[Top 10] Spider-Man Best Suit Mods That Are Most Useful

Best Spider-Man Suit Mods
New suit, who this?

Suit Mods are one of the many wonderful mechanics in Marvel’s Spider-Man, but with 23 different suit mods, it might be hard to tell which ones are the best. Here’s a guide on the best suit mods available. 


10.  Life Support

Spider-Man tends to perform impossible and life-threatening feats. 

Life support automatically consumes a focus bar to heal you when you are low on health. This gives players a huge advantage in dangerous scenarios. You can die very quickly in Marvel’s Spider-Man, and it’s very important to react quickly and heal before you take any more damage. With life support equipped, you won’t have to react at all. 

What makes Life Support great:

  • Automatic healing
  • Death prevention
  • Good for new and experienced players

Life Support details: 

  • You must always keep an extra focus bar if you want life support to work every time
  • Will work no matter how low your health is 

Cost: 3 challenge tokens and 3 research tokens


9. Metabolic Converter

Spider-Man's enemies are typically armed and dangerous (as pictured), and most of the time, he chooses to fight them head on.

Metabolic converter gives you the chance to generate gadget refills whenever you take damage. Taking damage is almost inevitable when facing off against the worst NYC has to offer. With this suit mod equipped, every time you lose health you’ll gain ammunition. 

What makes the metabolic converter great: 

  • Free gadget refills
  • Rewards you for taking damage
  • Is very helpful in hopeless situations

Metabolic converter details:

  • Only works with damage and not when stunned
  • It will not help with death prevention or healing

Cost: 3 research tokens


8. Kinetic Power Cells

Spider-Man can use focus energy to perform finishers (as pictured). 

Kinetic power cells increase the overall rate of focus generation. Focus is used for basically everything in Marvel’s Spider-Man, from finishers to healing. Kinetic power cells will make you a powerhouse of defense and offense. 

What makes kinetic power cells great:

  • More focus energy
  • Overall benefits
  • More finishers
  • More healing

Kinetic power cells:

  • Will not increase max focus energy
  • Will increase focus energy gained from aerial attacks and ground attacks 

Cost: 1 challenge token and 3 crime tokens 


7. Full Charge Capacitors

Spider-Man uses his amazing strength to overpower and incapacitate criminals. 

Your superhero skills will progress farther and farther as you swing across the city that never sleeps. Once you’re advanced enough, you’ll be ready for full charge capacitors. With full charge capacitors, you’ll be able to do extra damage when your health is above 100. If you use this mod correctly, you’ll become a force to be reckoned with. 

What makes full charge capacitors great: 

  • Increased damage
  • Rewards you for managing your health bar
  • Becomes more powerful the higher your max health gets

Full charge capacitors details: 

  • Only works when health is above 100
  • Will be a noticeable decrease in damage when below 100

Cost: 2 base tokens and 4 crime tokens 


6. Long Range Scanner

Spider-Man can easily track down enemies from faraway places. 

Fighting large groups of enemies is commonplace for any NYC wallcrawler; therefore, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed. If you’re a Spider-Man who likes to plan, then you should try out the Long Range Scanner. Long-range scanner increases the range of the AR scanner, allowing it to mark items and enemies from farther away.

Long range scanner: 

  • Increased AR scanner range
  • Easier to keep track of enemies
  • Marks items from farther away

Long range scanner details: 

  • The increase in AR scanner range is significant 
  • Will work with all items and enemies

Cost: 1 backpack token and 1 landmark token 


5. Combat Analyzer 

In Marvel's Spider-Man, players can use XP to improve Spider-Man's speed, agility, and strength. 

Like many games, Marvel’s Spider-Man uses experience(XP) to give players the chance to gain new moves and abilities! The Combat Analyzer allows you to gain extra XP from all combat encounters, which gives you a powerful general advantage.

Why combat analyzer is great: 

  • General combat advantage 
  • Extra XP
  • Makes it easier to level up faster

Combat analyzer details: 

  • Works with all combat encounters
  • No specific offensive or defensive advantages 

Cost: 3 crime tokens and 1 landmark token 


4. Ferromagnetic Harness

Spider-Man tends to find himself in sticky situations (as pictured).

There are many different types of damage you could be dealing with when facing rotten supervillains and nasty criminals, but electrocution might be the most dangerous damage type out there. With ferromagnetic harness equipped, the electrocution status will last for a much shorter period of time. 

What makes ferromagnetic harness great: 

  • Electrocution resistance
  • Damage resistance
  • Higher durability

Ferromagnetic harness details:

  • Does not affect constraining attacks
  • Does not affect stun grenades

Cost: 2 base tokens and 4 challenge tokens 


3. Reactive Lenses

Spider-Man needs clear vision to protect the ones he loves. 

Spider-Man has to deal with muggers, thieves, and even girl problems, but the worst thing the friendly neighborhood superhero could ever face is the malicious stun grenade. The stun grenade leaves a long-lasting flickering effect on the screen that is so disorienting it is almost impossible to continue fighting. Reactive lenses reduce the long-lasting flickering effect of stun grenades and flash bangs.

What makes reactive lenses great: 

  • Stun resistance
  • Makes it easier to fight enemies with flashbangs
  • Increased awareness

Reactive lenses: 

  • Does not affect electric damage
  • Stun resistance is significant 

Cost: 4 crime tokens and 2 research tokens 


2. Charged Outer Mesh

Spider-Man swings across a big city (as pictured), and there's a lot of danger he has to deal with. 

Getting hit is another negative inevitability that exists within the world of Marvel’s Spider-Man, but even getting punched, kicked, or stabbed can be used in your favor when this spectacular suit mod is equipped. Charged outer mesh will electrify any enemy who hits you. This ability will need to recharge after each use, but is very helpful nonetheless. 

What makes charged outer mesh great: 

  • Increased defense
  • Electrifies any enemy who hits you
  • Recharge time is short

Charged outer mesh details:

  • Needs to be recharged
  • Electricity is very damaging

Cost: 6 crime tokens and 2 research tokens 


1. Stormbolt discharger

Usually, Spider-Man's enemies try to use electricity against him, but with stormbolt discharger, he can use electricity against them. 

There are many ways to damage enemies in Marvel’s Spider-Man. This includes a variety of combos, attacks, and gadgets, but this suit mod will always be the most impressive boost in strength available. The stormbolt discharger gives you the ability to build electric energy with aerial attacks and then release that energy by attacking enemies on the ground. This is a highly damaging suit mod that electrifies your combos. 

What makes the stormbolt discharger great: 

  • Rewards you for air combos
  • Electricity damage
  • Makes it easier to keep your combo 

Stormbolt discharger details: 

  • No cooldown
  • Works with all enemies 

Cost: 6 crime tokens and 4 research tokens

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