FF14 How To Desynthesis

FF14 How To Desynthesis
I'm going to explain, please pay attention!

Do you know what Desynthesis is?

New to the world of crafting? Or wondering what does a desynthesizable item mean? Worry not for you have come to the right place! I’m going to explain to you what desynthesis is and how to unlock it!

First of all, what is desynthesis? It is a method to break down items and retrieve some of the materials used to make that item, as explained in the game. To put it simply, it is a cashback system. As you may probably watch on the first video I attached, desynthesis used to be a complicated system with all the calculations, percentages, and how it could fail. However, for now, it is already simplified much to the point that all that matters is the level of desynthesis. Yup, you can no longer fail deysnthesis. You only need to note that items have their desynthesis level, and each crafter class has their desynthesis level too. If your skill is higher than the item requires you to, there is a chance to get good cashback like High-Quality items or Demimateria. To put it simply, the higher your dysnthesis level, the better the items you can get.

Second, what are the items you can desynthesis? Well, almost everything. Fish, weapons, armour, and housing items, each have their class that can desynthesis it. For example, to desynthesis a fish, you will need a Culinarian, and to desnythesis a weapon you are more likely going to need a Blacksmith. It all depends on the material, to check what class you need, look at the item description below, it will let you know all you need to know about desynthesis. Yes, it will also let you know if an item is desynthesizable.

Last but not least, how, how to unlock this feature? To answer that, you must first complete the Main Scenario Quest “Life, Materia, and Everything” and have a level 30 Disciple of Hand, and the way shall open to you.

Desynthesis explained!

Gone to Pieces:

  • The “Gone To Pieces” quest will appear in Ul’dah - Steps of Thal (14.0, 10.0), Syntgoht is the NPC you are looking for.
  • After talking to Syntgoth, he will instruct you to go to Central Thanalan - The Bonfire. There you will meet Nesting Heron, where he will explain to you about Desynthesis.
  • Step 3? There is no step 3, you have unlocked the feature!

'Gone to Pieces' quest guide.

How to Desynthesis:

  • Right-click on the item, and choose “Desynthesis”.
  • If there is materia in the item, a warning will show below the window. And should you choose to proceed, the materia will be lost.
  • If the item is more than one, like fish, the window will ask you if you want to desynthesis the entire stack. Should you choose to proceed, the system will desynthesis the item one by one, until there is none or until you choose to stop (ending midway).
  • Important note: if you have previously completed the quest and started a new crafter class, you can only use desynthesis once you have reached a level 30.
  • That is all you need to know about the cashback...I mean desynthesis system! It is pretty useful when you need space after crafting and apparently, your retainer hasn't sold a thing or two. Just desynthesis them to some material back and maybe make new things out of it!

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