[Top 10] Vocaloid Best Producers

Vocaloid Best Producers
The top 10 grandmasters of Vocaloid production

No one can deny that there is a huge sea of Vocaloid songs out there. With a song for every occasion, one can’t help but wonder who’s working behind the scenes. Who wrote the lyrics you can relate to so well? Who has that ultra-unique way of tuning Vocaloid characters that you can’t find anywhere else?

This article explores ten of the best Vocaloid producers, and what makes them so great. Thrown in are a few tracks by them too, so you can listen and understand why these producers are at the very top.



HACHI also known as Kenshi Yonezu

HACHI, also known as Kenshi Yonezu

HACHI is a well-known Vocaloid producer, who started off releasing songs online without showing his face. Even his very first song was a hit online, with over 66 million views. He uses the alias HACHI, but is more commonly known by his actual name, Kenshi Yonezu.

HACHI himself is a very talented musician, often singing hit songs such as LOSER. He has a very unique boyish voice that’s got him singing a whole barrage of songs for various anime, such as My Hero Academia’s Peace Sign, Unnatural’s Lemon and many others. In terms of Vocaloid, HACHI is proficient in using many different Vocaloid voices, backing them with enthralling tunes.

HACHI’s best tracks:

Matryoshka - An abstract song about quite literally nothing, with a hint of nostalgia.

Donut Hole - A song about a girl seemingly with amnesia, who’s hurt by her partner and can’t remember why.

Rinnie - A sad song about a girl who commits suicide after her family shuns her for losing her virginity.


9. YurryCanon

The art for a video of YurryCanon's

The art for a video of YurryCanon's

YurryCanon is a Vocaloid producer who has been composing songs for over eight years. Their identity is unknown, and became popular from the very start, having their very first song enter the Vocaloid hall of legends.

They joined a band called Tsukuyomi as the composer and pianist. Taking on two roles at once shows how proficient YurryCanon is at what they do. Most songs by them carry a sad undertone and have common patterns such as death, umbrellas and trains. Some songs are even linked, with YurryCanon creating alternate universes where events take place, sung exclusively by Hatsune Miku or GUMI.

YurryCanon’s best tracks:

I Want to be Your Heart - A confession of love by a girl who commits suicide because her close friend dies.

Odoryanse - A song that describes how if you’re just a spectator or actually taking part in life, it’s all futile.

Veronica - A girl who’s abandoned by someone called Veronica, wishes for Veronica to take her life.


8. Kanaria

The art for Kanaria's music video, EYE

The art for Kanaria's music video, EYE

Kanaria is another Vocaloid producer who wishes to hide their identity, but reveals their voice when singing. They’re known to be a musical prodigy, starting off as a producer at 17. Even though they currently only have 16 videos, their songs are known globally.

Kanaria utilises both traditional and contemporary music to form the background for their videos. In addition, Kanaria frequently covers their own songs, and duets with others. They also appear highly skilled in tuning Vocaloids to both Japanese and English vocals, incorporating both languages frequently.

Kanaria’s best tracks:

KING - A cryptic song about a lover’s striving towards having ultimate power in a relationship.

Requiem - A song about a lover gaslighting their partner into staying in a relationship despite the pain.

EYE - A song about intense obsession that ends up causing immense pain.


7. Neru

Neru, covering his face

Neru, covering his face

Neru is a seasoned Vocaloid producer who’s been on the Vocaloid scene for over eight years. He goes by many aliases, including z’5 and Oshiire-P. Many of his songs have downcast lyrics, which contrasts the energetic rock music he regularly produces.

Neru can tune a wide range of Vocaloids to an excellent degree. He often features school children in his music videos, and most of the songs hint at the woes of childhood. This may be because neru’s videos scrutinise the regime the world has set out for us since youth, where the only way people find a way to escape is through death.

Neru’s best tracks:

Lost One’s Weeping - A sad song about school’s harsh indifference when it comes to a child’s wellbeing.

SNOBBISM - A song poking fun at how mundane and depressing people’s lives seem to be.

Tokyo Teddy Bear - A song where a boy runs away to escape his sad life where nobody loves him.


6. Omoi

The art for a video by Omoi, also known as the duo Kimura and Sakurai

The art for a video by Omoi, also known as the duo Kimura and Sakurai

Omoi isn’t actually a single producer, rather a female and a male, with the names Kimura and Sakurai. They’ve been in the Vocaloid game for a whopping decade, and exclusively use Hatsune Miku for main vocals. They use other Vocaloids too, but they’re not fronting the songs.

Omoi is a contrasting producer duo, as most Vocaloid producers have videos with solemn, serious or whacky themes. However, Omoi exclusively produces uplifting and motivational songs that can be listened to by all ages. In addition, their songs are incredibly catchy, making Omoi a fan favourite producer.

Omoi’s best tracks:

Teo - This song is about perseverance in the face of adversity.

If You’re Gonna Jump - A youthful song about always having the back of your friend or partner.

Fireball to You - A motivational song to help you fight back against what’s troubling you.


5. DECO*27

The art for DECO*27's song, Chimera

The art for DECO*27's song, Chimera

DECO*27 is a legendary Vocaloid producer who produces hits with every music video he’s made. He also covers songs in a robotic way that also gives him a Vocaloid-like voice. He’s a lighthearted producer and his very producer name is a play on the joke of him having a big forehead.

DECO*27 has been involved in the production of several anime theme tunes, such as Angels of Death and OPUS.COLOURS. He also oversees several music projects, like holo*27 and MILGRAM. He uses Hatsune Miku the most out of all the Vocaloids, to the point where he’s even used her Chinese version to sing.

DECO*27’s best tracks:

Ghost Rule - A song about a liar who wishes to be caught so they can start living earnestly.

HIBANA - A breakup song about a relationship that is always half-hearted.

Android Girl - A sad song about moving on from a relationship after it became unrecognisable.


4. Syudou

The art for a video by Syudou

The art for a video by Syudou

Syudou is another well-established Vocaloid producer, who has been composing songs for over a decade. He exclusively uses Hatsune Miku for the vocals of his songs, with the exception of using KAFU twice. 

Syudou is currently a very popular producer and has been commissioned to produce songs for various programs, such as Project Sekai: Colourful Stage! And also has made the opening song, Gamble, for the anime Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu. Syudou commonly sings songs with his own voice and often covers those sung by Hatsune Miku.

Syudou’s best tracks:

Bitter Choco Decoration - A song about the pressure of complying to societal norms.

Day by Days - A warped love song about the obscure things people do in the name of love.

Jackpot Sad Girl - A song about a girl who’s living a sad and unfulfilling life.


3. Hiiragi Kirai

WOOMA's art for Hiiragi Kirai's music video, Galleria

WOOMA's art for Hiiragi Kirai's music video, Galleria

Hiiragi Kirai is a relatively recent Vocaloid producer who has taken the Vocaloid community by storm. After switching their video artist to WOOMA, Hiiragi’s videos gained popularity, with their most popular video having over 22 million views. They’re also one of the first Vocaloid producers to have a 360 degrees animated music video on YouTube.

Their most popular series to date is the Colour Series, which is a set of seven videos that are all intertwined. It is said that there was an eighth video titled Bakrom, but it was turned private due to the art style not matching the rest. Hiiragi has also composed the theme song for the anime Dead Mount Death Play.

Hiiragi Kirai’s best tracks:

Autophagy - A song about a person turning to the devil after being tormented by their mind.

Love Ka? - A song about love that questions if certain negative feelings are a part of love.

Nero - A conflicting song about escaping the darkness engulfing a couple.



The art for a video by NILFRUITS

The art for a video by NILFRUITS

NILFRUITS is a Vocaloid producer who tends to use lesser-known Vocaloids in his songs. His ability to tune V Flower is what he’s known for, as it’s wholly unique and is of astounding quality. His most popular video has 13 million views and is part of his Shama series.

NILFRUITS oversees many projects, such as The Orchard and the Travelling Carnival. He has multiple videos set in the same universe, and several different universes within his songs, allowing him to add intricate details to his mesmerising music videos. He also produces songs for several fandoms, such as GABULI and Disney.

NILFRUITS’s best tracks:

Shama - The first song from a series involving a girl who’s sent to prison after killing the man who kidnapped her into the slave trade.

Traffic Jam - The first song from a series that picks apart the hypocrisy of society.

Wozwald - A cryptic song about Oswald The Lucky Rabbit and how he was overshadowed by Mickey Mouse.



Wowaka himself

Wowaka himself

Wowaka is arguably the most well-known Vocaloid producer of them all. He had reached legendary status, despite his tragic passing in 2019. He was acquainted with the aforementioned DECO*27, being a similar age to him, and was close friends with HACHI (Kenshi Yonezu). Wowaka was an active Vocaloid producer for just over a decade. He was also known as Genjitsutouhi-P.

Wowaka was part of the band Hitorie as the main Vocalist, and would also incorporate his own vocals within his Vocaloid songs. He solely used the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku in his work. All of his songs had a sad undertone to them, and were about different struggles and sad occurrences. Despite this, Wowaka had a fairly positive outlook on life and wished to help others escape reality through his songs.

Wowaka’s best tracks:

Rolling Girl - A moving song about a girl who’s driven to suicide after being relentlessly bullied by her piers for an unknown reason.

Two Faced Lovers - An unsettling song about a girl who loses herself after getting an abortion.

Unknown Mother Goose - A song based on Wowaka’s feelings, about the fear of being misunderstood so he remains almost anonymous.


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