[Top 10] Marvel's Avengers Best Gear That Are Great

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Avengers need to have good gear to do what they do.

It's never a bad idea to have good gear with you.

In Marvel's Avengers, the team fights bad guys on the daily. It's their job. But sometimes, they need to have some good gear to stay alive and save the day. Here's a list of gear you need to get for each individual hero.


10. Red Room Uniform

Black Widow's exotic.

Black Widow is a former KGB spy. So what do spies do best? They stay invisible.

The Red Room Uniform exotic gear is an excellent support gear for the Black WIdow. The Stealth Recovery allows Black Widow to instantly regenerate health when activating her Veil of Shadows Heroic. Combine that with Unseen Fate upgrade, Black Widow can instantly perform takedowns on enemies with low health. The Suppression Resilience perk is one of the handiest perks available in the game. The Suppression status effect hinders players from sprinting, jumping, vault over objects. While it is annoying, the Red Room Uniform is the perfect counter for Black Widow players. The Extended Evade perk allows Black Widow to escape attacks farther, allowing you to escape some nasty attacks and regroup with your teammates.


What makes Red Room Uniform Great

  • Great support gear
  • Allows players to negate Suppression status effect
  • Drastically heals player health in the heat of battle


Red Room Uniform Details

  • Stealth Recovery
  • Suppression Resilience
  • Extended Evade


9. Ward of Great Responsibility

Spider-Man's exotic.

With great power, comes great responsibility. It also comes with great gear.

Spider-Man’s Ward of Great Responsibility exotic is great for dealing large amounts of damage. The Wrecking Ball Protector perk helps Spider-Man take less damage while simultaneously making his Spider-Sense status effect duration longer. The Wrecking Ball Rampage perk extends the duration of the Wrecking Ball status effect, which is a damage boosting status effect that is activated once players activate the Wrecking Ball Heroic. The Spinneret Destruction perk doubles the damage of his Web-Shooter attacks by increasing any status effect, critical chance and the normal damage.


What makes Ward of Great Responsibility Great

  • Increases range damage
  • Extends Spider-Man’s status effects
  • Increases critical chance for more damage


Ward of Great Responsibility Details

  • Wrecking Ball Protector
  • Wrecking Ball Rampage
  • Spinneret Destruction


8. Girdle of the Thunderer

Thor's exotic.

Ready to feel like a god?

When using gear for Thor, you’ll want to focus on Heroic attacks. The Girdle of the Thunderer gear increases Thor’s Heroic capabilities with these awesome perks. Asgard’s Dominion increases the overall damage Thor can deal when the Overcharged status effect is active, which is already big because the Overcharge status effect is supposed to double your normal damage. The Lightning Potentiator perk is the perfect perk for any Thor main, as it increases the shock damage. And what does Thor attack people with besides his hammer? You guessed it, lightning, which deals shock damage to anyone hit by it. Asgard’s Fury helps players achieve the Overcharge status effect easily as any attack you deal to enemies increases the energy gained by 15%, so combining this with Thor’s Hammer Spin attack, you’ll get juiced up in no time.


What makes Girdle of the Thunderer Great

  • Increases damage overall
  • Overcharge status is achieved easily
  • Rain thunder that actually hurts


Girdle of the Thunderer Details

  • Asgard’d Dominion
  • The Lightning Potentiator
  • Asgard’s Fury


7. Operative’s Kit

Hawkeye's exotic.

Any Hawkeye main knows that the Split Shot attack is Hawkeye’s greatest move in game.

Players naturally gravitate to any gear with perks that increases the Split Shot damage or effectiveness. The Operative’s Armor for Hawkeye not only does that, but it also reduces damage. Locked On Resistance allows the Locked On status effect for Hawkeye to reduce any incoming damage by 10%. The Auto Shield, similar to the Jarvis Barrier, negates enemy attacks by activating once taking damage to help you avoid getting downed. Finally, the Split Multiplier improves Hawkeye’s Split Shot skill, as well as Splintering Fire, by adding two additional arrows, so you’re essentially raining down arrows without having to aim.


What makes Operative’s Armor Great

  • Split Shot skill gets two additional arrows for more damage
  • Great defense gear
  • Negates damage


Operative’s Armor Details

  • Locked On Resistance
  • Auto Shield
  • Split Multiplier


6. Helm of the Super Soldier

Captain America's exotic.

As the leader of the Avengers, Captain America needs to provide moral support with a rousing speech and a battle cry to improve moral.

Rally Cry is Captain America’s Support Heroic that, once activated, makes all enemies near Cap take more damage. Cap mains should get the Helm of the Super Soldier gear, which increases the effectiveness of the Rally Cry Heroic with its perks. Rally Cry Breaker increases the damage of Rally Cry by 15%. Take note that this is from the attack itself when you activate Rally Cry. Attacking enemies affected by Rally Cry does not grant the 15% increase damage. Heroic Assistance lets the Support Heroic charge faster by 18%, which you need in order to activate Rally Cry a lot. Eagle’s Cry makes the Heroic last for an additional three seconds.


What makes Helm of the Super Soldier Great

  • Increases Rally Cry damage
  • Increases Rally Cry charge
  • Overall, increases the effectiveness of Rally Cry


Helm of the Super Soldier Details

  • Rally Cry Breaker
  • Heroic Assistance
  • Eagle’s Cry


5. Marvelous Regalia

Ms. Marvel's exotic.

Ms. Marvel’s Support Heroic, Healing Spirit, heals herself and other players around her.

Upgrading the Healing Spirit to Team Spirit, however, allows Ms. Marvel to heal even downed players. Pretty great, right? But having the Marvelous Regalia gear equipped on Ms. Marvel will increase the effectiveness of your Support Heroic. With the Marvelous Regalia, activating Team Spirit near other players not only grants them full health, but also increases their damage by 20% with the Mighty Spirit perk, so you’ll be every DPS players’ dream. The Proficient Spirit perk doubles that damage by granting a 35% increase in Critical Attack chance. In order to keep the train going, the Heroic Assistance perk will help Ms. Marvel mains charge up the Heroic by increasing the charge rate by 18%, allowing you to continue spamming the Heroic for more health and damage.


What makes Marvelous Regalia Great

  • Great offensive and healing gear
  • Support Heroic has faster recharge
  • Makes Ms. Marvel a must have for support


Marvelous Regalia Detais

  • Mighty Spirit
  • Proficient Spirit
  • Heroic Assistance



4. Repulsors of the Storm

Iron Man's exotic.

Iron Man has a lot of arsenals that does a boatload of damage, but his missile attacks deal the most. But that doesn’t mean it can’t hurt more.

The Repulsors of the Storm gear is an exotic gear that deals heavy cosmic damage from his missiles. The Adept Buff perk grants a Damage Buff if players attack enemies in their weak points, though only on a percent chance, so you better pray to RNGesus. The Cosmic Munition perk imbues Iron Man’s missile attacks with cosmic energy. The Targeted Tachyon Surge lets players activate Tachyon Surge, which increases all status damage by 50%, but only with a percent chance if you hit an enemy with a Range Critical Attack.


What makes Repulsors of the Storm Great

  • Increases missile damage
  • Grants a damage buff for all attacks
  • Activates Tachyon Surge for additional status damage


Repulsors of the Storm Details

  • Adept Buff
  • Cosmic Munition
  • Targeted Tachyon Surge


3. Battle Guard of the Ancestors

Black Panther's exotic.

Just like the MCU, Black Panther’s suit can store kinetic energy and can later be used against his enemies.

Black Panther’s Battle Guard of the Ancestors gear is perfect for those who rely heavily on Black Panther’s Intrinsic attacks. The Untouchable Beads perk activates his Recovery Beads after defeating enemies with Intrinsic Attacks or after performing a Perfect Evade. Panther’s Effect perk gives a 20% increase in Stun, Status, and Intrinsic Attacks. Percussive Blast Extension extends the Percussive Blast status effect by 2.5 seconds with each enemy defeated. With Percussive Blast an Intrinsic Attack, and with the Untouchable Beads and Panther’s Effector perks, this piece of gear makes Black Panther a walking tank with claws.


What makes Battle Guard of the Ancestors Great

  • Recovery Beads keep players health up
  • Increase of Intrinsic damage
  • Percussive Blast lasts longer with more enemies defeated


Battle Guard of the Ancestors Details

  • Untouchable Beads
  • Panthers Effector
  • Percussive Blast Extension


2. Planet Cracker Dendrites

Hulk's exotic.

The Incredible Hulk is a powerhouse in the game, but that shouldn’t stop players from turning the green beast into a planet cracker.

The Planet Cracker Dendrites gear grants Hulk three amazing perks that can only make the Hulk a fearsome monster. Aggressive Might grants 20% more damage to anyone with the Taunted status effect, which can be triggered by activating his Support Heroic. Heroic Assistance charges Hulk’s Support Heroic faster by 18%, which is neat because the Aggressive Buff gives Hulk a Damage Buff that has a 39.6% chance of triggering by defeating Taunted enemies.


What makes Planet Cracker Dendrites Great

  • Makes the already powerful Hulk even more powerful
  • Triples Hulk’s damage


Planet Cracker Dendrite Details

  • Aggressive Might
  • Heroic Assistance
  • Aggressive Buff


1. Provacateur’s Charm

Kate Bishop's exotic.

Kate Bishop stole A.I.M. tech for her gear, whose to say she won’t do it again? Because she definitely did with this gear piece.

Kate Bishop’s Provacateur’s Charm is a must have for any Kate main. Surge Enhancer grants a 20% increased damage when Quantum Surge is active, which is already a status effect that doubles Kate’s damage. The Decoy Effector essentially makes Kate’s Decoy Support Heroic much more effect, as it increases the duration by 10% and more damage. Kate’s Quantum Precision perk provides a 20% increase in Ranged Damage during Quantum Override. Combine The Surge Enhancer and Quantum Precision, Kate Bishop’s damage can melt enemies easily.


What makes Provacateur’s Charm Great

  • Grants players basically 40% increased damage
  • Decoy Support Heroic is now more effective
  • Makes Kate feel powerful


Provacateur’s Charm Details

  • Surge Enhancer
  • Decoy Effector
  • Quantum Precision

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