The Hulk vs Doomsday - Who Would Win?

Green Hulk vs Spiky Grey Hulk

Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Non-binary and Gender-queer! Old and Young! Black and white. Jew and Gentile!

Every person of every sex, gender-identity, ethnic identity, race identity, creed, religion, and age! Come right up and witness the most explosive, the most phenomenal, the most insane fight in the history of the universe.

For this round, the cosmos has brought together two hulking behemoths of two different universes. Get your seats, and let the battle began! But first, let us get to know our contenders: 



                                                                                     The Hulk

As you most of you know, The Hulk is a scientist named Bruce Banner, whom was bombarded with Gamma rays in a testing site. Because of this, Dr. Bruce Banner now can metamorphize into a giant and enhanced being whom the U.S military have dubbed the “Hulk”. At first this was caused by anger in his earlier appearances and he had grey-skin. But as the Hulk evolved and his power grew, Dr. Banner soon started transforming into the Hulk.   

Same guy, different shades of green ( and grey…and sometimes red..)


Through the years, the Hulk has gone through many changes from being separated from the Banner’s mind, reverting to his gray and talkative form, being a casino enforcer as Joe Fixit, merging both his green and grey form into one intelligent Hulk, and then eventually back to his savage green form. 



 The Hulk has been described as one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe, and the Hulk himself isn’t exactly humble about it either as he often says, “Hulk strongest one there is!!!” The Green Goliath possess limitless superhero strength being able to go against the likes of Thor, the Abomination (another gamma-exposed creature), the Juggernaut, and the blob.

Still more entertaining than when Superman did this in Superman Returns

 The Hulk also possess superhuman leaping with his strong leg muscles,

Leap from with Hulk gets s a little dangerous to be honest.

 limitless stamina, dynamic durability, and regenerative healing factor. Hulk’s healing factor is so powerful that one time when Vector, a member of the U Foes (the Knock-off Fantastic Four) flash-fried Hulk’s skin only for his skin to grow back within minutes producing a new layer after another until it was fully-formed.   


This heat got me like….

The Hulk also has limitless stamina, being able to withstand a fight for long periods of time, superhuman speed, skilled combatant with his notable signature move known as the Thunderclaps, and superhuman invulnerability even being to stay resistant to mind-control.

This is how I feel when I sarcastically clap.

                                                                                Notable Weaknesses 

Although he is the “strongest one there is” Hulk does have his fare-share of weakness. If one drains the gamma radiation out of Bruce Banner’s blood, then he will not be able to become anymore…obviously. But it can also have a revere effect as well: bombarding him with too much gamma radiation could possibly make him implode or even poison him with excess of radiation within his bloodstream. Suppressing his adrenaline works as it is how Bruce Banner keeps the Hulk within him under lock; normally with mediation and calm exercise. Calming the Hulk down has always been a sure way to get rid of him, extreme conditions that he can’t escape from, inhaling toxic gases, and he has no invulnerability to magic. 



Now there are many different versions of Doomsday, but I’ll mainly be focusing on the post 52 version of the character, as he’s the one with the most information on him. Doomsday is a deadly humanoid krpytonian monster genetically engineered from the pre-historic krypton age. Doomsday was created in a savage environment where dangerous creatures roamed the lands of Krypton before civilization formed. Doomsday creator made a baby and set it into the wild landscape of pre-historic krypton. Every time this baby was killed, the creator would essentially keep cloning and re-animating this baby until it adapted to survive the environment around him. This baby eventually could adapt to every danger around him, until he was un-killable itself. Doomsday suddenly killed everything in its sight, including his father. His creator imbued him with few feelings, mostly hate and destruction.    

No Zack Synder, he was not a stupid fucked-up clone of General Zod.



Being that Doomsday was created through repetitive cloning, he has the incredible capability to adapt to any pass attack, and he can also come back to life every time he dies. One time, Superman used a sound gun to paralyze Doomsday’s hearing, but afterward Doomsday’s auditory canals closed making him impervious to the weapon.

Basically, he’s like a walking video-game cheat code

 Doomsday also has accelerated healing, limitless superhuman strength, invulnerability, self-sustenance (surviving in space), super-human stamina, super-leaping, and claws. The claws are very sharp bone protrusions that are also venomous and extendable. Doomsday is advanced at hand-to-hand combat and limitless invulnerability.  

His claws are so deadly, he can make your blood come out black.(From the only Superman storyline DC knows to do with Superman in other media)


                                                                    Notable Weaknesses

Believe it or not, this unstoppable force of the DC universe/universes has a few weaknesses could potentially bring Doomsday down. For starters, doomsday cannot do anything about entropy. Essentially this means that you would have to put Doomsday in the end of time so he can be destroyed along with the universe. Makes sense. Another weakness of his is single-mindedness. Doomsday is a force of nature that will stop at nothing until every living thing on the planet he is inhabiting is killed and or destroyed.    

Of course he has to take the rest of the universe with him


                                                                                        The Battle

So now, the players are set and their capabilities have been explained. Now we will witness these two ridiculously powered goliaths. This match is a fight to the death, so there are not too many rules beyond the two just going full blast on each other. They are not other assists or teams to help the opponents, the opponents will not have any added powers or weaponry that I have previously mentioned in their power sets. Naturally this to-the-death fight is fitting because these two monsters can go hours and hours of fighting each other and not break a sweat. This fight can only logically end with only one making it out alive, killing the other. 

 We come to a scene of mass destruction. The sky is red and black with smoke. The setting is New York, and every building in the city has been destroyed, and a giant hellicarrior has crashed into the empire state building. Every superhero in the Marvel universe has been killed, and millions of other civilians have been killed in the cross-fire also. Every member of the Avengers, X-Men, the U-Foes, the Sinister Six, the West Cost Avengers, all the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, even the Guardians of the Galaxy have been brutally killed in action. The hero that stands is the green savage Hulk, who has some battle wounds and scars. The Hulk leaps and runs through all the wreckage, heading full charge at the large threat that has killed every human in the world: Doomsday.

These two figures have been fighting each other for hours and have caused massive amounts of collateral damage, even bring down plains and cars and trucks on top of each other. This is the savage green Hulk, the strongest and most dangerous form the Hulk could ever take, and Doomsday is as powerful as he was when he first appeared in the Death of Superman storyline. The Hulk is a strong being, and can give Doomsday a proper fight; knocking him down a few times, and at one point snaps the monster’s neck. However, Doomsday can come back to life instantly, and gets back up making his spine and neck muscles stronger and tight. Doomsday strikes back, punching the Hulk and scraping his face with his claw bone protrusions. Doomsday even gives Hulk a gut punch, cutting into his stomach and make intestines bleed out. But the Hulk collects them back into himself, and rapidly heals himself. The Hulk claps has hands together to performing his famous thunderclap move and creating a shock wave that shatters some of Doomsday’s bone and make his ear drums bleed. This only disorients Doomsday for a while, but soon Doomsdays starts growing more bone protrusions making him even more lethal and spikey. Doomsday punches the hulk back, but harder, and scratching him even more. But the Hulk isn’t out just yet, Hulk tries punching into his spine and ripping out his spine, but that effort is made pointless by the spikes that were lodged into his knuckles as he kept punching. And even though the Hulk can heal back instantly, he cannot heal fast enough to match the sharp and painful blows of Doomsday’s spikey fists in his face. Hulk’s face is dripping with green blood, and the Hulk kneels down in pain. Doomsday put his spikey knee into the Hulks throat, cutting it through his tough green skin. The Hulk howls out in pain, and Doomsdays punches a hole through the Hulk’s chest, ripping out his heart and bits of his internal organs. Doomsday then proceeds to rip the rest of the Hulks body in half, punching and smashing every little bit of the Hulk in furious anger and frustration. Our last hope, completely, and utterly killed and destroyed by the living killing machine who lives up to his name. What more can anyone say except, Doomsday has come. 

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