'Pentiment' Murder Mystery Will Have Looking Over Your Shoulder All The Time

'Pentiment' Murder Mystery Will Have Looking Over Your Shoulder All The Time
Time to become the 16th-century German Sherlock!

‘Pentiment’ is set in early 16th-century Germany. The game is heavily narrative-driven and has been developed as a mystery adventure. 

Unique hand-drawn storybook-style artwork elevates the game and gives it a unique twist. Image by 'Pentiment.' 

You play as an artist who has gotten himself entangled in a series of murders at ‘Kiersau Abbey’ over 25 years. You need to use your wits and skills to expose the killers before it’s too late! 

You need to watch your step while you conduct your investigation because every decision you make will have lasting consequences that will ultimately impact the outcome of your story.

The game has been developed with a storybook style that walks you through the adventure, page by page. You will need to make decisions, question suspects, examine clues, and come up with clever deductions. 

Search for clues and ask questions to try and piece together what happened at the time of the murder. Image by 'Pentiment.' 

Every step of the way, you will face danger from dangerous killers that will stop at nothing to prevent you from exposing their guilt and sending them to the gallows for murder! 

You would do well to investigate the history of the abbey, and everyone associated with it if you want to catch the killers as quickly as possible. Look out for patterns and clues that can point you in the right direction. Sometimes the answers are hiding in plain sight, right under your nose!

‘Pentiment’ is developed by ‘Obsidian.’ The game is scheduled to be released on Steam in November 2022. However, the developers have not yet disclosed an exact release date.


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