Love Them or Hate Them Marvel Has Made Over $10 Billion on Movies

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Even Deadpool is shocked at how much money Marvel has made

Over $10 billion dollars so far

Marvel has set its place in stone as one of the greatest comic book franchise in history. So, when faithful fans heard tales of movies being made one could only imagine that the payout for such films would be outstanding. At $11.5 billion Marvel has far exceeded the $10 billion mark.

With this level of monetary gain it would be easy for them to keep creating films for years to come. And though some may not wish for this to be the case the reality is there are films already set for production as you are reading this.

More to come

While the fans have had mixed opinions about the movies, this has not kept marvel from creating more movies and thus pulling in higher profits higher profits. There seems to be seven Marvel movie titles intended for release up to the year 2019!

Who could Imagine while watching Iron Man that the Marvel Cinematic Universe would ever grow to be the multibillion dollar success that it is today.

Producing one film after another it seems that these films may never end. But some dedicated Marvel fans find the movies to be a poor portrayal of the comics, and would like to see the end to these films.

Will these movies cost marvel their true fans?

While there are obviously fans of the Marvel movies the true Marvel fans may not be so pleased. That is to say the Marvel fans who can tell you the back story of every movie character to date may not be so enthused by the cinematic rendering of their childhood heroes. It’s truly uncertain to say how many of the fans like or dislike the Marvel movies, it is simple to say you will find more blogs about how overrated the Marvel films are as opposed to the praise they deserve.

Marvel has become what it is today thanks to the love and devotion of these loyal fans. But how could Marvel stop producing films when so many people are becoming inspired by the intense and action packed lives of these heroes that dwell within this cinematic universe. Some of these people may not have read the comics in their youth, but their passion for the marvel heroes is genuine and this alone should help drive the production of Marvel films long after the true fans have laid down their comics for good.


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