[Top 3] TFT Best Tristana Builds That Are Powerful

Best Tristana Builds in TFT
Sometimes outnumbered; never outgunned.

Tristana is in TFT again as the known yordle with her cute gun that could be lethal.

Tristana knows exactly how to take out her enemies as soon as she can get to level 4, YES YES IT WORKS!

In this article, we will talk about the combos to place Tristana within, her best items, and how to make sure you kill your enemies with her explosion.

Winners don't duck.

Tristana is a really good pick in the early game as she shares the Yordle trait, which gives her bonus attack speed and might get her to level 4.

She also shares the gunner trait, which gives her bonus damage.

Tristana’s stats, traits, and items are all to be discussed down below to make sure you get the best outcome from placing her on your team.


Best Tristana Builds in TFT Set 9

Tristana’s stats:

  • Cost: 1 Gold
  • Health: 400 / 720 / 1296
  • Mana: 40
  • Armor: 15
  • MR: 15
  • Ability Power: 100
  • DPS: 31 / 57 / 102
  • Damage: 45 / 81 / 146
  • Atk Spd: 0.7
  • Crit Rate: 25%
  • Range: 4


Tristana’s traits:

1. Yordle

Your units gain 10% Attack Speed per star level.

If you have 3-star champions, your Yordles can become 4-star, which gives their Ability a wacky upgrade!

  • 3 Your strongest 3-star Yordle
  • 5 Two 3-star Yordles

2. Gunner

When Gunner champions attack, they gain bonus Attack Damage, up to 8 stacks.

  • 2 6% Attack Damage per Stack
  • 4 11% Attack Damage per Stack
  • 6 20% Attack Damage per Stack


Tristana’s ability

 Rapid Fire

Gain 70% Ability Power Attack Speed for 4 seconds. For the duration, attacks explode on impact and deal 60% Attack Damage physical damage to enemies within 1 hex.

4 Star Upgrade: Every 10th attack deals 100% of AD bonus physical damage and ricochets to the largest clump of enemies, dealing 50% of AD physical damage to enemies within 1 hex.


Carousel priority:

These are the components you would need to focus on since the very first circle in order as you will need them to build up the required items for the team in most of the comps you will find bellow:


Tristana’s best items

1. Guinsoo's Rageblade

Attacks grant 4% bonus Attack Speed. This effect stacks.

2. Infinity Edge

Grant 20% bonus Attack Damage and 15% bonus Critical Strike Chance.

Damage from an Ability can critically strike.

3. Last Whisper

Grant 10% bonus Attack Damage. Any physical damage dealt 50% Sunders the target for 3 seconds. This effect does not stack.


Best comps for Tristana



  • 5 Yordles
  • 2 Bastion
  • 1 Technogenius
  • 1 Redemption
  • 2 Shadow Isles
  • 2 Gunner

This comp is based on the yordle characteristic, which necessitates a delayed reroll to get everyone to level 3, which is essential.

Optimal group for this build:

1. Kled makes a good frontline tank since he has two lives—one for himself and one for Skarl—and he also possesses the slayer and yrodle traits.

2. Maokai suffers significant damage while he heals himself and possesses the shadow isles and bastion traits.

3. Poppy shares attributes with both Bastion and Yrodle, making her a great tank on the front lines.

4. Teemo will be throwing his mushrooms as a yrodle from the backlines, inflicting a tonne of damage.

5. Tristana, who possesses both the yordle and gunner qualities, is the primary damage dealer in the backlines.

6. Senna, who has the gunner and redemption traits that protect the entire squad, will fit in perfectly in the backlines.

7. Heimerdinger, who possesses the yordle trait, will deploy his turret to deliver massive damage and stun opponents.



  • 3 Yordles
  • 4 Gunner
  • 2 Zaun
  • 2 Bastion
  • 2 Shadow Isles

Zeri is the major source of damage in this composition, which is focused on the gunner trait, which has several low-cost champions.

Top team in this comp:

1. Zeri, who possesses both Zaun and gunner qualities, is the major damage producer.

2. Jayce is one of the most crucial selections because he possesses the gunner and Piltover traits, both of which can call the T-Rex.

3. Tristana is a wise choice because she exhibits both yordle and gunner characteristics.

4. Jinx, who also possesses the Zaun trait, is the fourth gunner and deals significant damage from the backlines.

5. Teemo, the second yorlde, can deliver a lot of damage after he reaches level 4.

6. Poppy is a great tank since she is the third yordle and second bastion.

7. Because he possesses both the shadow isles and bastion qualities, Maokai makes a great frontline tank.

8. As the dark isles trait is active, Veigo will be doing some decent damage to enemies in the front lines.



  • 4 Gunner
  • 4 Zaun
  • 2 Bruiser

In order to ensure that you get them to level 2 at the very least, rapid reroll to level 8 with strong economy. This comp is centred around the Zaun and Gunner trait and high cost champions.

Best team for this comp:

1. Zeri, who possesses both Zaun and gunner qualities, is the major damage producer.

2. The second most significant selection is Jayce, who shares the gunner and offers his teammates an advantage in assault speed.

3. Sion is the second bruiser and a massive front-line tank that takes a lot of damage.

4. Tristana is an excellent choice for the third gunner, but if necessary, you can swap her out for Senna.

5. Jinx, who also possesses the Zaun trait, is the fourth gunner and deals significant damage from the backlines.

6. Urgot is the third Zaun member, providing decent damage while taking a lot more of it.

7. Ekko is the fourth Zaun member to suffer significant harm in the battlefield.

8. Sejuani is a fantastic choice since, like Sion, she has the bruiser trait, which allows her to take a lot of punishment on the front lines.

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