outstanding. Exceptional work with the art, cinematics, action, dialogue, and much more. The game itself is at least a consideration to play, not being quite like the rest of the series. Start up the game and slash through some hellspawns!

EvieL's picture

EvieL 8 years 1 month ago

Just what one would expect from the Devil May Cry Saga! A marvelous story about the origin of Dante and Virgil, along with the usual great art and a smooth music and cinematographic look combo. Only a small downfall as i thought of it as not as great in the controls as the rest and a bit sluggish. Nevertheless, the feeling of wanting more of this divine comedy fanfiction is still there and it's going strong! I finished the game in around three days, as you just have to know the rest, even though this is a prequel to an already known story.

EvieL's picture

EvieL 8 years 1 month ago

Just what one would expect from the Devil May Cry Saga! A marvelous story about the origin of Dante and Virgil, along with the usual great art and a smooth music and cinematographic look combo. Only a small downfall as i thought of it as not as great in the controls as the rest and a bit sluggish. Nevertheless, the feeling of wanting more of this divine comedy fanfiction is still there and it's going strong! I finished the game in around three days, as you just have to know the rest, even though this is a prequel to an already known story.

dane5890's picture

dane5890 8 years 1 month ago

Lately, the past few DMC games have sucked mightily. A rehash of rehashed material or the game-play is ridiculously hard or too easy. This version gets it just right. With crisply detailed characters and images, what makes this PC version a gem is the the smoothness of the game-play.

TheTyrannyofThought's picture

TheTyrannyofThought 8 years 1 month ago

For the famously inconsistent DMC franchise, this title is- to pardon the pun- a godsend. Dante is his famously brash and sharp-tongued self, and this title retains the series' trademark juxtaposition of gorgeous gore and wry humor. Players who share Dante's cynicism will be amused by the choice to name the human realm Limbo, as the plot is sure to leave you pondering whether the realm of literal demons is indeed more damned than a world driven to the brink by the decay of human sympathy. The game's gothic tone seeps into every detail of gorgeous visuals that are comparable to paintings and films. I was reminded of the film adaptation of Sin City throughout the time spent in Limbo. Mechanically fluid and fast-paced combat rewards tuned reflexes.

Kmhaner428's picture

Kmhaner428 8 years 1 month ago

DMC: Devil May Cry is an eye-catching addition to the classic DmC title series, surpassing my own expectations by leaps and bounds. As with all of the DmC titles, this hack'n'slash features combat that encourages the player to go all out and a shadowed, heavy plot line that engages a player to the max. An increase from 30 to 60 frames per second allows for more split-second game play reaction, and the developer's choice to shy away from button mashing by creating enticing combos reflects this heavily. The graphics, gritty but colorful, add realism to the world, and the design of both characters and enemies gives credence to the concept of Heaven and Hell as depicted within the story line. Among my top 10 PC games, this addition to the DmC titles feels modern, pulling the new generation of gamers into the legacy.

JordanHavoc's picture

JordanHavoc 8 years 1 month ago

Aesthetically, DMC is a large departure from everything that came before it. Everyone looks and acts different than in the previous four games, but the heart of the franchise remains the same. The battles are fun and over the top, the weapons all feel different and interesting, and the sheer number of upgrades and combos is staggering. For any fan of stylish beat 'em ups, this is just about as good as it gets.

kimandre195's picture

kimandre195 8 years 1 month ago

Do you like Hack'n'slash games? You probably remember the good classic DMC games as they brought you on a quest where you would kill demons, fight against huge bosses that would bring out your inner warrior as you developed within the game itself. DMC 5 has been a disappointment to the character itself, but as this is a younger version of Dante i thought i would give it a shot! If you want to know more about the story between Dante and Virgil this is definitely worth trying!

Pongmaster's picture

Pongmaster 8 years 1 month ago

Wracking demons with incredible, seemingly endless combos while your controller hums through the transitions. Seamless, flowing action and fluid controls. This only begins to describe the incredible experience of the wholly revamped world of Ninja Theory's re-imagined DMC. Incredible scenery, finely crafted story telling and a better, more compelling Dante, what more could a fan ask for? Could it have been longer? I certainly wanted more. Despite that, this title is not to be missed.

Jake's picture

Jake 8 years 2 months ago

Seeing the truth as it happens is everyones' wish, this is the vibe that emanates from this game, Devil May Cry. Dantes' ability to pick different weapons makes it more fun and interesting since more options are presented. It is one of the best combat games I've played.

Zombiesatemymailbox's picture

Zombiesatemymailbox 8 years 2 months ago

Devil May Cry DMC is a wild reimagining of the series. Dante feels fresh and even more brazen while the world around him gains a complexity that we've never seen before. Players can rip into enemies with tons of attacks and weapons at their arsenal. DMC isn't to be missed.

albati's picture

albati 8 years 2 months ago

DMC 5, a good game, but with weak story-line. it did not catch up to the greatness of it's previous releases. the fighting is great, the humor is greater. although i do not prefer this type of games but i enjoyed cutting the demons in pieces. good game to play but is not a must

masterzigi's picture

masterzigi 8 years 2 months ago

The DMC reboot is a far cry from the original super hard horror survival game that came out on the PS2. Still, what it lacks in its difficulty, it makes up in pure awesome looking and awesome feeling fun. When you get used to the controls, or rebind them, get ready for a fast pace over the top action game.

ellonganiza's picture

ellonganiza 8 years 2 months ago

DMC works as a prequel to the prequel that DMC already was. You take on the role of a young Dante, half demon half angel and slayer of all evil things. The game has the haptic action and seizure inducing combat from earlier games, with the complicated combos and weapon varieties that old users have come to expect from DMC while at the same time offers easier difficulties and the possibility for simplistic but effective combat to help newcomers. The story was a little weak but i still recomend it

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