[Top 5] FF14 Best Samurai Food (And How To Get Them)!

[Top 5] FF14 Best Samurai Food (And How To Get Them)
Take your time, and pick the right meals!

Up to try Samurai in Endwalker? Well, you may not want to miss this information!

Samurai is one of the selfish DPS in Eorzea; being a melee DPS, Samurai rely a lot on critical and skill speed. But that doesn't mean there are no other Samurai variants out there; based on the GCD, Samurai have four types of best-in Slots depending on your equipment! So first, decide which GCD is suitable and comfortable for you! And after that, we go to the meal selections! And depending on your equipment too, your food must be decided!

5. Baked Alien Soup (iLevel 560)

Alien onions are sautéed, simmered in a savory bouillon, then topped with crispy cheese for a simple yet satisfying meal.

Baked Alien Soup is the cheaper option with a lower iLevel. If you are going for an old content or raid and do not want to waste your best food, then this may be your option. This will help Samurai to fasten their GCDs! You can either craft this food yourself or buy it from the Market Board!

The NQ status effects:

  • Skill Speed +8% (Max 66)
  • Vitality +8% (Max 68)
  • Direct Hit Rate +8% (Max 40)

The HQ status effects:

  • Skill Speed +10% (Max 82)
  • Vitality +10% (Max 85)
  • Direct Hit Rate +10% (Max 50)

4. Archon Burger (iLevel 580)

Concocted by the staff at the Last Stand, this sandwich is as nutritionally sound as it is delicious.

This is for the 2.14 GCDs Samurai out there; it's a bit slow but relies heavily on their damage, which is why the materia for this BiS is mainly the red ones. If you are not a fan of speed, this is the right BiS and food for you! You can obtain Archon Burger from your nearest Market Board or craft it yourself!

The NQ status effects:

  • Direct Hit Rate +8% (Max 72)
  • Vitality +8% (Max 74)
  • Determination +8% (Max 43)

The HQ status effects:

  • Direct Hit Rate +10% (Max 90)
  • Vitality +10% (Max 93)
  • Determination +10% (Max 54)

3. Pumpkin Potage (iLevel 580)

A creamy soup that highlights the rich and nutty flavor of the giant pumpkin.

Another 2.14 GCDs set, but this one is for you who do pentamelds. With the materias are all red, you may want another food that boosts just that even more for heavier damage. If you are using the pentameld BiS, you may want Pumpkin Potage as your primary food! You can get this from the Market Board or craft it with a Culinarian!

The NQ status effects:

  • Determination +8% (Max 72)
  • Vitality +8% (Max 74)
  • Critical Hit +8% (Max 43)

The HQ status effects:

  • Determination +10% (Max 90)
  • Vitality +10% (Max 93)
  • Critical Hit +10% (Max 54)

2. Pumpkin Ratatouille (iLevel 580)

This colorful dish consists of a variety of vegetables, sautéed in perilla oil and then simmered to enrich their combined flavor.

The GCD for this food is 2.07, it is quite the comfortable speed and a beginner-friendly Samurai to begin with. You will have about 29 GCD/minute, which is quite pleasant and gives you time for weaving. If you want to try Samurai, you may want to try this BiS! The food for this BiS is Pumpkin Ratatouille, not too fast, but not too slow!

The NQ status effects:

  • Critical Hit +8% (Max 72)
  • Vitality +8% (Max 74)
  • Skill Speed +8% (Max 43)

The HQ status effects:

  • Critical Hit +10% (Max 90)
  • Vitality +10% (Max 93)
  • Skill Speed +10% (Max 54)

1. Beef Stroganoff (iLevel 580)

Choice cuts of meat are simmered in a savory sauce to create this Garlean specialty, the ideal supplement to one's squat regime.

This is for the Fast Samurai out there with 2.00 GCD rotation. It is currently the fastest skill speed Samurai can get, and if you like to play it fast, I recommend getting this BiS! The food will boost your speed to the desired GCD, and you can buy them from the Market Board or craft them yourself!

The NQ status effects:

  • Skill Speed +8% (Max 72)
  • Vitality +8% (Max 74)
  • Direct Hit Rate +8% (Max 43)

The HQ status effects:

  • Skill Speed +10% (Max 90)
  • Vitality +10% (Max 93)
  • Direct Hit Rate +10% (Max 54)

When playing DPS, what matters is what you are comfortable with. If you want to start slow, then you can; if you like it fast, then do just that. Regardless of your set, having their potential maxed out with the correct food buffs is always great. Now, which one suits your Samurai style more?

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