[Top 15] FF14 Best Mounts That Look Freakin' Awesome (And How To Get Them)

FF14 Best Mounts That Look Freakin' Awesome (And How To Get Them)
A Player of FF14 atop one of MANY mounts in this game

Mounts are a staple of any MMO, and FF14 is no different. And for the collectors out there (myself included), you want to get those mounts and maybe there’s one at the top of your list. The big fish that you’ve always wanted and will do anything to get. 

But in the meantime, any one of the 15 mounts on this list will make a perfect addition to your growing hoard.

15. Hybodus

The Most Menacing Mount Out There.

See the Hybodus in Action: 

The Hybodus is a mount that is more tedious than difficult to get, but it is worth getting to show people that you’re committed to grinding.

And it’s unique because it’s the only fish/aquatic-based mount in the game, there’s no other like it!

This mount looks fearsome and when you’re riding it, people will think twice about crossing you. And since all mounts are cosmetic anyway, why not go around riding a huge shark? It’s certainly appropriate when you’re in the Ruby Sea or going Spear Fishing.

How to Get Hybodus:
To get Hybodus you have to get the Achievement called No More Fish In the Sea II, which is to get a score of 10,000 or more in one Ocean Fishing voyage. No easy feat by any means, but it is worth it to get one of the cooler mounts in the game. To unlock Ocean Fishing, you need to unlock the Fisher class at the Fisher’s Guild in Limsa Lominsa and to depart, just head near the Arcanist’s Guild and speak to Fhilsnoe.


14. Dark Lanner

The Dark Lanner stands out a bit in Ishgard.

See the Dark Lanner in Action Here: 

The Dark Lanner is one of the 7 Lanner mounts you get for completing the Extreme ARR Trials. Out of all of the base Lanners, this is the most striking and unique, with its jet-black feathers and purple wings, it’s certain to turn heads.

And why wouldn’t it? You’re riding a bird that has a purple aura and the music to the Nidhogg fight plays while you fly. It’s pretty cool if you ask me and a lot of other people. 

How To Get the Dark Lanner:

To get the Dark Lanner you need to complete The Minstrel’s Ballad: Nidhogg’s Rage. Which is the Extreme version of the same trial. It isn’t that difficult and you can probably do it solo on unsynced at level 90, but it deserves to be here for the colour scheme and the song alone (go listen to it).


13. Cloud Mallow

I'd say Hold on Tight, but it might be a bit difficult to on the Cloud Mallow.

See the Cloud Mallow in Action here:

The Cloud Mallow is, well to put it simply, a giant dandelion. And it flies like one too, floating softly through the breeze as you move from place to place. It’s certainly unique, it’s not every day you see a Warrior of Light sat atop a massive dandelion.

It’s relaxing too, it’s not frantic or quick. It’s a nice gentle stroll through the sky on the way to wherever you’re going, which is welcome in the fast-paced world of FF14. 

How to Get the Cloud Mallow:

To get the Cloud Mallow mount, first, you have to unlock the Moogle Tribe Quests and complete the levelling up to level 7, which is known as Sworn. Then the vendor Mogmul Mogbelly will sell the item used to obtain this mount for 200,000 gil. Not an easy task, but definitely not the most difficult either


12. Midgardsormr

As the Father of all Dragons, Midgardsormr is Damn Cool to Ride.

See Midgardsormr in Action here: 

Everyone who has completed FF14 knows who Midgardsormr is and even though it is one of the easier mounts to get on this list, the weight behind Midgardsormr as a character puts it here. And yeah it’s unique, you’re riding the father of dragons, not every day you get to say that!

I don’t know why people don’t use Midgardsormr more. You are quite literally atop the origin of all dragons in FF14. And that’s pretty cool when you think about it, granted it isn’t his full form, that would be a bit difficult to ride, but it’s still a damn good mount to use.

How to Get Midgardsormr:

To get Midgardsormr, you simply complete the Heavensward quest Fetters of Lament. It’s the last but one quest in the main Heavensward Story, so it’s not too difficult to get. And who doesn’t love a free mount?


11. Logistics System

 Try not to fall off of the Logistics System while you're on it!

See the Logistics System in Action Here: 

The Logistics System is a mount that has been around for a while, but it’s still a rare sight to see. I’ve seen it a handful of times in my 900-plus hours in this game. And yeah, the rarity adds to the uniqueness of you riding this through Eorzea.

And the look alone is unique enough to warrant getting this mount. You’re sat on a flying black and red Allagan sphere that spawns (harmless) lightning around you when you use the mount action. That’s pretty cool and is only another reason to get the mount, as well as the respect you’ll get from the people who know what you did to get it.

How to Get the Logistics System:

To get the Logistics System you have to complete the achievement Behind Enemy Lines I.  For this, you have to win 200 games of Frontline as one of the three Grand Companies. It’s definitely not easy, as the counter is a bit picky when you swap GCs but, if you really want it, you can grind it out pretty quickly.


10. Level Checker

Remember to not stay trapped inside the Level Checker and come outside for air!

See the Level Checker in Action Here: 

The Level Checker is pretty new to FF14, but it deserves a spot on this list for a bunch of reasons. Firstly, its walk cycle is vaguely familiar to a certain famous lamp from movies. Secondly, it’s pretty unique for a few reasons, namely its appearance and the way you get it.

Plus, it’s cool! You have a mount where your character is squished in what can only be described as a steampunk version of the TV from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory from 2005. Not every day you have something like that to use in your travels through the world of FF14.

How to get the Level Checker:

To get the Level Checker, you need to spend 12 Chi Bolts with Nezvaas at Radz-at-Han. You get these Bolts from completing the Omicron Recall: KIlling Order FATE. This is the finale of 3 FATEs in Ultima Thule that are kinda finicky to complete, but remember it spawns at random and you have to wait 5 more minutes.


9. Cerberus

The Cerberus is famous not just in FF14 but in mythology too!

See Cerberus in Action Here: 

The Cerberus is a creature from Greek Mythology, but in FF14 it’s a beautiful-looking mount. A three-headed dog isn’t something you see every day in Eorzea, add the way that you get this mount and it’s certainly incredibly unique and rare to see.

Even if you don’t see it often, the blue, white and red colour scheme on it is gorgeous and three people can ride this, so it’s good for you AND your friends!

How to get Cerberus: 

To get Cerberus, you need to complete Delubrum Reginae (Savage). This is an alliance activity in Bozja that requires you to have at least 700,000 mettle and a Resistance rank of 17. Certainly not easy to gather 24 to 48 people for the activity to try and complete it but if you can, you’ll be handsomely rewarded.


8. Sabotender Emperador

 The Emperador always brings a smile to those who see it.

See the Sabotender Emperador in Action Here:

The Sabotender, or Cactuar, is iconic in Final Fantasy. And that’s no different in FF14, you can find these adorable little cacti in Thanalan and the Golden Saucer. And why not stand on the arm of a giant cactus you got from the Golden Saucer, it’s certainly a unique way to get around.

Anyone who sees you on this will know that you put a lot of effort into getting this mount, and it’s certainly worth it. It looks gorgeous with the light golden stripes on its body glowing softly while the little versions of the Golden Saucer have lights on. There’s just enough going on with this mount where it doesn’t look too plain but isn’t a mess either.

How to get the Sabotender Emperador:

To get the Sabotender Emperador, you need to buy it in the Golden Saucer for 2 million MGP (Manderville Golden Points). It’s a fair price to pay but if you know how to maximise your wins in the Golden Saucer, you can definitely get it reasonably quickly.


7. Hallowed Kamuy

 The Hallowed Kamuy has a striking colour scheme when looking at the other mounts.

See the Hallowed Kamuy in Action Here: 

The Hallowed Kamuy is probably the best-looking of all the base Kamuy mounts. The blue, gold and white colour scheme work incredibly well with each other. And it’s unique because… well it’s a blue wolf with gold and white accents and the Seiryu music plays (another track I recommend you listen to).

Out of all the mounts, this design just works the best. It stands out enough to be recognized but it’s not so bright that you can be seen across the map. It’s just perfect and I like it the most out of all the Kamuy mounts excluding the Nine Tails.

How to get the Hallowed Kamuy:

To get the Hallowed Kamuy you must complete the Wreath of Snakes (Extreme). It is the Extreme version of the same trial from Stormblood, and you can complete it pretty easily solo at 90. I would recommend bringing some other people though, just to make sure that you don’t die and have to start all over again. 


6. Gilded Mikoshi

 This mount is insanely expensive but it looks cool and it'll turn heads wherever you go.

See the Gilded Mikoshi in Action Here: 

And look at it, it’s a giant golden carriage being carried by golden Namazu. You stand on the side clinging on as the red-coated fishes hurry you to your destination. It’s pretty damn cool and does somewhat take the sting off of the huge requirement you need to get this mount

How to Get the Gilded Mikoshi:

To get the Gilded Mikoshi, you have to go to Edelina in Mor Dhona and pay 50 million gil. Yeah, you read that right, I wouldn’t blame you for doing a double-take. It’s a lot of money for a mount that, for some, is not worth it.


5. Rolling Tankard

 You feel like a General in battle in the Rolling Tankard, peeking out from the top and looking around.

See the Rolling Tankard in Action Here:

The Rolling Tankard is certainly special. It’s not every day that you see this mount so when you do, know that people put the effort in to get this. And it’s kind of obvious how unique it is, it is a drivable tank.

And it’s cool as well! You’re standing in the tank as you drive it and you got the ability to test it out while you were doing the quests to be able to buy it. So yeah, its design and how it is when you use it, as well as its way of getting it, puts it in the top 5.

How to Get the Rolling Tankard:

To get the Rolling Tankard you need to first do the Dwarf Daily Quests until you hit Sworn (or level 7). These missions are all related to crafters so if you need to level your crafters, it’s a good way to get them through that last push to 90. Once you hit Sworn with the Dwarves, you need to spend 18 Hammered Frogment that you earn through the quests to get the summon.


4. Miw Miisv

 This squishy jellyfish is certainly a unique way to get around Eorzea.

See the Miw Miisv in Action Here: 

The Miw Miisv (no I don’t know how to say it either) is another incredibly cool mount. It reminds you of a little jellyfish with your character inside and look at it, you can’t say that it isn't a unique mount. It’s one of, if not the, most unique mounts in all of FF14 in terms of its looks and rarity.

The only reason it isn’t in the top 3 is because it can be a little bit of a pain to get, but once you do, it’s worth using. It’ll turn heads wherever you go, both for the cuteness and the feeling of “what *is* that mount?”

How to Get Miw Miisv:

To get Miw Miisv, you need to complete the Omicron Tribal Quests to get the Sworn rank (same as the Rolling Tankard). Once you have that, you need to spend 18 Omicron Omnitokens that you get from completing the quests. These quests are all gathering related, needing your botanist, fisher or miner to be level 90 to complete, so make sure you have that before you get to work on this mount.


3. Demi-Ozma

 This mount feels like it's alien and out of this world (pun very much intended) in the best way possible.

See the Demi-Ozma in Action Here: 

We’re in the top 3 now, only the best of the best go here. And the Demi-Ozma is one that definitely belongs here. In all my 900 hours, I’ve seen one, maybe two max, people with this mount. The rarity, the looks and the method to get it all make it incredibly unique and deserving of a top 3 spot.

The fact that it can change shapes based on if it’s in the land, sky or underwater and has a townscape in the middle of it just adds to how incredible this mount is. It might be a bit of a jaunt to get, but my god is it worth getting. I do wish they would’ve included a special song instead of the normal Borderless, but it’s a tiny personal thing and you shouldn’t let it change how amazing this mount is.

How to get Demi-Ozma:

To get Demi-Ozma, you have to get the achievement “We’re on Your Side I”. To do this you must complete the Baldesion Arsenal, which is an open dungeon in Eureka Hydatos, the last Eureka region available to play in the side content. It is very difficult and you will likely not complete it the first time around, but once you do, you get this mount to use.


2. Kamuy of the Nine Tails

The Nine Tails is one of the most staggering and beautiful mounts you can get.

See the Kamuy of the Nine Tails in Action here: 

The Kamuy of the Nine Tails is… well gorgeous. And as much as it might be a grind to get, it’s more than worth it for this stunning mount. And yeah it’s unique, it’s the final Extreme Stormblood mount you get and I have seen it a handful of times.

And you can’t deny the fact that it is incredible. The amazing red and white colour scheme with the horns at the front and obviously the nine tails. It all works perfectly together to put this mount at number 2, but there is just one better and you’ll be able to see why.

How to get the Kamuy of the Nine Tails:
To get the Nine Tails, you have to get all of the Kamuy mounts from the Stormblood Extreme trials. Once you have all of the mounts from the Extreme trials, head to the News Hawker in Kugane and accept the quest “A Lone Wolf No More”. Complete this quest and then you have the Kamuy of the Nine Tails summon and there you go!


1. Sunforged

 This Fire Snake/Phoenix is incredibly detailed and unique in FF14

See the Sunforged in Action Here: 

And here we are at number 1. I can’t explain how good this mount really is. And it’s possibly the most unique on this list, with the hardest way of getting it. But the payoff comes with how gorgeous it looks.

The fact it changes from a snake to a phoenix when flying, the music (go listen to the P8s music, I know I’ve recommended a few songs here but they’re all incredible), the fire that comes off of you as you fly. It all just works. It adds to how gorgeous this mount looks and it deserves the number 1 spot.

How to get the Sunforged:

To get the Sunforged, you need to complete the raid Abyssos: The Eighth Circle (Savage), commonly known as P8s. Once you complete it, you can have a chance of getting the Sunforged Crystal for the mount.

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