[Top 10] Most Memorable Moments in TFT History

Most Memorable Moments
TFT History Highlights

TFT is one of the most popular game modes in League of Legends and has provided countless hours of entertainment and competition to millions of players since it was released in 2019.

As the game has gained popularity, many memorable moments have arisen and defined the history of TFT.

In this article, we will be mentioning the most unforgettable moments in TFT history.


10. The foundation of the Hyper Roll Strategy

Check out the Hyper Roll Strategy:

Starts at 6:20

In the early part of 2020, a new strategy came up in the TFT community where players took advantage of the game’s RNG mechanics. The hyper roll was all about rerolling in the early game in an aggressive way that gave players a high chance to obtain three-star champions as early as possible, which gave players a huge advantage over their opponents. This strategy became popular, and people took advantage of it to climb the rank ladder in TFT.

The hyper roll strategy was a game changer in TFT history as players used to focus more on saving up gold, earning interest, and placing their champions in the right position, but when the hyper roll strategy came out, players noticed that more aggressive methods could be more successful under some conditions. It has been nerfed, but it’s still a popular and effective way to play in TFT in some games.


9. Glaxies Set Introduction

Check out the Galaxies set introduction: 


Starts at 0:25

In March 2020, Riot Games released the new set, which was called Galaxies, and just like every other set, it introduced new champions, items, and strategies and tactics, but this set had a unique point where it allowed players to play on different galaxies, each of which had its own rules and challenges: champions could drop gold, players could receive free spatulas, selling a champion breaks the item, and so on. The introduction of Galaxies breathed new life into TFT, which made all the players engage with the new tactics and play with excitement.

Galaxies was a critical moment in TFT history as it introduced a new level of complexity to the game. Players didn’t only focus on economy and positioning; they also had to adapt to the game's changes and learn each galaxy's rules and challenges, which required players to enhance their strategies and get creative.


8. The infamous 8th-place finish

During the 2020 TFT Galaxy Championship, a player called KittingIsHard suddenly became the center of attention for all the wrong reasons that could happen. As a player who was participating in the championship, he was expected to do well, but after a series of unfortunate events, KittingIsHard couldn’t manage to get out of the low levels and he finished in the 8th place, which was seen by many TFT players as a major disappointment. However, despite his performance and the outcome, KittingIsHards became an internet meme, which spread real quick and created a creativity wave in the TFT community.

This moment in TFT history kept a reminder in every player's head that even the best players can have bad days, as KittingIsHard was one of the best TFT players in the world at the time, but he didn’t manage to overcome factors that influenced his performance. But this moment also showed that the TFT community is creative and that they could turn his disappointment into a moment of humor, inspiration, and motivation.


7. The World's Event

Check out the Final Worlds game:

Starts at 0:11

In September 2020, Riot Games was the host of the Worlds event, which gathered the best players in TFT from around the world to compete for a $250,000 prize pool. The event was a huge success and became a showcase for the most exciting and competitive TFT gameplay to date.

The Worlds event was a game changer in TFT history as it was proof that TFT could be a legitimate esports game. All the players in the world, whom were defined as the best, competed against each other in intense battles. The event had thousands to millions of fans from all over the globe watching it, and the Worlds was the rocket that paved the way for TFT to host more esports events that helped to grow the game’s popularity much more later on.


6. Set 4 Release

Check out the set of four champions:

 Starts at 31:40

In September 2020, Riot released Set 4 of TFT, which as every other Set introduced new champions, items, and tactics, but this set had a unique point where it focused on fabled champions that had special abilities of their own unlike other sets where each champion had his basic skill. More synergies were activated in this set, and it was highly played by TFT players as they lived up to the hype as they were provided with more exciting and challenging gameplay.

Set 4 was a turning point in TFT history as it showed the power of Riot Games and how they are committed to improving and evolving the game with out-of-the box ideas to stay on track and attract players. Also,  the Fabled Champions added a new layer of complexity to the game where players had to adapt to changes.


5. The Galactic Armoury event.

Check out the Galactic Armoury event:

 starts at 00:27

In December 2020, Riot Games hosted the Galactic event, which introduced a brand new game mode to TFT where players were able to select two items at the start of the game that they could upgrade throughout the game. This was a brand new idea to TFT, and the Galactic Armoury saw huge success and provided players with new, exciting methods to play TFT.

The Galactic Armoury was one of the unforgettable moments in TFT history as it showed that Riot Games is always willing to introduce and experiment with new game modes and tactics. This event was played with tonnes of players who really enjoyed the new game mode, and it also showed that TFT had a strong and dedicated community that was ready to try out new things and modes and push the boundaries of the game.


4. The Reckoning Set Release

Check out the Reckoning Set: 

starts at 5:30

In April 2021, Riot Games released the Reckoning set, which introduced new champions and items as well as new mechanics to the game so that players could engage with the game as the new set focused on the shadow champions, where they had their own special abilities and players were provided with much more exciting and challenging gameplay.

The release of the reckoning set showed that Riot Games could always improve the gameplay so that players don’t lose interest or get bored; also, the Shadow added a new layer of complexity and increased the difficulty of the game as players had to adapt to the positioning.


3. The Fates Event

Check out the Fates event: 

Starts at 00:08

In July 2021, Riot Games hosted the Fates event where, as with other events, new champions, items, and mechanics were introduced to the game, but this event was one of a kind where players were allowed to play on different fates and each fate had its own set of rules and challenges. The Fate event was a huge success and kept all the players excited.

The fates event was one of the most exciting events in TFT, as it showed that Riot Games is always taking risks to try new things and introduce new game modes to keep players excited. Most of the players enjoyed the new fates, which showed that TFT had a strong and dedicated community that was always up to try new stuff.


2. Astro Sniper taking over the meta

Check out the Astro Sniper meta: 

Starts at 7:00

In July 2021, the Astro Sniper combo was taking over the TFT meta, where the composition was utilising champions such as Ashe, Jhin, and Teemo as they were incredibly strong, and this composition helped the players climb up the ranking ladder so much faster. This comp showed the importance of adapting to new strategies and compositions as there was a major shift in the meta.

The Astro Sniper was a popular comp as it was a really powerful late-game one that focused on strong crowd control and high damage. It also had advantages as it could greatly counter the popular Redeemed and Dawnbringer comps as they were dominating the meta.


1. Set 8 release

Check out the Set 8 release: 

Starts at 15:43

In December 2022, Set 8 was released, and it was a real big game changer for all the players as it had so much to introduce to them, starting with the augments, where players could choose different 3 augments after each battle round where they powered up the game or even pick a champion augment where it had a unique skill or was passive to make.

Also, Set 8 introduced the Threat members, where this trait is one of a kind because the 8 Threat members don’t have extra trait benefits, but instead they were enhanced to look more like League of Legends champions as they can cast multiple champions, they get really strong, and they can be filled on any team.


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