TFT Advanced Player's Guide: 10 Tips Every Player Should Know

tips and tricks for advanced TFT players
A Guide for all advanced players

If you are one of the top 1% players in TFT and you are looking to take your games to the next level, then you must know that every little move that gives you an advantage is counted, and the higher you rank, the tougher your opponents will be.

In this article, we have combined 10 of the most top-secret tips and tricks so that it can give you the edge you need to defeat your opponents, starting from ghosting to fake positioning, and these tips are used by the best of the best who are always ahead of the competition.

Practicing these strategies and tips will put you at the top of the ranking list, so make sure you go through them all.

Here are the top tips and tricks for TFT to make sure we go the extra mile with you so that you can stand out with your skills and win your high-Elo games:


10. Get to know the power of "ghosting."

Ghosting is all about copying your opponent’s positioning and composition for the next round, so you can use this strategy to surprise them, but make sure to calculate your risks as you could be countered by your opponent. So make sure to always use the scout feature to identify which strategy is best to be copied.

Sometimes people intend to lose early rounds so that they can face weaker opponents, and by doing this, you will earn more gold and interest, which will allow you to build up a stronger team to face tougher opponents.

Even if you are having a bad early game and not trying to lose the rounds, always try to take advantage of this and don’t just waste your gold. But keep in mind that the losing streak could fail if you are matched up against a weaker opponent who is also ghosting, so make sure to check what everyone is up to.


9. The perfection of "selling up"

Selling your old units can give you a huge advantage, but you must know who and when to sell. Selling low-cost or old combos at higher levels can give you a huge advantage in both gold and space, but it can also have its downsides, such as losing composition, so always double check who you are selling.

If you are running low on gold, don’t sell any units unless you are going to buy a critical one instead, which you have in the shop, because if you can’t afford rerolling, you will find yourself with neither gold nor strong champions.

Pros tend to sell up their old combos starting from level 8 and level 9 and buy a brand new combo that consists of 4 and 5 gold champions that can be much stronger and better in terms of defending and doing damage.

Practicing this tactic will move you a step forward, but it’s not as simple as it seems; you need to think fast and know when to sell the combo so you don’t lose the game.


8. The Baiting Strategy

Losing a round isn’t as fun or beneficial as it may sound, but doing it intentionally can put you ahead in late-game rounds. Losing games will lower your health but make you gain a stronger economy much faster, so you can use this tactic to gain a huge gold advantage on your opponents.

Just like every other tactic, if it’s not risk calculated, you might find yourself losing too much health too quickly without having the opportunity to get back into the game, so you need to practice this tactic and know when to intentionally lose the rounds and when to start using your strong copies of champions so that you don’t get eliminated.

Most pros use this tactic until the Krugs round or even past it, calculating their health by placing semi-strong champions or even tanks so that they don’t lose a lot of their base health, but tanks won’t deal enough damage to win the round, so you will be losing 2-5 health per round, which is a good trade in early rounds. Just make sure to keep your hands off the reroll button or it will be worthless.


7. Fake your levels

Levelling up is a crucial thing to do to win your games, as you need higher levels to place more champions and to even get powerful champions in your shop. That’s something that every player knows, but in the higher ranks, pro players use the levelling up button in some other secret way, and we are here to reveal the technique.

Advanced players do buy experience, but they don’t level up; they fake levelling up. It’s used for two purposes, so you can first use it if your opponents are scouting you so that you can level up in the last second and add a new champion so that you have a higher chance of winning.

The second way to use the fake levelling up is to stay under radar, gain much gold, save it up, and then use it in critical moments to level up multiple levels so that you can take your opponents by surprise without making them prepare for your formation.

Risks could be involved, like losing out on champions or items or even staying behind for a couple rounds, so the best time to use this technique is when you don’t have enough gold to level up but you need to.


6. Fake your positions

Positioning is the key to winning, and you can always change your positions each round so that you can counter your opponents. For example, you can switch your AOE damage champion to another corner so that they can deal damage to most of the opponent’s champions.

But faking your positions can take you to another level, as you can position them in a way that appears weak but is designed to counter your opponent’s strategy, or you can even fake it until the last second before the round starts so that you can take your enemies by surprise.

This technique can give you a huge advantage, but it involves risks such as being countered by your opponent or missing the right position, so beware when using it and always use the scouting feature to identify which opponent’s strategy to counter and how to counter it.


5. Adapt to the changing meta

Try to always stay up to date with the latest trends and the changes to the game that riot constantly make, as if you get lost in the old meta you won’t be winning many games.

Every time there is an update, champions get buffs or nerfs, traits or even items, so you need to know every detail about them so that you can always play with the most powerful combos, which will require you to change your synergies and strategies.

Considering which champions and synergies are overpowered or nerfed would give you the advantage over your opponents. It will also help you predict which champion or synergy they are going to pick. Also, adapting to the new meta will help you understand the itemization, rerolling, and levelling up so that they can match the new tactics.


4. late games are the most important.

TFT is all about winning your late game rounds, which is the only way to be placed first. Beginners tend to build a strong early team but completely forget about the late games. Keep in mind that there are tons of combos that can slay in early but fall really hard in late games, mostly because they consist of many low-cost champions, which get weaker against 4 and 5 cost champions.

Looking at your opponent’s strategy and predicting which combo could counter him in the late game would give you a huge advantage, as you would always be a step ahead. Always use the scouting feature so that you can counter your opponent from the very beginning.

Focusing your economy and combo for the late game will give you a huge advantage, so always keep in mind when to push for the win or when to play a deadly combo to stay on top by optimizing your champions, items, positioning, and most importantly, your gold.


3. Carousel mind games

Carousel is found at the very first round and every 5 rounds, where you can pick a champion that is pre-equipped with a component or a full item, so make sure to use it the best as it could be a game changer for you.

Use the carousel to select the champions or to pick up an item that would best fit with your strategy. For example, if you have a missing champion or component, there is a high chance you will get it. Also, keep in mind that players will be free to pick based on their health from lower to higher, so if you are playing a strategy to keep your health low, you will have the chance to pick whichever you want before other players do.

Carousel can be used in many ways, such as denying your opponent access to a key champion or item that you know he needs the most so that you can stay ahead, not to mention strengthening up your team using it, but it can also be used to bait your opponent into making suboptimal choices. So use the carousel wisely.


2. The Art of Rerolling

Rerolling would cost you 2 gold for each reroll, but understanding how it works and mastering its use would keep you at the top of the list. Keep in mind that the higher you level up, the lower your chance of having low-cost champions and the higher your chance of getting more expensive champions in your shop, so use it wisely based on your strategy and tactics.

Consider whether it’s best for your combo to save up gold for a higher chance to roll a specific expensive champion or whether it’s best to reroll at low levels to get higher stars—more copies—of a low-cost champion.

Rerolling is used to complete critical synergies or activate critical traits, or even to find your main carry champions, but keep in mind that it costs you gold just as levelling up does, so always have priorities before spending your money to maintain a strong economy and win your games.


1. practice, practice, practice.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro player, no amount of tips or information you read or watch in videos can replace the power of practicing. Starting from which combos will suit you the best and which meta are you playing in,

Try different items on different champions to get the best results, or even try different traits with one another so that you can get the most value out of it. As they say, practice makes perfect, so keep in mind that the more you play, the better you will get by analyzing your games, learning from your mistakes, and trying out different combos and synergies.

And as always, don’t be afraid to contest with an opponent to play a specific combo; it can be worth it, but first understand the value of contesting and the advantage you will get when you do so.


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