[Top 7] FF14 Best Endgame Food in Patch 6.05

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The newest endgame gear for all battle jobs, available upon the release of patch 6.05!

Endgame in Final Fantasy XIV is not only about leveling up and determining which weapon and equipment best suit your playstyle, but also about selecting other items that can help boost your stats even further. Food is one of them.

With crafting being such an important part of the gameplay in this MMORPG, FFXIV has implemented a crafting system that continues to update and expand with each major raid update that the developers bring to the table. They may also provide food, a buff that can help boost a player's stats even more, in addition to being able to craft and provide starter gear that can help kickstart a player's journey into endgame raiding.

Food, like Gear, has an ilvl of its own. And, of course, the higher the ilvl, the more benefit players may receive from eating said food. Eating one food item will grant the player a 30-minute buff. There are, however, some Free Company Actions and Squadron Manuals that can help you extend this time from 5 to 15 minut

Endgame food is very important in endgame raiding for two reasons. The first is to assist players in remaining alive for a longer period of time. Most battle foods will usually give players a large Vitality boost, and the higher it is, the more damage players can take without dying.

Second, with the food's boost to other offensive character stats, players will be able to deal even more damage to the enemies, assisting them in clearing that difficult-to-tackle hard enrage.

This article will assist players by listing all of the best Endgame food currently available in the game, as well as mentioning which battle job the food is best suited for, so that players can use this as a quick guide on which food they need to craft or buy.


7. Carrot Nibbles

The ultimate gatherer food.

The first food mentioned in this article is not suitable for battle jobs. While this may appear to be confusing, the first two foods that will be featured here are intended to assist players who want to save money by crafting their own food for their own battle jobs, as well as gathering the materials required to craft these foods.

Needless to say, doing so will save players money in the long run, especially for high-end raiders who enjoy going on Savage raids for hours on end.

Why Carrot Nibbles is one of the best Endgame food currently:

  • The best Gatherers’ food currently with no other contestants. For gatherers, this food gives them a huge amount of boost in their status.
  • Eating this food will boost a Gatherer’s Gathering Status by 7% (Max 95), and Perception Status by 3% (Max 49). These improved stats will allow a gatherer to unlock more breakpoints which allow them to gather more items per node. This is very useful for gatherers who want to gather bulk materials..
  • Said boosted status will also allow a gatherer to be able to get a much higher rating on collectables gathering, which will help players who are keen into learning or are already into Gathering content in FFXIV.


6. Tsai Tou Vounou

A delicious cup of tea to calm the mind of the crafters.

Tsai Tou Vounou, like Carrot Nibbles, is not a food made for battle-related content. Instead, this food is designed for crafters who want to delve deep into the world of making their own food, potions, and earning millions of Gil.

Why Tsai Tou Vounou is one of the best Endgame food currently:

  • Currently, it is the best food for any Crafters out there who want a boost for their stats to be able to craft higher-tier stuff which are more difficult to craft.
  • It gives a stats boost of 26% CP (Max 78) and 5% Control (Max 76).
  • More CP means that a Crafter will be able to do more actions in their Crafting rotations–and more skills always mean a good thing, as it means that they will be able to boost the progress or the quality of the item they are crafting.
  • The boost on Control will also help Crafter to reach a higher Quality for their crafted items. More quality when crafting an item always means a good thing, as it will allow a player to be able to get a higher chance of crafting a high-quality crafted item.


5. Beef Stroganoff

A warm, savory stew which is the specialty of the Garleans to combat the cold.

The first food that is catered towards battle jobs in this article is the Beef Stroganoff, a delicious meal that is catered for any Samurai out there. This food will help players who are very keen on doing Melee Battle Jobs, especially those who want a higher skill speed for their battle jobs.

Why Beef Stroganoff is one of the best Endgame food currently:

  • It is, as of right now, the best food that Samurai players and mains can use, especially if they want their Samurai to deal an insane amount of damage.
  • A High-Quality Beef Stroganoff will boost a player’s Skill Speed, Vitality, and Direct Hit Rate by 10%.
  • Eating this in high-end raids such as the latest and current Asphodelos Savage Raids will help a Samurai immensely by helping them to be able to stay alive longer during Prog Raids, and kill the boss faster with higher attack.


4. Sykon Cookie

A sweet cookie for the Casters.

Sykon Cookie is a favorite food of all Caster DPS battle jobs who want to boost their Spell Speed stats or have chosen a Spell Speed build for their battle jobs. This food is best suited for Black Mages and Summoners who have chosen to level up their character via the Spell Speed Route rather than the Critical Damage Route.

Why Sykon Cookie  is one of the best Endgame food currently:

  • As there are many players out there who might enjoy playing a speedy Black Mage and Summoners, Sykon Cookie has won a spot in this article as it is a very helpful food that can boost the Spell Speed of Casters.
  • An HQ Sykon Cookie will be able to boost a Caster’s Spell Speed, Vitality, and Direct Hit Rate by 10%.
  • Similar in a way like Beef Stroganoff, eating Sykon Cookie will help increase a caster’s health by a significant amount. Considering that Casters usually has one of the lowest HP in the party, this will be even more useful.
  • Sykon Cookie, like it has been mentioned before, will be able to increase a Caster’s Spell Speed. For Casters like Summoners and Black Mage, this will help them be able to cast faster, which in turn will help them be able to move sooner and deal more attacks.


3. Pumpkin Ratatouille

A colorful meal for all the speedy Melee DPS.

The second battle-related food featured in this article is Pumpkin Ratatouille, a favorite of many Tanks as well as some DPS jobs. Pumpkin Ratatouille, like Beef Stroganoff, is a food that focuses on increasing a player's Skill Speed so that they can deal more damage.

Why Pumpkin Ratatouille is one of the best Endgame food currently:

  • Currently, it is the BiS food for many battle jobs, especially Tanks. Specifically, it is a beloved food for Dark Knights, Gunbreakers, a speedy Warrior, Monk, and Bard.
  • As of right now, eating a High-Quality Pumpkin Ratatouille will boost a player’s Critical Hit, Vitality, and Skill Speed by 10%.
  • Similar to the previous food, players will be able to survive in high-end raids with higher Vitality aka Health. This is even more so for the Tanks, who will take a lot of damage over the course of the fight.
  • Players who eat this food will also be able to deal more damage to the enemies as they will earn a boost of their status, specifically Critical Damage and Skill Speed.
  • Skill Speed, just like Spell Speed, will allow Melee Battle Jobs to be able to attack quicker, therefore being able to deal more damage and GCD in the fight.


2. Thavnairian Chai

A sweet, Milky tea for the healers who want some speed.

Thavnairian Chai, like Sykon Cookie, is another food item dedicated to battle jobs, specifically Casters. This is due to the fact that Thavnairian Chai also increases a player's Spell Speed.

However, unlike Sykon Cookies, Thavnairian Chai will increase a player's Critical Hit Rate rather than Direct Hit Rate. As a result, some healers who want or need a high Spell Speed, such as Astrologian and Sage, enjoy this food.

Aside from these two healers, Thavnairian Chai is a food that Black Mages enjoy, particularly Black Mages who are constructing a Critical build rather than a Spell Speed one.

Why Thavnairian Chai is currently one of the best Endgame foods:

  • It boosts both Spell Speed and Critical Hit, so players who want the best of both worlds will prefer this food over any other, especially Astrologian, Sage, and Black Mages who build a Critical build.
  • A high-quality Thavnairian Chai will provide a player a 10% boost for their Spell Speed, Critical Hit, and Vitality.
  • Healers and Casters are the battle jobs with the lowest HP in the game, so eating a high-quality Chai will help them have more HP and can survive longer in harder content.
  • This food will also be able to add a massive damage boost towards these battle jobs, so that even healers can do enormous amounts of damage to the boss and kill them before the enrage.


1. Pumpkin Potage

A creamy, nutty pumpkin soup.

After the drop of patch 6.05., Pumpkin Potage is without a doubt the most well-known food in FFXIV. It is the holy grail of many battle jobs, including tanks, healers, and even some melee, ranged, and casters who prefer to bring this food over to hardcore content.

Why Pumpkin Potage is one of the best Endgame food currently:

  • You guessed it right, if you haven’t seen your battle job listed in the food mentioned above, chances are you will need to get yourself some Pumpkin Potage. Even some jobs that has been mentioned above can also use this food for a different build.
  • Paladin, a slower Warrior, Scholar, White Mage, Dragoon, Ninja, Reaper, Dancer, Machinist, Red Mage, and lastly, a Summoner who is building a Critical Build BiS will all need this food and bring them over to Savage raids.
  • A high-quality Pumpkin Potage will give players a 10% Stats Bonus on their Determination, Vitality, and Critical Hit.
  • Seeing as Determination got a major boost and revamp when Endwalker expansion dropped, it is no surprise that a lot of battle jobs have flocked over to this particular food in order to get the damage boost from an upgraded Determination, as well as keeping their Critical Hit alive and above.

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