[Top 3] TFT Best Mordekaiser Builds That Are Excellent

Best Mordekaiser Builds in TFT
The ungrateful call me tyrant, the wise call me lord.

Mordekaiser is a cruel warlord from the past who has died twice and been reborn three times. He uses his necromantic magic to make souls serve him forever.

Few people still remember his past victories or know the full extent of his powers, but some ancient souls do, and they fear the day when he might come back to rule over both the living and the dead.

This is a full guide on how to best place Mordekaiser in TFT to make sure you rule over the game.

Mortals plan in fear for tomorrow, I build for eternity.

Sahn-Uzal, a ferocious warlord, once ravaged the north. He created a bloody empire by destroying every tribe and village. As his human existence approached its conclusion, he took great delight in knowing he had undoubtedly earned a place at the gods' table in the beautiful Hall of Bones for forever.

He died without ceremony or honor. Sahn-Uzal stood in a dark landscape surrounded by ghostly fog and discordant murmurs. Sometimes, the ghostly forms of other lost souls hovered close.

Sahn-Uzal raged. Was his faith false? Did his global dominance not offer him immortality? Yet this nothingness felt endless. He watched as the smaller spirits vanished into the gloom. Sahn-Uzal persisted.

Rage and pain kept him together. Over time, the unfathomable, disembodied mumbling in that region crystallised into words he could almost understand—Ochnun, a profane speech unsaid by the living. Sahn-Uzal slowly formed a devious plot. He whispered promises of invincibility over the gap between realities.

A sorcerer's coven decided to resurrect Sahn-Uzal. He bound his spirit form in black metal plates like his previous armour to make him stronger than mortals. He rose, an iron-and-hate revenant.

These power-hungry sorcerers wanted to use him in their petty warfare. Instead, he killed them where they stood.

They desperately yelled his name to bind him, but Sahn-Uzal was dead.

"Mordekaiser," he said in Ochnun.

He conquered mortals again. His ambitions were lofty, but they were now fueled by necromantic sorcery he had never imagined.Mordekaiser's Nightfall mace, formed from the sorcerers' frightened, dispersing souls, took control of their army.

His enemies thought he simply wanted to kill. His campaigns killed generations.

Mordekaiser's idea was much more. While most thought the Immortal Bastion was only a seat of authority, few discovered its mysteries. Mordekaiser craved forbidden knowledge of ghosts, death, and the beyond.

Tyranny would only draw enemies. Surprisingly, a combination of Noxii tribes and defections from inside his closest circle destroyed the Iron Revenant. This secret conspiracy severed his soul's moorings from his armour and concealed the empty iron shell.

Mordekaiser was exiled. Unbeknownst to anyone, he had planned for this—it was critical to his design.Domination and treachery had brought him far, but he knew a destiny greater than the Hall of Bones awaited him.

In the once-empty wasteland, his newest victims awaited. Their wicked, sorcery-corrupted spirits would never die. His loyal, immortal army was the strongest. even the weak have purpose.

Mordekaiser created an empire from their spirits. They'd be his afterworld's foundation.

Another kingdom has formed around the Immortal Bastion on Runeterra after centuries. Mordekaiser's name is still spoken in horror and awe by historians and remembered unkindly by the few ancient souls who knew him. Mordekaiser returning on his own would be their worst nightmare.

Since they can't stop him, they hope it won't happen.

Best Mordekaiser builds in TFT Set 8

Mordekaiser’s stats:

  • Cost: 5 Gold
  • Health: 1100 / 1980 / 3564
  • Mana: 150
  • Starting Mana: 50
  • Armor: 70
  • MR: 70
  • DPS: 49 / 88 / 159
  • Damage: 70 / 126 / 227
  • Atk Spd: 0.7
  • Crit Rate: 25%
  • Range: 1

Mordekaiser’s traits:


When a LaserCorp agent attacks or is hit by an attack, their combat drone has a 50% chance to deal magic damage to the agent's target (0.5 second cooldown). When a LaserCorps agent dies, their drone is reassigned to the nearest living agent.

Drones lasers deal:

  • 3 60 magic damage.
  • 6 150 magic damage.
  • 9 150 magic damage, and each agent gets a 2nd drone.


This trait is active only when you have exactly 1 or 4 unique Aces.

  • 1 Execute enemies under 12% Health
  • 4 Execute enemies under 30% health

Mordekaiser’s ability


Mordekaiser transports the board into his realm shredding the Magic Resist of all enemies before summoning a building behind him and slamming it onto the board, dealing magic damage to all enemies hit.

Magic Resist Shred: 50/50/69%

Damage: 400/600/3000

Mordekaiser’s best items

1- Jeweled Gauntlet

Grant 15 bonus Ability Power and 15% Critical Strike Chance.

Damage from an Ability can critically strike.

2- Rabadon's Deathcap

Grants 50 bonus Ability Power

3- Hand of Justice

Grant 2 effects:

  • 15% Attack Damage and 15 Ability Power.
  • 10% Omnivamp.

Each round, randomly double 1 of these effects.

Omnivamp: heal for some of damage dealt

Best comps for Mordekaiser


The economy is powerful, but the reroll is gradual, so you'll want to keep an eye on your spending as most of your squad won't break the bank.

This comp centres on a complete complement of Ace and Supers characteristics, which can both provide the required damage and eliminate the opposition.

Best team for this build:

1-Because he has the LaserCorps trait and can trigger the Ace trait, Mordekaiser is a very potent champion this season.

2-Gangplank Because he has both the Supers trait and the Duelist attribute, he will become extremely potent once many champions reach level 3.

3-Lee Sin adds another Brawler and Supers to your team's total.

4-Malphite is a strong defender and the third member of the Supers.

5-Using his passive, Rammus is a tank who can knock up an entire circle of foes, reducing their attack damage. As a result, he is a very effective Threat trait member.

6-Samira does most of your damage because she has the trait Sureshot and can kill enemies by using the trait Ace.

7-Miss Fortune is an insanely powerful damage generator because she has the Ace trait turned on and shares the Anima Squad trait.

8-Draven is the fourth member of the Aces. With his red axes, he can do a lot of damage from the shadows.


At level 8, having a good economy is essential if you want to get an edge over your opponents by hitting three stars on Ashe and Ezreal.

He deals a lot of damage with his LaserCorps, and his squad of four recons can easily outrun any nearby enemies.

Best team for this build:

1-Ashe is a powerful backline damage dealer for LaserCorps and Recon.

2-Due to his access to the very powerful LaserCorps and Ace traits, Mordekaiser is widely considered to be one of the season's most potent champions.

3-Sejuani is one of the best frontlines because she possesses the Brawler and LaserCorps abilities, as well as the ability to take a lot of damage and stun a large area.

4-Kai'sa does a lot of damage once she uses her passive ability and the Recon trait is added to her.

5-As a member of the Recon, Vayne can do significant damage to tanks and successfully avoid attacks.

6-Renekton has the traits of a LaserCorps and a Brawler.

7-Yasuo uses the LaserCorps ability to wipe out a whole row of foes at once.

8-Ezreal, while acting as a recon, is able to do heavy damage from the defensive half of the field.


This comp revolves around the Lasercorp trait, which would make Zed and Mordekaiser true beasts that can kill enemies in a blink of an eye.

This comp requires a really strong economy at level 8, as you will need to get Mordekaiser and Zed to level 2, at least, with the rest of the team to level 3.

Place Zed or LeBlanc in Hecarim’s spot as needed.

Best team for this comp:

1-Due to his access to the very powerful LaserCorps and Ace traits, Mordekaiser is widely considered to be one of the season's most potent champions.

2-Since she possesses the Brawler and LaserCorps qualities in addition to being able to take a lot of damage and stun a large area, Sejuani is one of the greatest frontlines.

3-Renekton has the traits of a LaserCorps and a Brawler.

4-Yasuo uses the LaserCorps ability to wipe out a whole row of foes at once.

5-Zoe would activate the Hacker trait that would summon a Hecarim that would make either LeBlanc or Zed assassins.

6-LeBlanc is a really strong Spellslinger member who can deal tons of damage.

7-Zed is the main source of damage to the enemy's backline as an assassin Lasercorps member.

8-While dealing damage from the backlines, Senna would make it a set of 6 Lasercorps.

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