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'Pentiment' Murder Mystery Will Have Looking Over Your Shoulder All The Time
‘Pentiment’ is set in early 16th-century Germany. The game is heavily... read more
'DarKnot' Psychological Horror Game Will Make Your Skin Crawl
‘DarKnot’ is a third-person psychological horror game that is set in a... read more
'Tactics Ogre: Reborn' Brings the Original 2010 RPG Game Back To Life
‘Tactics Ogre: Reborn’ is a tactical RPG that is based on the original... read more
'Atari 50 Anniversary Celebration' Relives Decades of Video Game History
‘Atari 50 Anniversary Celebration’ is an interactive journey through 5... read more
Run a College In 'Two Point Campus' Campus Construction and Management Simulator
‘Two Point Campus’ is a college campus construction and management sim... read more
'X-Plane 12' Flight Simulator Brings Real-World Experience To A Video Game
‘X-Plane 12’ is a realistic flight simulator that is built by “pilots... read more
'The Chant' Single Player Horror Adventure Brings Your Worst Psychedelic Nightmares To Life
‘The Chant’ is a third-person single-player horror adventure game.... read more
Travel Back To the 1800s in 'Wild West Dynasty' Cowboy Simulator
'Wild West Dynasty,' is an adventure simulation game that is set in th... read more
'Instinction' Pre-Historic Adventure Game Brings the Dinosaurs Back To Life
‘Instinction’ is a pre-historic action-adventure game.  In ‘In... read more
Square Enix and Tri-Ace Release 'Star Ocean The Divine Force' RPG
‘Star Ocean The Divine Force’ is the newest title in the ‘Star Ocean’... read more
Take On the Australian Outback In 'Dinkum' Sandbox Adventure Game
‘Dinkum’ is a sandbox adventure game that is set on an island inspired... read more
'Soulstone Survivors: Prologue' Roguelite Pits Players Against the 'Lords of the Void.'
‘Soulstone Survivors: Prologue,’ is an action roguelite set in a unive... read more
'Judgement' Legal Thriller Exposes the Rampant Crime in the City of Tokyo
‘Judgement,’ is a legal thriller game set in the dangerous and crime-r... read more
Race and Raise Hamsters In 'Hamster Playground' Hamster Simulator
‘Hamster Playground’ features a combination of hamster-raising simulat... read more
The Legendary Aventure of 'The Secret of Monkey Island' Returns As 'Return to Monkey Island'
‘Return to Monkey Island,’ is an adventure game that continues the “le... read more
'Foxhole' MMO Brings a Fresh Take of Online Multiplayer As It Presents Persistant Large-Scale Online Warfare
‘Foxhole,’ is an MMO that hosts thousands of players in a persistent o... read more
'Lost 2' Click-And-Decrypt Game Tests Players' Problem-Solving and Resourcefulness
‘Lost 2’ is a click-and-decrypt game set in a fairytale universe. I... read more
'Hogwarts Legacy' Opens the Door Into the Iconic Harry Potter Universe In the Form of a Video Game
‘Hogwarts Legacy,’ is an open-world action RPG set in the iconic world... read more
Run and Gun In 'Marauders' Tactical Sci-Fi First Person Shooter
‘Marauders’ is a tactical first-person looting shooting game in a sci-... read more
'Lego Bricktales' Puzzle Adventure Is a Charming Story For All Ages to Enjoy
‘Lego Bricktales’ is a puzzle adventure game with a “charming” story t... read more
Explore An Exotic Alien Universe In 'The Eternal Cylinder' Fantasy Survival RPG
‘The Eternal Cylinder’ is a fantasy survival RPG game set in an exotic... read more
Jump Into a Long And Bloody War In 'The Last Oricru' Action RPG
‘The Last Oricru’ is an action RPG that is set in a sci-fi medieval wo... read more
'Cultic' First Person Shooter Is An Adventure That Starts Beyond the Grave
‘Cultic’ is a first-person shooter that is inspired by vintage FPS gam... read more
'Priest Simulator' Satirical Game Mocks Themes Centred Around Religion and Christianity
‘Priest Simulator,’ is a satirical “mockumentary” that is based loosel... read more
'A Plague Tale: Requiem' Continues the Adventures of Hugo and Amicia With Heartwrending New Developments
‘A Plague Tale: Requiem’ is the heartrending sequel to ‘A Plague Tale:... read more
'Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 2022' Brings the Next Chapter In the Iconic Call of Duty Saga
‘Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 2022’ is the latest in the long line of... read more
'Chillas Art The Bathhouse' Japanese Horror Game Is A Watery Nightmare
‘Chillas Art: The Bathhouse’ is a Japanese horror game. ‘Chillas Ar... read more
'Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator' Creates A Beer Brewing Experience For Newbies and Experts Alike
‘Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator’ is a home beer brewing simulator.... read more
Become A Soccer Legend In the Latest and Greatest of EA's Fifa Releases - 'Fifa 23'
‘EA Sports Fifa 23’ is the latest and greatest in the franchise’s seri... read more
Experience the Thrill of the Hunt in 'Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter' WW2 U-Boat Hunter Simulator
‘Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter’ is a realistic interactive WW2 destroye... read more
'The DioField Chronicle' Medieval Fantasy RPG Will Put Your Strategic Ability to the Test!
'The DioField Chronicle,' is a role-playing strategy game set in a med... read more
Take On the Evil Witch 'Lenore' in 'Black Witchcraft' 2D RPG Adventure
‘Black Witchcraft’ is a 2D RPG adventure game set in a dark fantasy wo... read more
'Moonscars' 2D Action Adventure Is A Journey of Discovery
Moonscars is a nonlinear 2D action-adventure game.  In Moonsca... read more
'Hunt: Showdown - The Penitent' Brings New Content to 'Hunt: Showdown.'
'Hunt: Showdown - The Penitent' is a DLC that requires the base game '... read more
'Kena: Bridge of Spirits' Action Adventure Explores the Mysteries of the Past and the Spirit Realm
‘Kena: Bridge of Spirits’ is an action-adventure game with a strong st... read more
'Freedom Planet 2' Puts Your Platforming Hero Skills Through the Meatgrinder!
‘Freedom Planet 2,’ is a fast-paced platforming game set in the incred... read more
'Beacon Pines' Adventure Turns Cute Into Creepy That Curdles the Stomach
‘Beacon Pines’ is described as “A touching, inventive and beautiful ad... read more
'Plane Accident' Plane Crash Investigation Simulator Tests Powers Of Observation and Intuition
‘Plane Accident’ is a plane crash investigation simulator that will te... read more
'Midair: Community Edition' Jetpack Shooter Gets the Adrenaline Pumping With Epic Action
‘Midair: Community Edition,’ is a fast-paced science fiction jetpack s... read more