NFS The Run

NFS The Run
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NFS The Run (2011)

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Jack Rourke is in deep trouble. He owes huge money to a mob and they threaten to kill him if he doesn't pay in time. Desperate for a solution, Jack teams up with his business partner, Sam Harper who suggests that a fearless race driver like him should take part in 'The Run'. The winner will go home with $25 million dollars in cash and Jack agrees.

Winning the race will not be easy, because Jack is pursued by the cops and the mob who want to ensure he doesn't make it from San Francisco to New York. Will Jack be able to finish first? Powered by the DICE Frostbite 2 engine, NFS The Run revs up engines with astounding visuals and groundbreaking car controls bringing underground racing to life.

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Dutoitsean's picture

Dutoitsean 8 years 4 weeks ago

Despite large-scale thumbs down for Need for Speed The Run, it was an awe-inspiring display of beautiful cars and spectacular graphics. The storyline of a non- stop race across North America across different landscapes with cars with different handling styles had me entertained for hours in single player as well as the challenge series.

xavirex's picture

xavirex 8 years 1 month ago

Need for Speed is a gaming franchise that has stirred up the gaming world immensely. From their first game itself, they seem to have strived to build a perfect racing game for all ages. There have been multiple tries, but generally a negligible plot, considering that people tend to sway away from the story line and just chill out (oh yes, indeed the infinite number of races can be tiring). But not for this game! The Run doesn't let you sway away from the base plot - it keeps you going race after race with hardly any stop. It is a marathon - with each race on a different map, different weather, different opponents, and of course, a different difficulty level. There are maps where you drive through an avalanche, with those humongous ice blocks falling on you whilst you drift and slide your car making way through them all. There are maps on which there is no space left to run, but the only choice is to ram your opponent to build up some more space. Then there is scenery, so realistic that it gives you the chills each time you play the game. All said and done, the game itself is fun, entertaining, and highly recommended. It is not everyday that you play a racing game that is so hell-bent on getting you through the plot, now is it?

nicksxon's picture

nicksxon 8 years 1 month ago

From the moments you start the Run you feel the thrill. From being chased by the mob and the cops to racing to get the 25 million dollars gives you a certain chill. Black Box have done an amazing job especially since despite all the enhancements and upgrades from previous NFS games they have not lost what truly defines the game in terms of the challenges it offers.

tshoop's picture

tshoop 8 years 1 month ago

NFS the Run is an intense game continuing in the franchise of the Need for Speed games. If you liked any of the Need for Speed games then The Run is definitely a must play. The graphics make the gamer feel like they are in the action.

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