Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6
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Resident Evil 6 (2013)

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Enter a zombie infested world and experience spine chilling action adventure from four different characters. Neo Umbrella is the new corporation under control and a small mistake of theirs triggers a series of events. Ada Wong is the central figure while characters Derek Simmons, Jake Muller, Chris Redfield and others narrate the events they witnessed in first person perspective.

Bring the plots together by completing all four sets of missions and uncover what Resident Evil 6 has to offer. Set in an environment where killing mutant zombies is the base gameplay, there's plenty of new mysteries to uuncover as players feel the emotional trauma of each character from an individual point of view.

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johnlcb's picture

johnlcb 8 years 2 months ago

The game mixes all the different styles of the saga from fear with the nerves to the point of action exquisite graphics and ,to tie up loose ends from previous installments makes that as a good fan of resident evil you finish and complete all the puzzles that you ill be even more dedicated to do that anything else and if we liquefy the zombies from previous sagas with a pinch of left for dead and horror films we get best combination of zombies ever,join you best friend with the coopmode

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