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These 3 Are Only Some Of The Strongest Super Villains In All Of Comic Book History


The Greatest VIllains

Every good superhero has a villain. For Batman there's the Joker, for Spider-Man there's Green Goblin and so on. Both DC and Marvel have came up with many one of a kind villains over the years that are considered some of the strongest beings in comic book history. Today we are counting down the top 100 strongest villains in comic book history ranked weakest to strongest.


Villain Name

Most Famous For Ranking Bio Website
Carmine Falcone  

Showcased in the TV series Gotham where he plays a major antagonist

100 Allies with the Wayne family, but bitter enemies with the Batman. One of the biggest crimelords known in Gotham plans to stay at the top and vows to destroy Batman while doing so. Carmine Falcone 
Professor Pyg  

This lesser known villain got screentime in  the animated series "Beware The Batman"


Psychotic surgeon who obsesses over making people “perfect”.

Professor Pyg
Mad Hatter  

Mad Hatter has been featured in multiple Batman related video games such as Batman Arkham City and Batman Arkham Asylum




Criminal mastermind who masquerades the  persona of Alice and Wonderland character “Mad Hatter”. He uses mind control to get inside the Dark Knight’s head.

Mad Hatter 

Although this role received backlash from the fans, Whiplash was the main antagonist in Iron Man 2


Russian physicist equipped with armor and energy whips. Vows to deliver vengeance upon the Stark family.

Black Cat  

Black Cat has been in multiple Spidey TV Shows and video games but notably Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man

96 Skilled thief Felicia Hardy uses her skills to take part in heists Black Cat
Captain Boomerang   

Featured in 2016’s Suicide Squad as a side character


Uses weaponized boomerang to take down his enemies

Captain Boomerang
Victor Zsasz  

Starred in “Gotham” as an antagonist throughout the series


Unhinged Victor Zsasz thinks life is worthless and each of his victims get marked on his body with a scar. 

Victor Zsasz
Mysterio Major antagonist in blockbuster hit Spider-Man: Far From home 93  

Major villain in the Spider-Man universe who uses illusions and special effects to trick people and commit crimes

Black Mask Featured in multiple Batman TV shows, video games and starred in one movie Birds Of Prey. 92  

A wealthy and brutal crime lord who dawns a mask enjoys watching others in pain and stops at nothing to turn Gotham into a living hell.

Black Mask


Spider-Man: Homecoming's major antagonist  91  

Genius engineer creates a specialized suit which allows him to fly and make Spider-Man’s life a living hell



One of the most popular Batman villains has been in Batman Begins and other Batman TV Shows. Scarecrow was also the main antagonist in Batman: Arkham Knight the videogame 90  

Jon Crane better known as the Scarecrow uses fear gas on his victims which make them see their greatest nightmares

Man-Bat Another one of Batman's lesser known villains is the Man-Bat who was featured as a boss battle in Batman: Arkham Knight 89  

An experiment gone wrong turns scientist Kirk Langstorm into the creature known as Man-Bat who roams the skies in Gotham with it’s only goal is to wreak havoc

Two-Face Featured in many Batman TV Shows, video games etc. Two-Face also got his time to shine in Nolan's The Dark Knight 88  

Former lawyer turned criminal. After a horrific accident Harvey utilizes a coin to make insane decisions as a crime lord. If there is one thing Two-Face doesn’t play heads or tails in is destroying Batman once and for all.

The Penguin  

One of Batman’s most popular villains Penguin was in numerous Batman TV Shows, Video Games and was portrayed by Danny Devito in Tim Burton's "Batman Returns" 


Criminal mastermind that tries to destroy the Dark Knight with everything he gets a hold of using his wealth.

Harley Quinn  

Joker’s partner in crime was introduced in the highly acclaimed TV series " Batman:The Animated Series". Since then she has been in multiple DC video games, TV shows and recently she just got her own film Birds Of Prey that just hit theaters.


Only a shell of her past life as a therapist, Harley Quinn fell in love with one of her patients known as the Joker and that transformed her into an agile and dangerous villain known for her unpredictability.

Harley Quinn
The Riddler Although The Riddler has been in many Batman related productions, he was mostly recognized in  Batman: The Animated Series, TV series Gotham and multiple appearances in the Arkham games.  85  

Edward Nigma utilizes puzzles and traps for his victims in SAW like fashion while also attempting to accomplish his goal which is to outsmart the Dark Knight.

Hush One of the lesser known villains of Batman also got his own feature length film Batman: Hush 84  

Childhood friend turned bitter enemy to Bruce Wayne, Hush uses disguises to pose as others and commit crimes.

Catwoman Selina Kyle was firstly introduced as a love interest to Batman then she later gained enough popularity to branch off and create her own series. In fact Catwoman holds the title as the first female superhero to headline a movie. She is also known for appearing in multiple other Batman shows. 83 Catwoman is not only a world class thief but she also has many abilities which make give her advantages during a battle. She is a gymnast and hand to hand combatnant Catwoman
Hobgoblin The lesser known goblin in the Spider-Man universe is mostly recognized from the 1994 Spider-Man Animated Series 82 Just like the Green Goblin, Hobgoblin is equipped with a glider and mutiple other gadgets to take down Spider-Man. The main difference is that Hobgoblin mainly relies on tech whereas Green Goblin has superhuman powers. Hobgoblin
Firefly Firefly isn't as popular as the other villains in the Rogue gallery but he does get his time to shine in the Batman Arkham series as a recurring villain. 81 Firefly utilizes numerous gadgets like explosives and incendiary devices to defeat the Dark Knight Firefly 
Heatwave Heatwave is most recognized for appearing on the CW's Flash 80 Always fascinated fire, Mike Rory is armed with a flame thrower ready to set anyone and everyone on fire Heat Wave
Killer Moth Killer Moth has appeared in The Batman, Teen Titans Batman: The Brave and the Bold, multiple LEGO games and was featured in Batman: Bad Blood 79 Killer Moth is a contract killer who descends into the sky with his wings and shoots from above with his firearms to anyone who get's in his way  Killer Moth
Shocker Shocker is a relatively popular character in the Marvel universe who was shown in multiple video games, TV shows and appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming briefly. 78 Armed with shock wave gauntlets, Herman Schultz vows to destory Spider-Man after he was put behind bars. Shocker 
Scorpion Scorpion has appeared in many Spider-Man productions but most notably in the 1994 Spider-Man Animated Series 77 Created by J. Jonah Jameson, Mac Gargan who's goal is to destroy Spider-Man with his armorized suit that can launch acid into anyone and everyone using it's tail.. The last thing you want is a Scorpion bite. Scorpion
Yellowjacket Yellowjacket was featured in Ant-Man as it's main antagonist 76 Yellowjacket utitilizes a suit which allows him to change his size and use telapathy on insects Yellowjacket 
Lady Shiva Lady Shiva hasn't been in alot of Batman productions but she got her time to shine in TV series Beware The Batman 75 Highly skilled and intelligent assassin Lady Shiva is one of the best fighters in all of DC and her lethal ways won't stop until she avenges her sister's death Lady Shiva
Derek Powers Mostly recognized from appearing on hit TV cartoon Batman Beyond 74 Derek Powers also known as Blight is a dangerously intelligent former business man with the power of energy projection. His goal is to destroy Terry Mcginnis and Bruce Wayne Derek Powers
The Lizard The Lizard was featured as the main antagonist of The Amazing Spider-Man 73 Dr. Curtis Connors wanted to regrow his missing arm so he created a serum to do so and he gets his arm back. But the serum caused him to turn into a dangerous life sized lizard who's goal is world domination. Lizard 
Morbius Morbius was shown in two Spider-Man TV cartoons and will also headline his own movie this summer 72 Just like The Lizard, Dr. Michael accidently turns into a monster after trying to cure himself. The vampire known as Morbius roams the sky as a bloodthristy vigilante Morbius
Erik KIllmonger Killmonger is known for being the main antagonist in the Oscar winning Black Panther film 71 Killmonger is a ruthless and dangerous foe to face. This lethal weapon has everything planned out and will be ready to execute it at any time. His motive is to take over Wakanda Erik Killmonger
Mr. Freeze Mr. Freeze is one of The World Greatest Detective's most popular villains who was featured in many Batman productions, too many to name in fact.  70 Tragic villain Mr, Freeze is a genius and one of the smartest men of Gotham, his main goal is to find a cure for his wife in any means necessary whether it's shooting you with his freeze gun or blasting you with his other gadgets Mr. Freeze 
Black Manta Featured in blockbuster film Aquaman as the main antagonist 69 Black Manta is a sadistic archenemy to Aquaman and will do everything in his power to kill him once and for all. He is human but uses a specialized suit to go underwater and cause havoc in Atlantis Black Manta
Prowler Prowler is mostly known for appearing in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse 68 Prowler wears a specialized suit that grant him powerful abilites to destroy anyone in his way. He was originally hired as a hitman by the Kingpin to take down the Spider-Man Prowler
Electro Electro was the main antagonist shown in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 portrayed by Jamie Foxx 67 After surviving a horrific accident, Max Dillon transforms into the Electro with the power of electrokinesis and flight. He uses his powers to try and take down Spider-Man Electro 
Captain Cold Captain Cold is mostly known for appearing on CW's The Flash and DC's Legends Of Tomorrow 66 Captain Cold dawns a special suit that allows him to withstand freezing temperature and he carries a freeze gun that allows him to freeze things to ice.  Captain Cold
Red Skull Appears in the highly popular MCU franchise as a recurring character 65 Red Skull has genius level intellect and is a subverise strategist that aids him when taking on anyone as he studies them from the inside and out Red Skull 
Nebula Recognized for starring in the Guardians Of The Galaxy movies along with Endgame and Infinity War 64 Nebula is a humanoid alien that uses her master fighting skills and genius level strategic abilities to rule as a tyrannical leader and destroy the Avengers Nebula
Kingpin  Kingpin is known for battling the likes of Spider-Man and Daredevil and has also appeared in multiple cartoons and Netflix hit show Daredevil 63 Wilson Fisk presents no superhuman abilities but uses his power and enormous size to take down his victims. He is the mayor of New York but also the leader of the crime world in NYC, he will do everything it takes to keep it that way Kingpin
Killer Frost Killer Frost appeared in TV series The Flash and Arrow 62 Killer Frost has many abilites like freezing people to death, mind control, thermokinesis and more. She is a ruthless killer with no limits and usually feuds with Firestorm Killer Frost
Bullseye He is known for being archenemies with Daredevil and even appeared in Daredevil's Netflix series as a major antagonist 61 Often compared to his DC counterpart Deadshot, Bullseye posses the ability of never missing his shot and turn anything into a lethal projectile Bullseye
Green Goblin Green Goblin is known as argubably the most popular villian in the Spider-Man universe. He was in many Spider-Man productions like Raimi's Spider-Man 2002 film and multiple cartoons just to name a few. 60 Genius scientist Norman Osborn turns into the Green Goblin dawning a green costume and known for his signature Goblin Glider, pumpkin bombs and various other gadgets to take down Spider-Man  Green Goblin 
Deadshot Deadshot starred in Suicide Squad and was portrayed by Will Smith. He is mostly known for stepping toe to toe with the Batman 59 Dubbed The Man Who Never Misses, Floyd Lawton has excellent marksmanship and high level fighting skills. He uses his skills to dawn the mask of the Deadshot, legendary hitman who's goal is to kill Batman Deadshot
Kraven The Hunter Kraven has appeared in multiple Spider-Man video games and cartoons. He was most notably in Spectacular Spider-Man 58 Kraven is a villain who has superhuman senses and other abilities that help him hunt not animals, but people. He uses multiple types of weapons to help him kill his prey also known as Spider-Man Kraven the Hunter
Crossbones Crossbones is mostly recognized for starring in Captain America: The Winter Soldier 57 Former HYDRA leader Crossbones is an extremely skilled villain who has military training and uses advanced weaponary to deliver revenge to his enemies Crossbones
Poison Ivy Poison Ivy is one of the most popular female supervillains in the DC universe and has been featured in countless amounts of productions related to Batman 56 Poison Ivy is a seductive and cunning supervillain who utilizes plants, yes plants to trap or even kill her enemies. She can control plants and even regenerate. Poison Ivy
Metallo Metallo is one of Superman's most popular supervillains and is mostly recognized from the Superman animated series 55 After a tragic accident, George Grant transformed into the mechanized supervillain known as Metallo. From human to Cyborg he has the ability to defeat Superman due to the fact that his heart is made out of Kryptonite which makes him stronger againist Superman, as Kryptonite is Superman's greatest weakness Metallo
Tombstone Tombstone is mostly recognized from starring in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse and appearing in Insomniac's Spider-Man 54 Tombstone has faced off againist the likes of Spider-Man, Daredevil and The Punisher. Not only does he possess superhuman strength but he also has many other abilities like durability and superhuman reflexes.  Tombstone
Lady Deathsrike Lady Deathstrike is mostly known for being one of the archenemies to the X-Men 53 Lady Deathsrike is a ruthless and highly intelligen assassin who possesses many abilities notably she has a adamantium skeleton and claws Lady Deathstrike
Shredder Shredder is known for being TMNT's main antagonist 52 Master martial artist Shredder vows to destory the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and take over the world. Shredder wears an armorized suit that aids him in battle and has mutliple knive mechanisms within his suit. Shredder (1987 TMNT)
Gorlla Grodd Grodd is known for being a major antagonist in TV series The Flash 51 Grodd is a one of a kind Gorilla who has the ability to mind control and use telekinesis. Along with that he has superhuman strength. Gorilla Grodd
Clayface Clayface is mostly recognized from Batman: The Animated Series  50 Clayface was once a human named Basil Jamal Karlo a reowned actor who turned into a murderer after killing the man who replaced him in the film. He later becomes the shapeshifting monster known as Clayface who can mold into literally anything. Clayface
Sandman Sandman starred in Raimi's Spider-Man 3 film and multiple other Spider-Man productions 49 In a radioactive explosion, Flint Marko transformed into the Sandman to wreak havoc in Spider-Man's life. He can shapeshift to any size as his body is composed of rocks and minerals. Sandman 
Riot Riot is mostly known for being the enemie of fellow symbiote Venom 48 Created from Venom's offspring, Riot is a powerful symbiote that faces off againist the likes of Venom and Spider-Man. He has the same abilities as Venom but he is stronger since he was experimented with Life Foundation rather then just being a spawn. Riot 
Iron Monger Iron Monger was featured as the main antagonist in Iron Man 1 47 Worn by Obadiah Stane, the Iron Monger armorized suit grants him superhuman strength, durability and flight. Stane was the co-owner of Stark Industries and worked with Tony Stark's father. Obadiah Stane 
Mystique Mystique is mostly recognized for starring in the X-Men franchise 46 Shapeshifting mutant Mystique possesses the ability to regenerate and has high intellect. All of these abilities make her a stealthy opponent when in battle Mystique
Cheetah Cheetah has appeared in multiple Justice League productions like movies and TV shows 45 Barabara Ann Minerva is a superhuman villain with enchaned senses and abilities which help her defeat her enemies in battle. She mainly feuds with Wonder Woman  Cheetah 
Deathstroke Deathstroke is known for facing the likes of Batman and Teen Titans 44 Deathstroke is a deadly assassin who uses his many special abilities such as his military like training, fighting skills, military grade weaponary and other weapons to take down anyone who stands in his way Deathstroke
Solomon Grundy Grundy is mostly recognized from Batman: The Animated Series but has also been shown in other TV shows and Batman related videogames 43 After having little to no memory of his past life, Solomon Grundy vowed vengeance upon everyone. Grundy has dealt with almost all of the Justice League members and he possesses superhuman abilities Solomon Grundy
Rhino Rhino had a minor role in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 but he was a recurring character in multiple cartoons and spidey video games 42 Rhino is a superhuman giant with super strength and extreme durability. There's only one thing he has on his mind which is destruction Rhino 
Taskmaster Taskmaster is going to be starring in upcoming MCU movie Black Widow  41 Taskmaster is a high trained assassin who tests his enemies to learn more about them so he is prepared for a battle. He is not superhuman but is a very exceptional athlete who's physique is hard to match along with his knowledge about fighting Taskmaster
Red Hood Jason Todd is known for being the former sidekick of the Batman and then turning into vigilante Red Hood. Red Hood got his own movie titled " Batman Under The Red Hood"  40 Trained by Batman himself, Red Hood is the definition of lethal. His goal is to kill Batman and avenge what Joker did to him but later Jason turns to the good side again. Jason Todd
Mystique She is mostly known for starring in the X-Men movies 39 Cruel former X-Men member has the ability to shapeshift and regenerate to get her way  Mystique
Doctor Octopus Doctor Octopus is mostly recognized from Raimi's Spider-Man 2 as the major antagonist 38 Highly intelligent and unstoppable with 4 robotic arms/claws, Doctor Octopus's goal is to be the greatest and unmatched genius of the world  Doctor Octopus
Abomination Featured in The Incredible Hulk movie 37 Hulk's most popular villain has the same powers as his archenemy with the only twist being he can't turn back to human which aids him greatly. Abomination 
Lex Luthor Lex Luthor is known as the archenemy of Superman and has been featured in many DC related TV shows 36 Owner of Lexcorp and criminal mastermind Lex Luthor has one of the greatest minds in all of DC. Lex alone would get destroyed by the other villains on this list but with his supersuit Lex would be unstoppable. On top of that he would study and plan out his entire attack plan on his enemy Lex Luthor

Featured in Deadpool 2 as a former antagonist


Time Traveling mutant that can create shields and also utlizes telekinesis powers. Although villains are meant to be evil, Cable has a softer side to him as he loved his family greatly before they die and his goal is to kill Russell Collins in Deadpool 2.

M.O.D.O.K M.O.D.O.K is a popular Marvel villain who was featured in multiple Marvel related video games and TV shows 34 M.O.D.O.K stands for Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing. His greatest weapon is his mind which has killed millions. His goal is to take over the world MODOK
Ronan Ronan was featured as the main antognist in MCU film Guardians of the Galaxy 33 Known as a Kree warrior, Ronan uses his many god like skills to take down the likes of Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain Marvel.  Ronan the Accuser (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Bane Bane is known for being a popular nemesis of the Dark Knight. He is known for breaking the back of the Batman and being featured as the main antagonist in The Dark Knight Rises 32 Bane turned into a superhuman after being injected by a drug called venom. It made him gain superhuman strength and extreme durability Bane (DC)
Professor Zoom Professor Zoom is mostly known for appearing in TV series The Flash 31 Professor Zoom is the archnemesis of the Flash and the Justice League. Just like The Flash Zoom can time travel and he possesses the same abilities as The Flash with high intellect. Professor Zoom
Sabretooth Sabretooth was featured in the first X-Men film 30 Mutant assassin who is brothers with Wolverine. He has a healing factor, superhuman senses and more.  Sabretooth (Marvel)
Juggernaut Juggernaut was featured as the final antagonist in Deadpool 2 29 This giant unstoppable beast gets compared to Bane as they both possess superhuman strength and extreme durability Juggernaut
Bizzaro Mostly recognized in the very popular Justice League TV series 24  

Unintentional villain Bizarro has the same abilities as Superman but he lacks his intelligence which causes him to be perceived as a villain because he wants to help but ends up making a bigger mess.

Mongul Mongul is mostly recognized for being in the TV series Justice League 23 This ruthless and powerful warlord is one of the biggest challenges the Justice League had to face. With superhuman abilities and gladiator like fight skills, Mongul's goal is to rule the unvierse Mongul
Lobo Lobo is most known for being Superman's archenemy and appearing in multiple DC cartoons and TV series Krypton 22 Lobo is a wisecracking immortal bounty hunter who's strength is on par with Superman. As his weapon he uses a chain with a gutting hook.  Lobo
Enchantress Enchantress was featured in Suicide Squad as it's main antagonist 21 An extremely powerful sorceress with godly powers who's goal is to cause destruction and turn humans into her soldiers  The Enchantress 

Mandarin is known as the archenemy to Iron Man and he was showcased in Iron Man 3

20 Unstoppable wuth his 10 power rings that each grant him several different powers, Mandarin's goal is world domination and kill his archenemy Iron Man. Mandarin 
Sinestro One of Green Lanturn's most popular villains was featured in the Green Lanturn movie and cartoon series. 19  

Arguably the strongest member of the Green Lantern Corps is Sinestro. He soon leaves that and starts the Sinestro Corps in order to destroy Green Lantern's team and dent the universe.

Loki Loki is a popular villain who is mostly recognized for being part of the MCU ( Marvel Cinematic Universe) 18 Misunderstood and overlooked Loki vows to kill his brother Thor and become rule of Asgard Loki Laufeyson (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Mephisto Mephisto was shown in the Ghost Rider films 17 Shapeshifitng demon Mephisto plots to bring his hellish realm to earth and destroy mankind Mephisto 
General Zod General Zod was featured in Man Of Steel as the main antagonist 16 Hailing all the way from Krypton, General Zod has similar powers as Superman, but what he chooses to do with his powers is much more sinister. Zod plans to kill Superman and overthrow the Krypton Leading Council. Zod (DC Extended Universe)
Doomsday Doomday was featured in Batman V. Superman Dawn Of Justice as the film's last antagonist and for being one of the only villains in the DC universe to successfully kill the Man of Steel 15 Doomsday is the scary monster you would describe to your younger siblings to scare them. This unstoppable beast is nearly immortal and possesses the powers of a true monster.  Doomsday
Dark Phoenix Dark Phoenix is known for having her own movie in the X-Men franchise titled Dark Phoenix 14



Jean Gray after she became corrupted by the Hellfire Club turns into the vastly power supervillain known as Dark Phoenix. She is argubably the X-Men's greatest challenge as she is a powerful cosmic being known for devouring galaxies




Dark Phoenix
Ra'as Al Ghul Ra'as has made notable appearances in Batman Begins, Arkham series and more 13 Ra'as Al Ghul is Batman's strongest villain to date, as he possesses the ability to be ageless using the Lazarus Pit. Without the pit he has genius level intellect and is a master at martial arts Ra's al Ghul
Ultron Ultron is mostly known for starring in Avengers: Age Of Ultron as the main antagonist 12 Despite only being a robot, Ultron is considered one of the most powerful villains in comic book history. Ultron uses his intellect to build more robots just like him to take over the world. Ultron (Marvel)
Black Adam Black Adam is known for being Shazam's arch nemesis and will headline his own film in 2021 11  Just like Shazam,Black Adam gains powers from 6 mythological figures of a specific mythos. Black Adam got corrupted by his power and it turned him into a villain Black Adam
Chthon Chthon is known for being one of the elder gods in the Marvel universee 10 Dubbed the master of dark magic and chaos, Chthon uses his powers to try conquer and enslave the multiverse Chthon
Hela She was featured as the main antagonist in Thor: Ragnarok  9 Hela is the Asgardian goddess of death who possesses manly godlby abilities like regeneration and magical combat. Hela 
Brainiac Brainiac is one of Superman's most popular archenemies and he has appeared in multiple DC TV shows like the Superman: The Animated Series and Krypton 8  

Intelligent android from outer space poised as one of the most dangerous villains in DC comics who wants to reshape the universe

Dormammu Dormammu is mostly recognized for appearing in MCU film Doctor Strange 7 This dimension conquering warlord has his sights seen on taking over the entire universe and killing Doctor Strange in the process Dormammu
Doctor Doom Doctor Doom appeared in the Fantasic Four and the Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer movies 6  

Incredibly gifted scientist who turned into a godlike figure in the Marvel universe. His intentions are to “fix” the world

Doctor Doom
Apocolpse Apocolypse is mostly recognized for starring in the X-Men movies 5 Apocolypse is a ruthless world whose goal is to make mutants rule the world and turn it into pure chaos Apocalypse 

Featured in Endgame and Infinity War as the main antagonist


Powerful Titan that is unstoppable with his gauntlet that has the power to erase half of the universe with a snap


Darkseid is mostly recognized for being one of the major antagonists in the DC universe and being Superman's archenemy



Godly being in the DC universe who’s only motivation is to take control of the universe and completely removing free will


Mostly known for being one of the deadliest characters in all of comic book history and also known for being the father of Teen Titan’s member Raven



An interdimensional  powerful demonic being who does everything in his power to destroy the universe. He can shapeshift, project energy, drain souls and much more. He's the literal devil of DC Comics. 



He is mostly known for battling the likes of the Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer. He is also known as one of the greatest cosmic beings in all of comic book history


Galactus also known as the Devourer of Worlds is the strongest cosmic being in the DC and Marvel universes. This despicable titan has effortly destroyed thousands of planets resulting in the deaths of billions across the universe.


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