[Top 15] TFT Best Traits For The Meta (Ranked)

Best Traits in TFT Set 8
Traits are the primary key to victory.

TFT is all about combining the right traits and matching them to get the best team possible, and in this article, we will be discussing some of the trending traits that can be used to win your games, why they should be used, and the pros and cons of each of them.


When a LaserCorp agent attacks or is hit by an attack, their combat drone deals magic damage to the agent's target (0.4 second cooldown). When a LaserCorps agent dies, their drone is reassigned to the nearest living agent.

Drones lasers deal:

  • 3 25 magic damage.
  • 5 45 magic damage.
  • 7 80 magic damage.
  • 9 99 magic damage, and each agent gets a 2nd drone.

Champions that activate the Lasercorps trait are: Ashe, Renekton, Yasuo, Senna, Zed, Sejuani, and Mordekaiser.

The Lasercorps emblem is made by combining Spatula and BF. Sword

This is one of the strongest traits in the TFT, as it deals so much additional damage, and having nine of the Lasercorps on your board is a win.

Lasercorps can keep scaling for the whole game as it has a strong early, mid, and late game. So you can go for it if you have many copies of its champions in your shop in the early game.

Having two spatulas is a sign to play full Lasercorps, as you can reach its maximum damage by activating the whole trait.

Lasercorps is also a really good combo, as it has a huge potential to make lots of combos such as Hacker with Zed, Recon with Ashe, or even Sureshot with Senna.


Innate: increased movement speed.

Duelists' attacks grant bonus Attack Speed, up to 12 stacks.

  • 2 +5% Attack Speed per stack
  • 4 +9% Attack Speed per stack
  • 6 +15% Attack Speed per stack
  • 8 +24% Attack Speed per stack

Champions that activate the Duelist trait are: Kayle, Gangplank, Yasuo, Fiora, Nilah, Vayne, and Zed.

The Duelist Emblem is made by combining a spatula and a recurved bow.

This combo, not to mention one of the fastest in the game, revolves around attack speed and stacking attack speed from the trait itself.

This combo has a high potential in the early and midgame, but if you can’t hit the eight duelists or you can’t get more traits activated by the late game, they will fall behind against big tanks like Rammus or high damage dealers like Fiddlesticks or Taliyah.

Go for Duelist if you have a spatula and recurved bow for Zoe to activate the hacker trait with Zed, or just put the emblem on Bel’Veth as she already stacks attack speed.

You can have multiple traits activated, such as Recon with Vayne, Hacker with Zed, Ox Force with Fiora, or even Lasercorps with Zed and Yasuo.


Star Guardians gain more Mana in combat.

  • 3 40% additional mana
  • 5 70% additional mana
  • 7 120% additional mana
  • 9 200% additional mana

Champions that activate the Starguardian trait: Lux, Yuumi, Rell, Kai’Sa, Nilah, Ekko, Taliyah, and Syndra

Unfortunately, you can forge an emblem for Starguardian, but you can also get it through the Tome of Traits, Augments, or even the Items Circle.

This is a really strong combo in terms of spamming skills, as they regenerate tonnes of mana, which would make them deal high damage, but they kind of lack tanks. Although Nilah and Ekko are really strong frontlines, you need to combine them with other traits so that you can get the best out of them.

In case you got 9 Starguardians, you would have a high chance of winning the game if you were not placed against assassin Zed or something.

You can look for another Spellslinger member to activate it with Lux and Taliyah, an Aegis member for Ekko, or even Recon with Kai’sa.

Go for this combo if you have many copies of members such as Lux, Yuumi, Rell, and Nilah in the early game, but make sure to activate more traits so that you can sustain the early game.


Every 5 seconds, Spellslinger's next attack instead fires a magic orb at a random target, which explodes for 50% Ability Power as magic damage. Spellslingers gain:

  • 2 +25 Ability Power
  • 4 +60 Ability Power
  • 6 +95 Ability Power
  • 8 +140 Ability Power, and orbs deal 150% Ability Power

Champions that activate the Spellslinger trait are: Lux, Annie, Sona, Leblanc, Taliyah, and Janna.

You can’t forge the spellslinger emblem, sadly, but you can still get it from the tome of traits, augments, or even the items circle in mid-late game.

This trait revolves around ability-power champions, who require tonnes of mana to cast their spells more often, so it’s best to mix it up with Starguardian champions so that you can get the best out of the team.

Taliyah is the main source of damage in this team in normal cases, unless you have a damage augment for Leblanc, then she would be able to deal the damage needed beside Taliyah.

Spellslinger is one of the highest damage dealer traits in late game; it can get a little hard for you in the early game as they don’t have enough tanks, but once you get the full combo, you will have the advantage to win.

You can mix Spellslinger with a Starguardian such as Ekko, and you can also have Alistar in a combo to activate both the Ox Force trait with Annie and the Aegis trait with Ekko.


  • 1 Threats do not have a Trait bonus, but instead have powerful Abilities and increased base stats.

Champions that activate the Threat trait are: Vel’Koz, Cho’Gath, Rammus, Bel’Veth, Zac, Urgot, and Fiddlesticks.

Threat emblem cannot be forged or found in the game because it serves no purpose and is only available to threat members with customised abilities.

Threat members are really cool when being placed, as they can be placed with a full threat team where everyone has a couple of skills to offer or with a team that has an empty place.

You can use tank threat members in teams that lack tanks, and you can place damage dealer threat members in teams that lack damage dealers.


Combat start: Sureshots gain bonus Attack Damage now, and every 4 seconds.

  • 2 +8% Attack Damage
  • 4 +20% Attack Damage

Champions that activate the Sureshot trait are: Sivir, Senna, Samira, and Aphelios.

Well, as with many other emblems, you can’t combine it using the spatula, but you can get it out of the tome of traits or augments; you won’t really need it as you can get the full potential of the trait with its champions, but if you only have 3 of them and want the 4th, it’s still possible.

Sureshot rotates around the attack damage champions; the longer they live, the more damage they deal. And it’s obvious that this trait can’t stand alone and that it must be mixed up with other traits to get that victory.

Sureshot champions can deal the necessary damage when properly protected by tanks, so you can either use another trait such as Mecha: Prime or defenders to protect them, or you can get four other Threat members to protect them: Cho'Gath, Rammus, Zac, and Fiddlesticks.

You can also activate the civilian trait with Sivir using Janna or Galio; moreover, you can use the underground trait with Samira to gain more loot.


A.D.M.I.N programs a custom configuration per player each game.

  • 2 [Initialize ADMIN cause and effect]
  • 4 [Add another effect to the program]
  • 6 Boost previous tier by 100%

Champions that activate the A.D.M.I.N. trait are Blitzcrank, Camille, Leblanc, and Soraka.

A.D.M.I.N. elements can be combined with a spartula and a Negatron cloak, which can help you activate more effects for your A.D.M.I.N. members in particular or for your whole team in general.

The A.D.M.I.N. trait can get really strong if combined with the right combos and effects, especially if they target only the trait members as it gives them stronger effects.

If you are willing to play A.D.M.I.N. as the main trait, then you will need to have Soraka as your main damage dealer, which should be mixed up with other traits to get the best out of her, such as heart trait members or spellslinger trait members if you are willing to have Leblanc as your main damage source.

But you can always use the A.D.M.I.N. trait as your secondary trait that supports the main trait you are willing to play, such as maybe using Leblanc's spellslinger trait and Blitzcrank's brawler trait.


Renegade units deal bonus damage, and the last one standing deals more.

  • 3 35% bonus damage, extra 20% for last alive
  • 6 60% bonus damage, extra 40% for last alive

Champions that activate the Renegade trait: Sylas, Talon, Camille, Viego, and Leona

The good part is that you can forge the Renegade emblem using a spatula and sparring gloves, so you would only need 1 more emblem to unlock the full potential of the trait.

The trait is best mixed up with the Ox Force trait, which gets the best out of both as Viego and Talon share the Renegade and Ox Force.

If you find yourself lacking tanks, you can always use Leona as the Mecha: Prime champion selected by placing two more Mecha: Prime champions behind her and casting the item on her.

The renegade trait revolves around bonus damage given to all of its members, which is most likely to be Viego, so having the right items on him would make him a beast dealing tonnes of damage.

Having this trait as your primary can hurt you in early games but surely will help you scale in the mid- and late-game.

7-Mecha Prime

Use the Mecha selector item to choose a PRIME.

Combat start: the PRIME combines with the 2 nearest Mecha, absorbing 100% of their Base Health.

  • 3 The PRIME gains 60 Ability Power and 60% Attack Damage
  • 5 All Mechas gain 40 Ability Power and 40% Attack Damage; The PRIME gains double this amount.

Champions that activate the Mecha Prime trait are: Wukong, Draven, Jax, Sett, and Leona.

You can't combine the Mecha: Prime emblem, but you won't need it most of the time because the full trait can be activated using its own champions, but if you need another Mecha Prime on your team, you can always get the emblem from Tome of trait or augments.

Mecha: Prime can get really strong when played with the right traits, as you will have fewer champions than your opponent, but surely you will have a beast on your board that consumes 2 other champions base health.

Mecha Prime can be played both ways, either as a huge tank or a huge damage dealer, where you can have Jax as your selected prime as he can deal tonnes of damage while having brawler champions next to him.

It can also be used on Sett to give him a huge tank on the frontlines, but of course you can always use it on any champion you feel is the best in your situation.


This trait is active only when you have exactly 1 or 4 unique Aces.

  • 1 Execute enemies under 15% Health
  • 4 Execute enemies under 30% health

Champions that activate the Ace trait are: Raven, Samira, Miss Fortune, and Mordekaiser.

You can’t combine the Ace emblem, but you can have the full trait with the four champions without the need for an additional emblem. Yet you can still get the emblem from the tome of traits or augments so you can have more executors on your team who execute anyone who is below 30% of his health.

Ace can get really strong as it can execute multiple enemies as all of its members, such as Samira or Miss Fortune, have area damage, which can kill multiple targets at the same time.

The Ace trait can’t be played alone as it lacks tanks, so you should place tanks in the frontlines either who could make a combo and activate more traits such as the Mecha: Prime, or you can place some tank threat members such as Rammus, Cho’Gath, or even Zac.


When Heart units cast their Ability, your team gains stacking Ability Power for the rest of combat.

  • 2 +4 Ability Power
  • 4 +7 Ability Power
  • 6 +10 Ability Power

Champions that activate the Heart trait: Lulu, Lee Sin, Yuumi, Sona, Soraka, and Syndra

A heart emblem can be forged using a spatula and a goddess's tear, which can have a huge impact on your team in case you want to fill a non-heart champion in your team but yet you want him to be stacking more and more ability power.

The heart trait revolves around the ability power that allows its members to stack more ability power every time a unit casts his ability.

Heart can be used as a primary damage dealing source, but the bad part is that it lacks tanks, so you should be looking for tanks on the frontlines, and the best match is a brawler for Lee Sin, such as Blitzcrank, which will have both the brawler and A.D.M.I.N. traits, or Mascot members, with Yuumi.


Brawlers gain additional maximum Health.

  • 2 +20% Max Health
  • 4 +45% Max Health
  • 6 70% Max Health
  • 8 +99% Max Health

Champions that activate the Brawler trait are: Blitzcrank, Renekton, Lee Sin, Vi, Riven, Jax, and Sejuani.

Unfortunately, you can’t forge the Brawler emblem, but you only need one more to have the full trait activated, which you can get from either the tome of traits or the augments.

The brawler trait can be used as a solo trait as it can make your champions really tough to kill as it grants them a lot of extra health, which can get up to 99% maximum health.

Brawlers can sustain early games as well as late games, but if they are mixed up with other traits, they get even better.

You can use Brawler with Mecha Prime for Jax, the Heart trait for Lee Sin, or even Lasercorps, which already has Renekton and Sejuani.


  • 3 Combat start: strike a pose that grants your team 18% bonus damage, which increases by 3% for every 3-star champion on your team.

Champions that activate the Super trait are Gangplank, Lee Sin, and Malphite.

You can’t forge the super trait, as it’s a unique trait for these 3 champions, which would highly increase their damage for instant use and gradually increase for each 3 star champion placed on your board.

This trait requires low-cost champions so that you can get all of them to 3 stars to get the best out of it, so you can mix it up with Heart trait with Lee Sin, Duelist trait with Gangplank, Mascot with Malphite, or even all 3 of them as you can use, for example, Yuumi for Mascot and Heart trait activation.

Supers can be used as a primary trait with the help of other traits activated, as it only has 3 champions, but they can get really powerful with more activated traits.


Your team heals a percentage of their maximum Health every 2 seconds, and Mascots heal double the amount. When Mascots die, they retreat to the sidelines to cheer on your team.

Your team's healing increased by 1% for each cheering Mascot.

  • 2 1.5% healing
  • 4 3% healing
  • 6 6% healing
  • 8 10% healing

Champions that activate the Mascot trait: Nasus, Galio, Yuumi, Malphite, Alistar, and Nunu

You can activate the full trait by using 2 spatulas, as you can forge the emblem using a spatula and a giant’s belt, which can insanely increase your team’s healing, which would allow them to sustain more damage and fight for a longer period.

Mascots before the nerf could be used as a primary trait as they had a much higher percentage, but after the nerf, they can really fall hard in the late game unless you match them with the right traits that would empower them.

The supers trait is known to be mixed with the mascot trait as it gives one of the most powerful values, but you can still mix it with a couple more traits, such as heart with Yuumi, star guardian with Nasus, or even oxy force with Alistar.

Mascots are really strong in the early game, and you can give it a shot with the right items to have the lead.


Each round, Gadgeteens create random modified weapons with powerful effects that fall apart after one round. Gadgeteens also gain Damage and Damage Reduction for each item equipped to them.

  • 3 Create 1 item, 3% per item.
  • 5 Create 2 items, 12% per item.

Champions that activate the Gadgeteen trait: Lulu, Poppy, Annie, Zoe, and Nunu

You can’t forge the Gadgeteen emblem, and you won’t need an extra one as you can activate the full trait using its own champions, which will give you the best value by granting you two additional empowered items.

The Gadgeteer trait is most likely used as a secondary trait or a supporting trait as it doesn’t grant many benefits for your team, and it’s also made up of only 5 champions, so you can always mix it up with the Heart trait, mascot, or even the Hacker trait.

Gadgeteen can get really strong in the early game as they will grant you an additional empowered item that will get you ahead of your opponents with champions that only cost 1 or 2 gold, but they can fall really hard in the mid-late game if not used with the right combo.

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