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Fishing in the ocean under the beautiful aurora

Fishing may be a good side content for players to do when they are bored with raiding, high end content, or any battle content in general. But did you know that if you need Gil, you can also go fishing?

If not, then this is the article for you! This article will list ten of the best fish in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker that you can currently catch and sell for a reasonable amount of Gil to literally millions of Gil for a single fish. Are you curious about it? Continue reading to learn more!


10. Onihige

The terror of the seas.

The first fish on this list is Onihige, which sells for around 5k Gil in the Market Board.

What Makes Onihige great:

  • It is quite easy to fish.
  • They can be earned through spearfishing, which is much more fun currently after the update in 6.0
  • They do not require any expensive bait
  • They do not require too specific of a weather zone.
  • They also do not require too much mooching, which makes it easier to catch among the list.
  • It is needed for Grand Company Provision Missions, which is a good way to level one’s fisher, making it useful on the Market Board.

How to Get Onihige: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/playguide/db/item/eba3d8a3848/


9. Cloudy Catshark

Catshark in the wild.

Cloudy Catshark is an eel-cat-like fish that lives in the deep seas and sells for around 10k Gil on the Market Board.

What Makes Cloudy Catshark great:

  • They are also similar to Onihige, which can be spearfished.
  • It is also quite easy to get.
  • With the changes of spearfishing in 6.0, spearfishing has also become a lot of fun.
  • They are also needed for Grand Company provision missions.
  • Which means they are needed for fast fishing, and sells well on the Market Board.

How to Get Cloudy Catshark: https://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/wiki/Cloudy_Catshark


8. Uzumaki

The fish with the curly mouth.

Uzumaki, the primordial beast that haunts your dreams. On the Market Board, they go for 7k Gil.

What Makes Uzumaki good:

  • They can also be acquired through spearfishing, similar to the first two fish on the list.
  • Again, spearfishing is a lot of fun since 6.0
  • Is also a fish needed for Grand Company provisioning missions, especially at higher level.
  • Very useful for players who want to get those easy levels to 90.
  • Sells well on the Market Board

How to Get Uzumaki: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/playguide/db/item/6f12e527e9b/


7. Protomyke #987 

The bug-like fish.

Protomyke #987 is a one-of-a-kind fish that sold for around ten thousand Gil per piece on the Market Board.

What Makes Protomyke #987 a good fish:

  • Protomyke #987 is the first fish on this list that is needed for a levequest.
  • The levequest in particular is needed for high-level fishers to level up without little to no effort, by just submitting this fish to the leve quest NPC in Old Sharlayan
  • The name of the levequest is 'Fungi of the Firmament', a level 86 levequest for Fishers.
  • Because it is needed for levequests, it sells pretty well on the Market Board and make a decent income.

How to Get Protomyke #987: https://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/wiki/Protomyke_987


6. Desert Catfish

They live in the desert to avoid getting water. They’re still a descendant from the cats, after all.

The first low-leveled fish on this list is Desert Catfish, which sells for around 20k Gil on the Market Board.

What Makes Desert Catfish valuable:

  • As opposed to many other fish on this list, Desert Catfish is only a level 35 fish.
  • This means that lower-level players who just started out on fishing and want to make money out of it have an option to get Desert Catfish.
  • As it is needed for Grand Company's supply and provisioning missions, players who want to level up their fishers quickly through this method might need this fish.
  • Therefore, this fish sells quite well on the Market Board and is a good source of income for lower level fishers.

How to Get Desert Catfish: https://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/wiki/Desert_Catfish


5. Gilled Topknot

Another valuable fish introduced during the Endwalker era is the Gilled Topknot. On the Market Board, it sells for around 5k Gil.

What Makes Gilled Topknot valuable:

  • It has only been recently added into the game, which makes this fish still valuable and still matter in the game.
  • While the fish may not worth much money or Gil, players can do Aetherial Reduction on this fish.
  • In particular, players can get Moonlight Aethersand by doing Aetherial reduction on Gilled Topknot.
  • Moonlight Aethersand is a very useful material that is necessary to craft endgame food, potions, and many others.
  • Therefore, it sells very often in the Market Board and can be a good item to make fast money on.

How to Get Gilled Topknot: https://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/wiki/Gilled_Topknot


4. Red Bowfin 

Red Bowfin is similar to Gilled Topknot in many ways, including its Market Board price.

What Makes Red Bowfin Valuable:

  • Similar to Gilled Topknot, this fish is also recently added to the game, so it is still valuable and still has meaning.
  • Also similar to the previous fish on this article, while Red Bowfin might not be too expensive, it can be aetherial reducted to get Moonlight Aethersand.
  • As stated before, Moonlight Aethersand is a precious material required by many endgame food and potions.
  • Therefore, it sells very often in the Market Board and can be a good and easy way to make money.

How to Get Red Bowfin: https://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/wiki/Red_Bowfin


3. Ealad Skaan

Ealad Skaan, one of the top three fishes on this list, is a very rare fish that requires skill and luck to catch. On the Market Board, it sells for more than 500 thousand Gil.

What Makes Ealad Skaan valuable:

  • The price on the Market Board. In some servers, it can even reach millions.
  • It is a very rare fish with a very limited window of time where players can catch it, making it extra valuable.
  • In fact, players can only get this fish when they try to fish it in between 11.30 pm to 12 am Eorzea time, only a whopping 30 minutes of Eorzea time.
  • They can also be acquired through certain weathers as well, specifically a weather chain from thunderstorms to clear skies, another rare occurrence.
  • Players also need to buy the Norvrandt Folklore book before they can even attempt to get the fish, which requires quite a huge amount of material.

How to Get Ealad Skaan:



2. Ruby Dragon

Ruby Dragon is another valuable rare fish, just like the Ealad Skaan. It sells for more than 500k Gil on the Market Board.

What Makes Ruby Dragon valuable:

  • Similar to Ealad Skaan, Ruby Dragon is another fish that requires both luck and skill to be able to catch it. 
  • First, it requires a mooch, which will take a lot of time depending on the player's skill, luck, and stats.
  • Next, it also has a time frame when players can catch the fish, mainly from 4 to 7.59 am Eorzea time.
  • Similarly, it also has a weather specific requirement, specifically a chain from thunder to clouds.

How to Get Ruby Dragon:



1. Warden of the Seven Hues

The prettiest fish in the game. 

The fishermen's legend, the most valuable fish on the market, which can be sold for millions of Gil

What Makes Warden of the Seven Hues valuable:

  • One of the, if not the most, rarest fish in the game simply because of how hard it is to catch them.
  • Players must first unlock the Othardian Folklore Book in order to try getting their hands on this fish.
  • Players myst first catch 3 indigo prismfish, 3 firelight goldfish, and 5 green prismfish to trigger Fisher's Intuition, all that are not that easy to catch within the time frame window.
  • Fisher's Intuition to catch Warden also does not last forever, making it even harder to catch this beautiful fish.
  • It is worth millions of Gil in most servers, making it an extremely valuable fish.

How to Get Warden of the Seven Hues:


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