[Top 3] TFT Best Zed Builds That Are Powerful

Best Zed Builds in TFT
Forbidden shadow wins.

The remarkable assassin is in TFT: Zed is a really strong assassin who can wipe off enemies’ backlines within a couple of seconds, making him one of the strongest choices.

In TFT, Zed has three traits that increase his strength: the Lasercorps, which allows him to deal more damage with the drone, the Hacker, which turns him into an assassin, and the Duelist, which increases his attack speed.

This is a full article on how to best place Zed in TFT to make sure you assassinate your enemies and win first place.

I am the blade in the darkness.

Zed’s combos are most known for either having Hackers in them, which increases the omnivamp, which makes them heal for a percentage of their health every time they hit a skill, or the Duelist and Lasercorps combos, which either increase his damage or his attack speed—or even both!

Zed is a high-cost champion but definitely worth it as he can make you win every round, so if you are looking for his right builds and items, you are in the right place as they will be discussed in detail down below.

Best Zed builds in TFT Set 8

Zed’s stats:

  • Cost: 4 Gold
  • Health: 950 / 1710 / 3078
  • Mana: 40
  • Armor: 45
  • MR: 45
  • DPS: 68 / 122 / 220
  • Damage: 80 / 144 / 259
  • Atk Spd: 0.85
  • Crit Rate: 25%
  • Range: 1

Zed’s traits:


When a LaserCorp agent attacks or is hit by an attack, their combat drone has a 50% chance to deal magic damage to the agent's target (0.5 second cooldown). When a LaserCorps agent dies, their drone is reassigned to the nearest living agent.

Drones lasers deal:

  • 3 60 magic damage.
  • 6 160 magic damage.
  • 9 200 magic damage, and each agent gets a 2nd drone.


Innate: increased movement speed. Duelists' basic attacks grant bonus Attack Speed, up to 12 stacks.

  • 2 +5% Attack Speed per stack
  • 4 +9% Attack Speed per stack
  • 6 +15% Attack Speed per stack
  • 8 +24% Attack Speed per stack


Hackers gain Omnivamp and summon a H4ckerr!m. Any unit placed in the rider hex will be sent to the enemy backline and is untargetable for the first 2 seconds of combat. Omnivamp: heal for some damage dealt

  • 2 15% Omnivamp
  • 3 40% Omnivamp
  • 4 70% Omnivamp

Zed’s ability

 Empowered Kill Mode

Zed teleports behind his target and Sunders Armor for a few seconds and enters KILL Mode for a few seconds: Attacks deal bonus physical damage and every 3rd attack deals physical damage to all adjacent enemies.

Sunder: reduce Armor

Armor Shred: 20% / 30% / 100%

Bonus Damage: 40 / 60 / 300

Duration: 7 / 7 / 7

Carousel priority:

These are the components you would need to focus on since the very first circle in order as you will need them to build up the required items for the team in most of the comps you will find bellow:

Zed’s best items

1-Edge of Night

Once per combat: At 60% Health, briefly become stealthed, becoming untargetable and shedding negative effects. Then, grant 15% bonus Attack Speed.

2-Last Whisper

Grant 10% bonus Attack Damage. Any physical damage dealt 50% Sunders the target for 5 seconds. This effect does not stack.

3-Runaan's Hurricane

Grant 20% bonus Attack Damage. Attacks fire a bolt at a nearby enemy, dealing 50% Attack Damage as physical damage.

Best comps for Zed



  • 5 Underground
  • 3 Lasercorps
  • 2 Duelist
  • 2 Sureshot
  • 2 Brawler
  • 1 Ace

This comp is built on the Underground feature, which gives you access to a ton of loot as the game advances.

The objective of this short level 8 reroll battle is to get everyone with less than 4 gold to 3 stars in order to win the game.

Best team to develop this is:

1-Samira, who is a member of Sureshot and Underground, would injure the team the most.

2-As a duelist, Kayle would do a lot of harm from the sidelines.

3-Zed is a skilled duelist and a member of the Lasercorps. In this fight, he would be highly damaging.

4-Ezreal is another Underground participant.

5-Because she heals your team and deals a lot of damage, Sona is a very strong player. She also has the Underground attribute.

6-Senna would employ the premium Sureshot.

7-With members of the Lasercorps and Brawlers who can resist heavy damage and shock a sizable number of enemies, Sejuani boasts a strong front line.

8-Vi would switch the Underground trait to 5 and activate the Brawler trait.



  • 3 Lasercorps
  • 6 Duelist
  • 2 Hacker

This team is made up of six duelists, giving them a fast attack speed whenever they strike something.

This is a progressive reroll to level 8 because the majority of the champions are cheap and need to be set to level 3.

If Hecarim were swapped for Zed, Zed would become an assassin with access to the enemy's backlines.

Perfect team for this build:

1-Vayne provides the majority of the damage because she has the Anima Squad, Duelist, and Recon traits active, which boost her damage.

2-Nilah is the main tank in the front line. If you stacked three iron solari lockets on her, she would improve the Duelist and Star Guardian traits.

3-Fiora can help on the front lines because she possesses both ox-force and duelist abilities.

4-Zoe is a magician; therefore, she can set her adversaries on fire. She can jokingly summon a dummy when her HP is low. concurrently with turning on the Hacker trait.

5-Gangplank is a fairly skilled duelist, much like other champions with similar traits.

6-Zed was an assassin due to his tremendous damage output as a hacker and duelist.

7-Yasuo is one of the best duelists since he deals a lot of damage, protects himself, and eliminates his adversaries.

8-Since she will also enable the Lasercorps trait, which will increase Zed and Yasuo's drone damage output, Sejuani would make a fantastic frontline tank.



  • 6 Duelist
  • 2 Hacker

Six duelists make up this team, giving them a lot of attack speed each time they hit something.

The majority of the champions are inexpensive and need to be set to level 3, therefore this is a slow reroll to level 8.

Zed would turn into an assassin with access to the enemy's backlines if Hecarim were swapped out for him.

Best group to create this:

1-Since Vayne has the Anima Squad, Duelist, and Recon traits enabled, which increase her damage, she deals the majority of the damage.

2-Nilah is the front line's primary tank. She would enhance the Duelist and Star Guardian qualities if you stacked three iron solari lockets on her.

3-Because she possesses both the ox-force and duelist qualities, Fiora may assist on the front lines.

4-Zoe can light her foes on fire because she is a magician. When her HP is low, she can summon a dummy as a joke. simultaneously with activating the Hacker trait.

5-Like other champions with comparable attributes, Gangplank is a fairly strong duelist.

6-Zed could inflict a lot of harm as a Hacker and Duelist, making him an assassin.

7-One of the strongest duelists is Yasuo because he deals a lot of damage, shields himself, and takes down his opponents.

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