Ironman vs Batman: Here's Who Would Win

ironman vs batman
Dark Knight vs Ironman showdown

Here's who would win in a Batman vs Ironman fight

Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne may have many similarities. They are both geniuses, both gazillionaires who run multi-gagillion dollar companies, both handsome ladies’ men, and both too arrogant for words. And, of course, they are both vigilante-superheroes with varying degrees of “darkness” in their souls with equally or more powerful friends.

But this is where their similarities end. Let’s discuss


Bruce Wayne, or Batman, does not have any natural powers to speak of, other than his genius intellect and incredible training in many fighting arts. He has considerable wealth, not unlike his opponent, and has a slew of people in his employment to help him bring his scientific creations to life.

He can endure more pain than most, which is a considerable advantage to the parallel of Iron Man. His real strength against Iron Man is his stealth, especially once he creates the batsuit he uses to sneak up on even Superman.

While Iron Man has many suits, most of his technology is worn on his body at any given time. With Batman, this is not so. He has the Batwing, Batmobile, Batcycle, and many other forms of transportation that come at his beck-and-call.

Iron Man

Iron Man, or Tony Stark to his business associates, has likewise not been blessed with natural superpowers. Like his DC counterpart, he has built his success as a hero from the ground up. Unlike his opponent, however, Tony has built every piece of equipment in his arsenal by hand (or at least designed them, as well as the robots that helped to build them).

Using the basic Iron Man suit, he can fly using the repulsor rays on the palms and soles of the feet. Those repulsors also act as weapons, which damage is dependent on how hard he wants to hit the target in the first place.

His suit is armed to the teeth with every kind of weapon imaginable, from flamethrowers to mini-machine guns. It is powered by an Arc Reactor, which gives it more power than any human-made power source in the DC Universe as well. The suit is made of a material that is lighter and stronger than almost anything else on the Earth of the Marvel universe (except the super-rare vibranium used to create, among other things, Captain America’s shield).

Tony is also never alone in his suit. With the help of JARVIS, the artificial intelligence he created to withstand his marvelous wit and with a “brain” to rival his own, Iron Man is nearly unstoppable in his own world. This is because JARVIS can detect just about anything from any direction, from people to weapons to radiation. This helps Iron Man to be not just on top of his game at all times, but ahead of the competition.

The Face Off

What is going to tip the scales in one direction or another is how these formidable heroes meet. If Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne met as regular humans, without the ability to call upon their tech, Bruce would easily take down Tony in hand to hand combat. Tony isn’t exactly weak and is experienced, but Bruce has trained his whole life for this kind of fight.

If they are unaware of each other’s existence and somehow meet in the battlefield and must fight each other, Iron Man would likely win. His suit is perfectly equipped to handle the likes of Batman.

With preparation time, then it becomes a bit of a toss-up. It is unlikely for Iron Man to invest a lot of time prepping for a battle, and his arrogance could easily be his downfall. Batman on the other hand spends his life preparing for the worst possible outcome so that he can be ready to combat anything. He is known to carry a small amount of kryptonite around to keep Superman in check, although in most storylines it is unnecessary.

This would be a fight the Bat has anticipated since the moment he became aware of Iron Man. It would be a proper fight, one for the history books, but it would eventually end in Iron Man’s destruction. Whether it be through a use of some kind of EMP or other device to cut off power to Iron Man’s suit, or the creation of a cage specifically designed to counter Iron Man’s powers, Batman will win, by any means necessary (short of killing).

The only glimmer of hope Iron Man would have is the hope that Bruce is unaware of the Arc Reactor that powers his suit and how it works. With the Bat confused by an electromagnetic pulse’s inability to shut Iron Man down, Tony might just have a moment to take the crown. That is a big “if,” however.

What it boils down to in the end is that this would be the fight of a lifetime, and something worth paying to see. Maybe someday DC and Marvel will grant my deepest wish to bring the greats together, either as friends or foes.

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