[Top 10] Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage! Best Songs That Are Awesome

Hatsune Miku Colorful Stage Best Songs That Are Awesome
SEGA's hit new game, Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage!

Hatsune Miku: Colourful Stage! Is a mobile game that debuted fairly recently, but has gained millions of fans. Those who are familiar with Vocaloid love this game, as it continuously brings out popular songs for you to play. These are sung by either Vocaloid characters or well-known voice actors who voice other in-game characters.

These songs are ranked from easy to master, but frequently, what helps the most is a player’s familiarity with what’s playing. So, which songs should you get yourself familiar with? This article is a list of 10 songs and why they’re incredible.


1. Rolling Girl by Wowaka

Rolling Girl by Wowaka

Every Vocaloid fan, and even some who aren’t, know this iconic song. It was composed by the now deceased producer, Wowaka. The video itself has a breathtaking and alluring art style that’s simple, yet effective in portraying the song’s story.

The story itself is a sad one. The girl in the video represents Hatsune Miku, the singer of the song, who is a schoolgirl being bullied for no apparent reason. The bullying gets worse, and she’s seen to be reasoning with a boy, who’s her depression personified. Eventually, she gives in, and takes her life. Most of the video has elements of old-school gaming graphics, which gives the video an eerily nostalgic air.

The song itself has a unique and easy to follow beat and lyrics, making it the perfect song to play in Hatsune Miku! Colorful Stage!. It’s beginner friendly, and has a catchy yet meaningful tune. It’s also very well-known, to the point where some say it has contributed to the culture of today’s youth.


2. Echo by Crusher P

Echo by Crusher P

Echo is one of the few songs in Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage! That was originally sung in English. The singer for this song is GUMI, who, unfortunately, doesn’t feature as a character in the game.

The meaning behind Echo can be interpreted in different ways. The main gist of it is a girl who struggles to find who she is, because of the continuously changing world. Because she can’t seem to recall what her place is anymore, she wants to escape. The song can represent coming of age, and a person’s inner desire to combat new changes.

The song has a mild pace and simple lyrics, making it easy to follow. It being in English means that it would be easier to understandand relate to, without having to translate it or find covers of the song. Therefore, it’s a good song to play in Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage! And is ranked fairly easy in difficulty, so is definitely worth a listen.


3. Bitter Choco Decorration by Syudou

Bitter Choco Decoration by Syudou

Bitter Choco Decoration is a fascinating song produced by Syudou, who has also composed other songs in Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage! Such as Jackpot Sad Girl. Many of Syudou’s songs interpret human behaviour, and this one’s no different.

Bitter Choco Decoration is about a person who tends to keep to themself, without becoming too close to anyone. However, the person also still has to integrate with society without becoming a pushover. This leads to them hiding their inner feelings and true self, and becoming so used to it that it’s almost commendable.

This song is easy to relate to, as many of us have to hide our true selves and can’t fully express who we are, just to fit into society. The beat is also addictive and has Syudou’s signature background sound effects, not to mention the fantastic metaphorical illustrations. It’s ranked as fairly hard in the game, so would be a great challenge to tackle.


4. Melty Land Nightmare by Harumaki Gohan

Melty Land Nightmare by Harumaki Gohan

Melty Land Nightmare is known to be a song with a deceptively cute and cheerful tune, but with a forlorn meaning. Harumaki Gohan debuted almost a decade ago, which has given him time to perfect his Vocaloid tuning, making this song have seamless vocals by Hatsune Miku.

The song is about a humanoid pink character in Melty Land, a peaceful yet lonely place in nightmares. A blue girl appears after some time which causes the pink character to rejoice, as she’s no longer alone. However, Melty Land is still a place of nightmares, so the blue girl must have had a bad day to cause her to end up in that place. This causes the pink character to become upset, and she cries when the blue girl must leave, fearing that it will be forgotten.

Melty Land Nightmare has a few interpretations, including being about abortion, or being a wallflower. In any case, the song is dreamlike, with an adorable video and nostalgic background music. One should try playing this in the game, as the setup for the notes heavily rely on the song’s lyrics. It’s also relaxing to listen to, so give it a try!


5. Ghost Rule by DECO*27

Ghost Rule by DECO*27

Ghost Rule is another widely famous song. It’s composed by deco*27, who has a large number of popular songs, and has others in Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage! These include Hibana -Reloaded-, Otome Kaibou, and many others.

The song is about Hatsune Miku, who appears to have built up a facade of lies for herself, which has gotten too much for her. She then begins to hope she’s discovered for her untruths. The vocals are bewitching, which are often used to gauge how well a Vocaloid or Utau can sing because of its range. The animated video for the song is also alluring, with immaculately rendered backgrounds.

All in all, the song is a treat to listen to, and is quite difficult in the game. It requires some skill to master, so if you’re looking for something to challenge you while also being a great tune, this song is the perfect choice.


6. Bocca Della Verità by Hiiragi Kirai

Bocca Della Verità by Hiiragi Kirai

Bocca Della Verità is Hiiragi Kirai’s most popular song. It’s sung by V Flower, another Vocaloid that isn’t present as a character in Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage! But has featured in many songs included in the game.

The song’s title translates to ‘mouth of truth’, and is about a woman who feels different to the outside world and hates it as a result. She’s constantly trying to fit in with others but is failing, so she depends on the person she’s talking to for help, although she feels like she can’t relate to them at all.
The song has gorgeous art by the illustrator Wooma, and the tune has a repetitive nature, making one susceptible to having it stuck in their head. The repetition makes Bocca Della Verità a good choice to play, as it’s easy to adapt to and has a unique tune that can be picked up right away.


7. Romeo and Cinderella by Doriko

Romeo and Cinderella by Doriko

Romeo and Cinderella is a song that was ahead of its time, compiled over a decade ago, but had smooth vocals that harmonised with the background music. This is a song which has an extensive list of covers, just like Ghost Rule.

The song is fairly suggestive and is about a girl who wants to be with her lover despite her parents’ objections, who feels slight remorse about the deception she takes part in. The song not only references adult themes, but mentions various folk and fairy tales, including little red riding hood and the golden axe.

The song is a good novelty which mixes in these well-known stories and cliches with the plot very well, allowing the listener to have fun discovering takes they know with each line. This adds to the fun of playing the song in Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage! Along with having a lively tune with great background tunes.


8. Drop Pop Candy by Giga-P

Drop Pop Candy by Giga-P

Drop Pop Candy is a song that was trending among the Vocaloid community for a long time. This was because the uplifting tune went well with the wholesome yet wistful lyrics, and the video animation was addicting to watch, with calming colours and cute themes.

The song seemingly is a love song between a girl and a person they’ve fallen in love with. However, the love seems to be unrequited. Therefore, the girl in the song shall do whatever it takes for the both of them to be together. This is interesting, as the specific Japanese words for love aren’t used at all, which gives the song a broader range of meaning.

Everyone has felt love at some point, which gives the song a personal touch. The upbeat tune would be great to lift one’s spirits while playing the game, making it great for times when you’re feeling down or bored.


9. Dramaturgy by Eve

Dramaturgy by Eve

Dramaturgy was originally produced as a song sung by Eve himself. However, a Vocaloid cover was made with Hatsune Miku, and released on Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage! This song has a video composed of charming sketches that help portray the acting theme.

This song is similar to lots of others in the game, in terms of meaning. It’s about putting on an act for people, and not showing who your repressed self is. The singer is telling you to finally release your inner self. The tune of the lyrics is highly nostalgic, being a favourite among many.

The song would be good to play in the game as it is neither easy nor difficult; it’d be perfect for honing your skills while also improving your in-game stats.


10. Traffic Jam by Nilfruits

Traffic Jam by Nilfruits

Traffic Jam is another song with V Flower’s vocals. The song, after gaining some popularity, was covered by a range of well-known cover artists, making its view rate soar. It has a contemporary composition, with a hypnotising animated video.

The song is about the judgmental people online who may have a completely different online presence to when they’re in real life. The main two characters are Flurry and Welter, who represent online scrutiny. They’re uncovered to be regular people at the end, showing how no matter how big you are online, you could be helpless in real life, reminding you to be mindful of your digital footprint.

Traffic jam is a wholly unique song with many different tones and emotions carried in the vocals. This makes it an indulging song to play in the game. Without a doubt, anyone who listens to the entire song will have it stuck in their head the whole day.


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