[Top 10] FF14 Best Boss Music We Love

FF14 Best Boss Music
Dancing with the Moogles in Thornmarch

Have you ever imagine how would a game be without music?

More often than not, Background Music appears as an underrated element in the game. However, as a musician, I know for sure, music that compliments well with the game boosts the overall experience of playing the game itself. It is an important factor a game developer should not neglect. To support my statement, the modern gaming industry now has adaptive BGM where music adjusts to the situations and conditions of what the player is exposed to. For instance, in a boss fight, you would want a more tense music vibe than during a morning coffee scene.

Other than known for its game, the Final Fantasy media franchise is also well known for its game songs. They have been making games since 1987 and know how to blow my mind with the songs they came up with every time. Every song in each game is remarkable and great for the ears. Of course, that includes the music in Final Fantasy XIV. Since I say that music is an important supporting factor for the overall experience, let’s get down to brass tacks and have my top 10 Final Fantasy XIV boss music, I or we love!

10. Ultima

The Ultima Boss Fight

The composer of this song is Masayoshi Soken. Masayoshi Soken, also known as Masayoshi Kikuchi or Sorbonne Soken or Luis Noma has been active in Square Enix since 2001, yet, Soken is best known for being the lead composer in Final Fantasy XIV. Ultima catches my attention, especially since the song is played from the cutscene to the actual game fight. From the cutscene to the fight scene, it has great timing! It is synchronized perfectly, it gives me goosebumps. The vocals and instruments are on point that I cannot imagine any other song replacing this specific boss fight. To me, this song is indeed a way to go for the final battle to end A Realm Reborn! In the album Final Fantasy XIV: Scions & Sinners, they have a different arrangement for this song.

9. At Both Ends

The Susano's Theme

The Japanese element is strong on this one. Masayoshi Soken came up with yet another amazing song for the boss fight. Although this song is exceptionally repetitive, especially when you have to listen to all 3 phases in the boss fight, I will still have to give Soken yet another point for his innovation and courage to make this song happen. Some of the instruments that are being used in this song are traditional Japanese instruments. This song is for the final phase when facing Susanoo, had this song not been too repetitive, I would give a higher rank.

8. Heroes Never Die

Thordan's Reign Boss Fight

Masayoshi Soken is indeed a great composer, from the get-go of the song I can already feel the immense pressure in facing the boss. However, the break instrument part is a bit too relaxed that it feels less urgent only during that part, thus why I put it on this rank. Overall, I’m pleased by the composition. If the composition keeps on repeating at the same pace and melody, I might as well be bored of the lengthy boss fight, so I’m still thankful for the break part of the song. It is great to listen to even when I’m not playing the game. I can feel the need to save the world.

7. Battle on the Big Bridge

Who doesn’t know Nobuo Uematsu? He is the legendary composer, who started composing for Final Fantasy since the first Final Fantasy in 1987. He is also the one who lives to see and tell the evolution of music in the game industry. Nobuo Uematsu is the one in charge of Battle on the Big Bridge as it was originally composed for Final Fantasy V in polyphonic, the initial title was Clash On the Big Bridge. For Final Fantasy XIV, they change it into a more epic song by having the real instruments slash orchestral version. This song is for you who want to nostalgic the series of Final Fantasy, especially Final Fantasy V. Old it may be, yet I still consider it priceless gold.

6. Footsteps in the Snow

Shiva Boss Fight

Another superb composition by Masayoshi Soken. This song also starts from the cutscene to the battle scene. If the timing is off even just a second, it will make the scene less epic. So shout out to the team who made the scene happen. The piano part is simple yet outstanding, the choir is also wonderful to hear. Though it seems simple, I’m still able to feel the tense fight even when listening without context. I never get tired of listening to this song.

5. Wayward Daughter

 Tsukuyomi Boss Fight

Although I don’t really like a BGM with lyrics, this one is an exception. I have no idea how Masayoshi Soken came up with this kind of idea where you mix some Japanese elements to the rock song and it miraculously works here. The song begins with solo electric piano, just when you think that this is going to be a decent instrumental song, the rock part begins. The lyrics have both Japanese and English in the lyrics, these parts combined and make one spectacular song.

4. The Hand that Gives the Rose

Ravana Boss Fight

Oh my, this song is remarkably spot on! Composed by none other than Masayoshi Soken, it makes the first phase of the boss fight feel like I’m dancing in the waltz of blades by Ravana, though seriously you might wanna dodge and learn the attack pattern. Start with a surprising vocal and followed by a beautiful yet seducing solo violin, if this song doesn’t make you want to dance in the dungeon I don’t know what will.

3. Equilibrium

 Sophia Boss Fight

The opening of this song resembles Ultima, with the choirs and organ. However, the latter part of the beginning makes this song distinct from Ultima. I feel the richness of this song come from the discrete instruments that are being used, however, it makes perfect harmony. This is also another song that I like despite having a singer. Thanks to Masayoshi Soken for his creativity in making songs.

2. Force Your Way

Eden Boss Fight

This is honestly my all-time favourite by Nobuo Uematsu. Growing up with Final Fantasy VIII, this song has a special place in my heart. Now hearing this song with the full orchestra version makes me fall in love all over again. It is indeed a little bit different from the original arrangement, there are some changes here and there, but the changes are only there to make the boss fight in FFXIV more epic. The changes are also making the song much more enjoyable in the long terms of hearing it during the lengthy boss fight.

1. From the Dragon’s Wake

Siryu Boss Fight

The song has that jazzy and the Japanese elements all together. The piano was very jazzy, however, the flute embraced that unique Japanese vibe. This song has both Japanese traditional instruments combined with mainstream instruments. I love it since there are absolutely no lyrics for this song. What is more amazing from the song is the vibe, the pace, and the composition, which are all relevant to the boss fight, making it a wholesome experience. Masayoshi Soken never ceased to impress me with his limitless work of art.

Do you know what BGM I think deserves to be an honourable mention? Yes, INDEED! The Good King Moggle Mog XII by Masayoshi Soken! This song and its lyrics are cringe-worthy memeable yet lovable and are gonna stuck easily in your head, welp, at least in my head. If you pay attention to the lyrics you will get the hint of which Moogle you should prioritize to slay! Anyhow, that is it about my top 10 favourite boss music, do you have anything in common? And what are yours?

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