[Top 15] Spider-Man Best Skills Every Player Should Use (Early To Late Game)

Best Spider-Man Skills
I think I left my web fluid at home!

Skill trees are typically the backbone of gameplay in most AAA Action-Adventure Superhero games. The same can be said about Marvel’s Spider-Man. Skills hold great power, but the only way to access this power is to choose responsibly. 


15. Swing Kick

Spider-Man's attacks are much more effective when he's fighting enemies in mid-air.

The swing kick is one of the first skills available in Marvel’s Spider-Man. The swing kick is an aerial attack that ties very well into your combos. Holding the square button in mid-air allows you to perform it. It can propel smaller enemies off the ground, launching them into the air. It needs to be upgraded to affect larger enemies. Additionally, the swing kick does not need to be aimed, as it targets the enemy closest to you. This attack is one of Spider-Man’s signature moves and will be a great help in making any neighborhood more friendly. 

Why swing kick is great: 

  • It can be used to launch enemies into the air
  • It is useful for air combos
  • This attack works well with other attacks
  • It does not require much effort

Swing kick details: 

  • Needs to be upgraded to work on Brutes
  • Does not need to be aimed
  • Is one of Spidey’s iconic moves

Cost: 1 Skill Point 


14. Web Throw

Spider-Man tends to use his webs to restrain, confuse, and move enemies.  

The web throw is one of the starting skills in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Hold the triangle to use the web throw. The web throw is a ground attack that allows you to throw enemies into walls or onto each other. You can throw webbed or electrified enemies using the web throw. Using enemies against each other is very good for crowd control.

Why the web throw is great: 

  • You can throw enemies into walls
  • You can throw enemies into each other
  • It is great for crowd control
  • Works with webbed or electrified enemies

Web throw details:

  • Needs to be upgraded to work on brutes
  • It is a ground attack
  • Hold triangle to use it

Cost: 1 Skill Point


13. Perfect Dodge

With skilled acrobatics and great timing, Spider-Man can easily defeat his weaker enemies.

The perfect dodge is the last starter skill you should purchase in Marvel’s Spider-Man. It’s a move that requires more skill than both the web throw and the swing kick. When you dodge with perfect timing, you’ll counter enemies with a web shot. You can perfect dodge by pressing the circle button when your spider-sense turns blue.

Why perfect dodge is great: 

  • It is satisfying to pull off
  • It is very flashy
  • It stuns enemies

Perfect dodge details:

  • You need to dodge when your spider sense turns blue to use this
  • It requires more skill than most moves
  • It can be greatly upgraded

Cost: 1 Skill Point


12. Air Tricks

Spider-Man usually traverses the city with his own style and flair, making sure to enjoy the sights he sees along the way. 

Air tricks are a necessary upgrade to your traversal skills and the first non-starter upgrade you should focus on. Air tricks are stylistic moves you perform in mid-air while web-swinging. They might seem minuscule and unimportant, but every time you perform an air trick you’ll gain XP. This will be very useful for leveling up and gaining skill points. Air tricks will add a lot more enjoyment to web-swinging as well.

Why air tricks are great: 

  • It makes web swinging more fun 
  • It makes web swinging more stylized 
  • Gives you XP 

Air tricks details:

  • Easy to perform 
  • Press triangle and circle in mid-air to perform
  • Can be chained together
  • There are 6 different air tricks
  • Some are harder to perform than others 

Cost: 1 Skill Point


11. Quick Zip

If he makes proper use of his webbing, Spider-Man can be extremely fast. 

Quick zip, like air tricks, is a necessary upgrade to your traversal skills. The quick zip skill allows you to web zip twice without losing altitude. This skill will grant you extra speed and control when traversing the city. Anyone with spider powers and a pair of web shooters can web swing, but it takes real skill to truly master it. With quick zip, mastering web swinging becomes much easier.

Why quick zip is great: 

  • It allows you to web zip twice
  • It gives you extra speed
  • It gives you more control

Quick zip details: 

  • Press X twice to quick zip
  • It is easy to perform
  • It can be used again after another web swing, point launch, or landing

Cost: 1


10. Point Launch Boost

Spider-Man has the ability to zip towards a point (as pictured) and launch off of that point. 

The point launch boost completely overhauls the momentum you’re able to gain when launching off a point. If you press the X button at the right time, you will launch off any point with much more velocity than usual. The momentum you’ll gain from a boosted point launch is spectacular and will allow you to swing across the city with amazing speed. 

Why the point launch boost is great: 

  • Upgrades the point launch 
  • It gives you more momentum
  • It makes it easier to web swing

Point launch boost details: 

  • It requires good timing
  • It’s not too difficult to do

Cost: 1


9. Ground Strike

Spider-Man's movements are very precise, allowing him to land exactly where he wants to. 

The ground strike is a powerful aerial attack that deals heavy knockback and damage to the enemies caught in its blast. Once you’re in the air, you can fly downwards and send back any enemy caught in the shockwave. You can use the ground strike by pressing square and X at the same time. The ground strike is essential for combat scenarios, but can also be used for traversal, allowing you to get much lower in a concise amount of time. 

Why the ground strike is great: 

  • It knocks enemies back
  • It has a lot of range
  • It does a lot of damage

Ground strike details: 

  • You can use ground strike by pressing square and X at the same time
  • It is more effective the higher you use it
  • It can be used for traversal as well

Cost: 2


8. Air Yank

Spider-Man is used to fighting enemies from several feet above the ground.

The air yank allows you to pull enemies upwards in your direction. Usually, you have to go to enemies to string them into an air combo, but with the air yank, you can bring enemies to you. To use the air yank, hold the triangle while in the air. The air yank won’t work on larger enemies. The air yank is a necessary addition to an amazing arsenal. 

Why the air yank is great: 

  • It helps with air combos
  • It makes enemies more vulnerable to aerial attacks
  • Brings enemies to you

Air yank details: 

  • Hold triangle while airborne to use
  • Won’t work on brutes

Cost: 2


7. Quick Recovery

The feast shelter (as pictured) is where a lot of Spider-Man's allies and friends are. It's a crucial point in the game's map and it's important that you're able to travel there quickly. With skills like quick recovery, this becomes much easier. 

Quick recovery allows you to launch yourself back into the air once you land on the ground. Press X when you hit the ground to use quick recovery. Web-Swinging is exhilarating, but it usually ends the second you hit the ground. With quick recovery, this all changes. This is another necessary asset to Spider-Man’s traversal skills. 

Why quick recovery is great: 

  • It makes web swinging easier
  • It allows you to keep swinging after hitting the ground
  • It’s an enjoyable move that can be very stylish when used correctly

Quick recovery details:

  • Press X when you hit the ground to use
  • Must be done relatively quickly

Cost: 1

6. Spin Cycle

This fight with Electro (as pictured) takes place during the Raft mission. 

The spin cycle allows you to keep spinning when you’re throwing enemies. The spin cycle is an essential upgrade to a very useful move. With the spin cycle, you will be able to hit multiple enemies in the wind-up of your throw. This makes throwing enemies even better for crowd control. With the spin cycle, you can make any throw spectacular.

Why the spin cycle is so great:

  • It’s great for crowd control
  • It can damage multiple enemies at the same time
  • It’s very useful

Spin cycle details:

  • Mash triangle while throwing an enemy to use
  • The longer you mash triangle, the longer you’ll be spinning an enemy 

Cost: 1


5. Payback

Scorpion is one of the few enemies capable of catching Spider-Man by surprise (as pictured). Usually, he is able to dodge enemy attacks without problems. 

Payback rewards you with an instant takedown as a result of a perfect dodge. Payback is one of the best skills in Marvel’s Spider-Man. It’s the best and last upgrade available for the perfect dodge. Performing a perfect dodge requires much more timing and skill than most moves in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Although this won’t make performing perfect dodges any easier, it will enhance the reward you receive for performing such a sensational feat. 

Why payback is great:

  • It gives you an instant takedown 
  • It upgrades the perfect dodge
  • It makes performing a perfect dodge more worthwhile

Payback details:

  • Press triangle after performing a perfect dodge to use 
  • Triangle must be pressed quickly after the dodge

Cost: 3


4. Bunker Buster

Spider-Man is great at breaking through enemy defenses. 

Bunker buster upgrades the swing kick so it now knocks over shielded enemies. It can be challenging to land an air combo on enemies who have shields. They are grounded and completely immune to frontal attacks. With bunker buster, that all changes. They can now be easily knocked over and attacked. This skill is especially helpful if you’re having trouble with shielded enemies. With bunker buster, nothing will stand in your way. 

Why bunker buster is great: 

  • It makes it easier to fight shielded enemies
  • It upgrades the swing kick 
  • It makes it easier to start air combos

Bunker buster details: 

  • Does not apply to brutes
  • Hold Square to use swing kick 

Cost: 2


3. Wrecking Ball

Spider-Man can easily overpower most enemies.

When they’re webbed, brutes can be grabbed and thrown with the “wrecking ball” skill. Brutes have the most damage and are only susceptible to damage when they are webbed or stunned by a throwable object. With wrecking ball, it becomes possible to knock them off their feet. Additionally, they can be thrown at other enemies and into walls. This skill will give you superior strength over your enemies. 

Why the wrecking ball is great: 

  • Makes it easier to fight brutes
  • Gives you the ability to throw brutes at enemies
  • Gives you the ability to throw brutes into walls

Wrecking ball details: 

  • Hold triangle to throw brutes
  • Works with both webbing and electricity

Cost: 1


2. Blast Off

Spider-Man's relationships and non-superhero responsibilities are often pushed to the sidelines. 

With blast off, air launch attacks knock back other enemies. Air combos are a crucial key to the combat system in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Aerial attacks generate more focus energy, allowing you to perform more finishers and gain more health; however, air combos are risky to pull off. Air launches are the best way to send enemies into the air, and air launches can be interrupted by other enemies attacking you. With blast off, no close-range enemy will be able to interrupt you. Blast off is an amazing upgrade! 

Why blast off is great: 

  • Other enemies won’t be able to interrupt your air launch
  • It makes it easier to start air combos
  • Works on all enemy types

Blast off details:

  • It runs out if you do multiple air launches in rapid succession
  • Hold square to air launch

Cost: 2


1. Chain Finisher 

Spider-Man's willpower is unbreakable. He never gives up. 

Chain finishers allow you to do two finishers for the price of one. The “chain finishers” skill is the best skill in Marvel’s Spider-Man. This skill allows you to use one focus bar for two finishers. This means that with three focus bars, you could do six finishers. Finishers allow you to beat one enemy in one move. With this skill, you could theoretically take out six enemies with little to no effort. This is absolutely the ultimate skill! 

What makes chain finishers great:

  • Doubles the number of finishers you can perform
  • Allows you to conserve focus energy
  • It is extremely effective when fighting small groups of enemies

Chain finishers details:

  • The second finisher must be performed quickly
  • Press triangle and circle simultaneously to perform a finisher

Cost: 3


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